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Home » Mikiwame Aptitude Test was selected as No.1 in 8 other categories including “Good Service” in the aptitude t est category of “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024”

Mikiwame Aptitude Test was selected as No.1 in 8 other categories including “Good Service” in the aptitude t est category of “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024”

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Mikiwame Aptitude Test was selected as No.1 in 8 other categories including “Good Service” in the aptitude test category of “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024”
The “Mikiwame Aptitude Test” provided by Leading Mark Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Leading Mark Co., Ltd., President: Yuji Iida, hereinafter referred to as “Reading Mark”) is the “Mikiwame Aptitude Test” sponsored by Smart Camp Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smart Camp”). BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024” in the aptitude test category: “Good Service”, “No. 1 in reasonableness of fees”, “No. 1 in ease of initial setup”, “No. 1 in support quality”, “No. 1 in sales staff” “No.1 impression”, “No.1 service stability”, “No.1 functional satisfaction”, “No.1 usefulness”, and “No.1 ease of use”.
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“BOXIL SaaS AWARD” is an event where Smart Camp, which operates the SaaS (*) comparison site “BOXIL SaaS,” reviews, selects, and awards outstanding SaaS. This time, “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024” was judged based on approximately 18,000 new reviews posted on “BOXIL SaaS” during the one year period from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. I am. The “Good Service” award in the aptitude test category, which “MIKIWAME Aptitude Test” was awarded this time, is given to services with high total scores in each category based on reviews posted on “BOXIL SaaS”.
“No. 1 in ease of use,” “No. 1 in usefulness,” “No. 1 in functional satisfaction,” “No. 1 in service stability,” “No. 1 in impressions from sales representatives,” and “No. 1 in support quality.” “No. 1 in ease of initial setup” and “No. 1 in price validity” are based on 9 items of “word-of-mouth service evaluations” posted on “BOXIL SaaS”. This award is given to the service that meets the criteria and receives the highest average score.
Further details and selection criteria for “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024” can be found on the official website
*SaaS is an abbreviation for Software as a Service. This refers to the form in which functions that were traditionally provided as packaged software are provided as cloud services.
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Service information
1. Mikiwame aptitude test
“MIKIWAME Aptitude Test” is an aptitude test cloud that allows you to reveal a person’s personality and check at a glance whether or not they are the right person to hire by taking a 10-minute personality test that can be answered from your smartphone or PC. By conducting tests on employees, it is possible to clarify the personality images of those who are active and those who remain in the company. By comparing this personality profile with the personality of the hiring candidate, you can determine whether the candidate is a good fit for your company.
Please refer to the service site for details.
2. Mikiwame Well-being Survey
The “MIKIWAME Wellbeing Survey” allows employees to regularly answer a condition questionnaire that can be completed in 3 minutes from a smartphone or PC, thereby visualizing the mental condition of the organization and individuals. You can take a 10-minute personality test in advance, and the questions that match your personality will be displayed, so you can avoid differences in results due to personality differences. Additionally, we provide advice on how to improve each employee’s condition based on their individual mental condition and personality. We also provide advice to test takers and support employees’ self-reliance.
Please refer to the service site for details.
About us
Company name: Leading Mark Co., Ltd.
Address: 10th floor, Toranomon 33 Mori Building, 3-8-21 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yuji Iida, Representative Director and President Established: January 2008
Business content: HR business through “Personality Tech”
– “Mikiwame Aptitude Test” to find employees who can play an active role in your company in 10 minutes
– Achieving well-being by visualizing employees’ mental states and giving advice based on their personalities “Mikiwame Well-being Survey”
-Mikiwame Recruitment Support (formerly Recme), Japan’s largest job hunting support service for talented people – Membership-based job hunting support program “NEXVEL” -Mikiwame Lab, a blog that disseminates information on aptitude tests, human resources, recruitment, etc. that’s all
The company names and product/product/service names (including logo marks, etc.) listed are trademarks of each company or registered trademarks of their respective rights holders.
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