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Home » Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Hisaya Odori Park June limited lunch menu Demi Tomato Meat Pasta now on sale | Eloise Cafe Nagoya Store

Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Hisaya Odori Park June limited lunch menu Demi Tomato Meat Pasta now on sale | Eloise Cafe Nagoya Store

RAVIPA Co., Ltd.
[Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Hisaya Odori Park] June limited lunch menu [Demi Tomato Meat Pasta] now on sale | Eloise Cafe Nagoya Store ……
ELOISE’s Cafe Nagoya Hisaya Odori Park store (operated by RAVIPA Co., Ltd. Head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo) has started offering monthly lunch sets. June’s menu is tomato sauce-based [Demi tomato meat pasta]♪
A hearty pasta dish with plenty of meat. It goes great with chewy pasta☆
[Image 1:×900.jpg] Monthly lunch set/1800 yen
・Demi tomato meat pasta
・1/4 French toast
・Set drink
[Image 2:×631.jpg] ▼You can choose from 6 types of 1/4 French toast
(Types may vary depending on the day)・Classic French Toast・Maple Nut French Toast・Banana Caramel French Toast・Very Berry French
Toast・Tiramisu French Toast
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] ☆Classic French Toast
[Image 4:×2600.jpg] ☆Maple nut French toast
[Image 5:×2600.jpg] ☆Banana caramel French toast
[Image 6:×2600.jpg] ☆Very Berry French Toast
[Image 7:×2600.jpg] ☆Tiramisu French toast
▼A wide variety of drinks
(Types may vary depending on the day)・Coffee (Hot/Ice)・Cafe Latte (Hot/Ice)・Soy Latte (Hot/Ice)・Earl Gray Tea (Hot/Ice)・Rooibos Tea (Hot/Ice)・Oolong tea, homemade lemonade (Hot/Ice), orange juice, apple juice, ginger ale, cola
This is a great value set available only at lunchtime, so please take advantage of it!
[Image 8:×2400.jpg] We have a spacious and liberating space, so please spend a wonderful lunch time at Eloise Cafe.
[Image 9:×900.jpg]
■Instagram: eloisescafe_nagoya■Homepage
Eloise Cafe Nagoya store can also be used as a private party or rental space. At our store, we have a rental space with meals that can be used for a variety of occasions, such as private party plans, commercial shoots, seminar venues, etc. Enjoy your time at Eloise Cafe in your own way. ■Private plan
[Image 10:×1108.jpg] You can also rent out the large open space of the cafe to plan your company’s seminars and parties!
It can also be used as a venue for buffet social gatherings for 60 people and seminars for 60 people, such as commercial shoots, company briefings/seminars, job fairs, wedding after-parties, workshops, etc. *Limited to those using the meal.
[Image 11:×2400.jpg] [Use as a rental space] *Only on weekdays * Free projector rental and meals available as a rental space. Please contact the store for detailed information such as prices and hours. We will provide you with a quote from each company.
We can change the layout of the store, so please feel free to contact us. ■Inquiry number 052-211-9292
Eloise Cafe Nagoya
■Address 0910 Layered Hisayaodori Park Building I, 3-19-16 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi ■Nearest Station Information Hisayaodori Station 30 seconds walk Sakae Station 1 minute walk Sakaemachi Station 1 minute walk ■Store Business Hours