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Collaboration begins to provide “DAO Fan Token Service”, a community for video creators using visual voice

Pacific Voice Co., Ltd.
Collaboration begins to provide “DAO Fan Token Service”, a community for video creators using visual voice
~Announced at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2024 Opening Ceremony with the first Amic Sign Award~
D-Curret DCP Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as D-Curret
DCP/Representative Director, Chairman and President: Satoshi Murabayashi), which operates a digital currency business through the provision of Amic Sign, is a monogatari company that creates empathetic communication using the power of images. , Visual Voice/Representative: Tetsuya Bessho) will begin collaboration to provide the DAO Fan Token Service, a community for creators in LIFE LOG BOX (hereinafter referred to as LLB), a data asset management service operated by Visual Voice.
D-Carret DCP will be the first in the history of film festivals to perform at the opening ceremony of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) 2024, one of Asia’s largest international short film festivals, accredited by the Academy Awards and planned and managed by Visual Voice. Announces the “Amic Sign Award”, which awards prizes in the digital currency DCJPY. Prizes will be awarded in DCJPY, the first digital currency established. Today, in addition to presenting awards at the opening ceremony of the film festival, we announced a collaboration to provide a community for creators called the “DAO Fan Token Service.”
*The prize money, DCJPY, will be awarded to the winners after the Amic Sign service starts.
Through this collaboration, including the Amic Sign Award and the newly announced creator community “DAO Fan Token Service,” we aim to realize a creator economy environment where video creators and fans of their works can engage in free creative activities together. , 2025 We are planning to roll it out next year.We aim to roll it out as soon as possible.
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[Collaboration background]
When a creator produces a video work, the cooperation of many professionals such as performers, sound and production staff is essential, and in addition, a large amount of capital is required. Furthermore, even after a work is completed, there are problems such as limited opportunities for public viewing and complicated management and storage of work data, making it difficult for creators to produce video works. Ta.
Under such circumstances, visual voice
・Hold international short film festivals (SSFF & ASIA) and provide creators with a venue to present their works.
・Provide LLB, a data asset management service that maximizes the value of creators, and connects it to the operation of managing and storing work data.
I’ve been working on this.
However, there are still issues regarding payments when fans purchase and view work data stored in LLB, as well as issues regarding obtaining collaborators and funds for the production of works, and Visual Voice and D-Caret DCP are unable to resolve these issues. We have repeatedly considered ways to solve these issues.
The future of crowdfunding: Achieving integration where fans and supporters become part of the project
[“DAO Fan Token Service” Service Overview]
The outline of the DAO fan token service, a community for creators, that Visual Voice and D-Caret DCP aim to jointly provide is as follows.
[Image 3:×510.png ]
・Creators consider the project, performers, director, filming location, etc. when producing a video work.
・There are fans of the creators, performers, directors, etc. who would like to collaborate with them in producing the work. We also believe that if a video is being filmed in a place that has a connection to them, there are local residents and businesses who would like to support it.
・Fans who want to be involved in the production and local people at the shooting location can become involved in the creation and production of the work by expressing their participation and support in response to the creator’s request, and those participants and supporters will be allocated compensation. Masu. We will consider the use of digital currencies DCJPY and DAO in the content of
participation, support, and reward structure.
・Produced video works can be delivered to fans through screening at SSFF & ASIA and events around the world.
By utilizing digital currencies and DAOs, individuals and companies that previously had difficulty engaging in video production will be able to easily participate. Up until now, in video production, creators and fans have been separate entities. With the DAO Fan Token Service, fans can not only support video production, but also be involved in planning and operation depending on the amount of support. For example, you can generate ideas, create costumes and music to promote your work, and arrange filming locations to liven up your local area.
Going beyond simply raising funds, creators and supporters can work together to create and produce films, creating a new customer experience that is exciting together.
Visual Voice and D-Caret DCP will work to improve the creative experience of creators through the community for creators and DAO fan token service.
*DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization): An organization without a specific administrator. By holding “governance tokens” that have the function of voting rights, participants participate in
organizational decision-making and autonomously operate the
organization while cooperating.
*The Amic Sign Award is given to the works submitted to the film festival that express the “rich society and community” that D-Carret DCP aims for, proposing a new form of connection between people through digital currency. The award was won by the science fiction short film “Future!” directed by Kairi Manabe and Yoshihiko Yamamoto. Future! “is.
[Image 4:×542.jpg] “Future! Future! ”
Director: Kairi Manabe & Yoshihiko Yamamoto / 25:00 / Japan / SF / 2023 Makoto is a high school girl who has loved science fiction and has had a rich imagination since she was little. One day, he meets Shinichi, a young man from the future. In order to save the dystopian future, Makoto, who received an F grade, has no choice but to enroll in university. Will the two be able to save the future? ?
【Company Profile】
Company name: Visual Voice Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tetsuya Bessho, Representative Director and President Business content: Video production business/event production business/content light business/media business
■Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
Tetsuya Bessho, an actor and member of the American Actors Guild (SAG), founded the American Shorts Film Festival in 1999 with the desire to introduce short films, which he had discovered in the United States, as a new video genre to Japan. In 2001, the name was changed to Short Shorts Film Festival (SSFF), and in 2004 it was recognized as an Academy Award-recognized film festival. In the same year, “Short Shorts Film Festival Asia (co-hosted by SSFF ASIA: Tokyo)” was born with the aim of disseminating new visual culture from Asia and nurturing up-and-coming young filmmakers, and is now known as “SSFF & ASIA”. We hold film festivals under the general name . In addition, to commemorate the film festival’s 20th anniversary in 2018, the Grand Prize winner was named the George Lucas Award, named after director George Lucas. In January 2019, “Short Shorts Film Festival in Hollywood” was held as a 20th anniversary commemorative event, and from the 2019 film festival, the official competition (International section, Asia International section, Japan section) and non-fiction The four films that received the Excellence Award in each category, and from 2022, five films, including the Excellence Award in the Animation Category, have earned the right to be nominated for the following year’s Academy Award in the short film category. SSFF & ASIA will continue to support young creators through the film festival. [Official website]
*SSFF & ASIA 2024 will be held from June 4th (Tuesday) to June 17th (Monday) at multiple venues in Tokyo and online venues (online venues will be held until June 30th (Sunday))
[Image 5:×178.jpg] Decentralized data storage that can be stored permanently using IPFS technology, storage and data asset management service designed to ensure that important content is not lost even in the event of an emergency, and a portfolio function that introduces and posts creators and works. Utilizing film festival entries, content sales, project matching services with companies, and blockchain technology, we clarify rights such as original authorship and ownership. We provide system construction services that return profits to creators.
Company name: D-Curret Co., Ltd. DCP
Representative: Satoshi Murabayashi, Representative Director and President Business content: Digital currency business/electronic payment, etc. Agency: Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Electronic bill) No. 92
■Portal site “Amic Sign”
Amic Sign combines innovative digital currency and advanced smart contracts to transform the way businesses operate in the future. We will introduce a use case that utilizes AMIC, which has the concepts of Asset, Money, ID, and Contract.
■Product blog “DE BEYOND”
We provide easy-to-understand explanations in article format, from how digital currency works to how it will change our lives and business. You can better understand the world that Amic Sign is aiming for.
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