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Home » The first child monitoring service in Tochigi Prefecture using the transportation IC card TOTRA has started.

The first child monitoring service in Tochigi Prefecture using the transportation IC card TOTRA has started.

GreatValue Co., Ltd.
The first child monitoring service in Tochigi Prefecture using the transportation IC card TOTRA has started.
Junior high schools in Utsunomiya City begin notifying parents about their children’s attendance at and from school.
GreatValue Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Takayuki Hirosawa) announces that it will introduce a child monitoring service that utilizes the town’s DX “HERO” and totra in conjunction with Utsunomiya Junior College Junior High School. Masu.
[Service start date]
Tuesday, June 4, 2024

[Usage image]
Please register your child’s guardian’s information and the Suica ID number on the back of your Totra or Suica in the town’s DX “HERO”. When a child holds their registered Totra or Suica over the reader installed in front of the classroom, their family will receive notification of their arrival and departure from school.
[Image 1:×981.jpg] *About totra
The transportation IC card “TOTRA” is one of the regional cooperation IC cards provided by “East Japan Railway Company” that can provide regionally unique services in addition to the functions of “Suica”.

[Background of our company starting child monitoring service] In recent years, it has become popular for police stations and schools to send suspicious person information emails using mobile phones, but families who receive emails are increasingly contacting schools to check if their children are present. It becomes a burden on the side. Therefore, readers can be installed at entrances and exits of entrances and exits, gates, and specific facilities, and by waving Suica or community cooperation IC cards over them, pre-registered families will be notified of their arrival and departure from school, making it possible to use them to watch over children. This made it possible to solve the problem.

[This occasion]
The introduction to the junior high school attached to Utsunomiya Junior College will be held as a public-private partnership at TOKYO UPGRADE SQUARE, a place where startups aim to obtain unprecedented growth opportunities by solving administrative issues. This was made possible through matching by the Utsunomiya City Tokyo Office.
[Image 2:×416.jpg] -Image- Readers are installed at school gates and entrances, and when you hold them up, a notification is sent to your family.

[Regarding future use]
Town DX “HERO” is a no-code service that can solve problems in each region. It is used for a variety of purposes, including issuing unique Pay and points to improve local consumption, helping residents help each other, and promoting health through QR rallies.
We are currently conducting demonstration experiments with partners that have autonomous driving technology, and we are working to utilize this technology to solve problems such as measures for vulnerable road users and ride-sharing, which are currently issues in various regions.

*1. Reference page Press release at the time of start
   Suica can now be used on the mutual help service GREATVALUE “HERO” *2. Town DX “HERO”
・The town DX “HERO” is a collaboration between local governments, associations of commerce/chambers of commerce, shopping district associations, etc.
This is a service that can be used on a performance-based fee basis. ・Using patent number 6987946 acquired by our company, a portion of the sales is returned to the local community.
It is the only service that can be made sustainable by generating sales instead of paying system fees.
*3. “Suica” and “Mobile Suica” are registered trademarks of East Japan Railway Company.
*4. JR East approved No. 6
・We use a service provided by East Japan Railway Company to securely protect Suica IDs.・This approval does not mean that East Japan Railway Company guarantees the content or quality of this product or service.

[Inquiries from the press regarding this matter]
GreatValue Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Public relations
Phone: 03-5114-5607
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