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Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. An early summer tradition: the sake brewery’s “authentic plum wine preparation” begins

[Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.] An early summer tradition: the sake brewery’s “authentic plum wine preparation” begins

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Press release: June 4, 2024
An early summer tradition: Sake brewery’s “authentic plum wine preparation” begins
*~Uses 100% plum fruit from Kishu, shipped directly from the farm~* From May 31, 2024 (Friday), Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. has started preparing “honkaku plum wine (*1)” using plums from Kishu. The plum wine made at this sake brewery is sold all over the country and can also be purchased online.
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-4 items of authentic plum wine-
-Washing plum fruits-
In our seasonal brewery, the end of cold brewing for Daiginjo (*2) coincides with the time for plum harvest, so we make effective use of the sake tanks that are not used in the summer to make plum wine. Since the equipment was prepared for sake brewing, we continue to make plum wine in the traditional way, making many improvements.
This year, we will be harvesting fragrant, fully ripe Nanko plums from May 31st to mid-June. Plum wine, which is harvested and aged around summer, will be shipped as a product starting next spring. All four of our authentic plum wine items use plum fruit grown in Kishu.

*1 What is authentic plum wine?
Authentic plum wine is a plum wine made using only plums, sugars, and alcohol according to the voluntary standards established by the Japan Western Sake Brewery Association (Tokyo). If acidulants, colorants, or flavorings are used, it cannot be labeled as authentic plum wine.

*2 What is Daiginjo?
This is the highest quality sake made by polishing over 50% of the raw rice and fermenting it slowly at low temperatures using excellent yeast.

■Plum wine preparation process
1. Plums in stock
2. Washing/sorting
3. Pour into tank
■Hakutsuru Authentic Plum Wine Product Overview
[Hakutsuru plum wine unprocessed]
This is an “authentic plum wine” made with 100% Nanko-ume, a plum variety representative of Kishu.
Since the sake is made with pickled plums and bottled as is, you can enjoy the original mellow aroma and rich flavor of plums. It has won the Monde Selection (*3) Gold Award (720ml) and has a taste that is recognized around the world.
・Ingredients: Plum, brewed alcohol, sugar
・Alcohol  19~20%
・Extract portion 25.6
・Acidity 16.5
・Reference retail price 1.8L 2,485 yen
720ml 1,291 yen
300ml 541 yen
[Hakutsuru plum wine]
Authentic plum wine made using the traditional method of carefully pickling only carefully selected plums from Kishu in a sake brewery. Enjoy the rich aroma, the beauty of the glossy amber color, and the refreshing and rich flavor that spreads in your mouth.
・Ingredients: Plum, brewed alcohol, sugar
・Alcohol content: 13-14%
・Extract portion 18.9
・Acidity 10.0
・Reference retail price 1.8L 1,418 yen
500ml 536 yen
[Hakutsuru refreshing plum wine]
Made with 100% Kishu plums. Made using the charcoal filtration method, this plum wine is unprecedentedly clear, refreshing and easy to drink. It is a straight type that can be enjoyed as is.
・Ingredients: Plum, brewed alcohol, sugar
・Alcohol content: 10-11%
・Extract portion 15.1
・Acidity 8.0
・Reference retail price 300ml 362 yen
[Hakutsuru plum wine unprocessed sake stored for three years] ・Features
“Hakutsuru” is made with 100% Kishu Nanko plums.
The umeshu unprocessed sake was carefully aged for three years. This plum wine has a luxurious taste that allows you to enjoy the deep aroma and mellow richness of a mature plum wine.
・Ingredients: Plum, brewed alcohol, sugar
・Alcohol content: 19-20%
・Extract 25.6
・Acid 16.5
・Reference retail price 720ml 2,160 yen
*Reference retail prices for all products are shown excluding consumption tax.

*3 Monde Selection
Established in 1961 by the Belgian Ministry of Economy and other organizations, it is an international evaluation organization that examines consumer products such as food, beverages, and cosmetics from around the world and certifies excellent products. After a rigorous examination by a panel of experts, the highest gold, gold, silver, and bronze awards will be awarded.

[Inquiries from general customers]
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TEL: 078-856-7190 (Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00, excluding public holidays) Hakutsuru homepage:

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