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Karatsu Tourism Association 34th Hydrangea Festival held

[Karatsu Tourism Association] 34th Hydrangea Festival held

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Press release: June 4, 2024
34th Hydrangea Festival held
*Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls – Migaeri Waterfall*
Hydrangea Festival flyer/poster

The Hydrangea Festival will be held again this year at Migaeri Falls in Ochi-cho, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture.
40,000 hydrangeas of 50 different varieties are in full bloom around Migaeri-no-taki, which boasts one of the largest falls in Kyushu and has been selected as one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls, as well as along the way to the waterfall.

◆ Shuttle bus (operates only on Saturdays and Sundays)
It runs from Hotaru Bridge to the foot of the waterfall.
Price: 100 yen each for up and down (* Free for disabled, pregnant women, elementary school students and younger, no pets allowed)

◆ Temporary parking lot (paid)…Open only on Saturdays and Sundays (also available on weekdays)
Regular car 500 yen, motorcycle 200 yen
Large bus 5,000 yen, medium bus 3,500 yen
Small/microbus 2,000 yen
*It is free on weekdays (there is no fee collection staff), but we have a donation box set up, so please donate to the beautification donation.
◆ Permanent parking lot (free)…Available only on weekdays
Hotarubashi parking lot, Miyakosho-mae parking lot, Seiryusou-side parking lot *There is only one space for large buses in the Hotarubashi parking lot, but there is a very high possibility that it will not be available when it is crowded. Please use the temporary parking lot (free on weekdays only).
*Closed on Saturdays and Sundays due to shuttle bus service and congestion prevention.

Parking lot MAP (Googlemap)
◆ JR Kyushu Walking
Saturday, June 8th
Meeting: JR Ochi Station
Start reception: 9:00-11:00
Sponsored by: Saga Railway Division
TEL: 0952-23-2939

◆ Light up
*Shuttle bus service does not operate on weekdays. please note. Sponsored by: Karatsu Tourism Association/Hydrangea Festival Executive Committee *About details about this release*

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