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“Osaka Osho Scratch” appears for the first time in the no-lose online lottery DMM Scratch

Dear everyone
Eat and HD
“Osaka Osho Scratch” appears for the first time in the no-lose online lottery DMM Scratch
~You also have a chance to win an Osaka Osho original plate! ~ ……
Nine Block Co., Ltd. (Location: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President and CEO: Hideki Takatsuma), which handles the e-commerce business in the Eat & Group, will run from June 7, 2024 (Friday) to July 5, 2024 (Friday). “Osaka Osho” ​​is a no-lose online lottery service “DMM Scratch” operated by LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO Keiji Kameyama, referred to as DMM). We are selling “Scratch”.
[Image 1:×900.jpg] Osaka Osho’s official online store sells Chinese side dishes that allow you to enjoy authentic Chinese food served at our stores at home. This time, Osaka Osho’s official mail order popular menu will be available for a limited time on the no-lose online lottery DMM Scratch.
If you purchase “Osaka Osho Scratch”, you will win a luxurious Chinese set, mainly a set that includes the popular gyoza and fried rice. In addition, we will hold a double chance prize where you can win an “Osaka Osho Original Plate” by lottery for every scratch ticket purchased.
[Sales page]
【Sales period】
June 7, 2024 (Friday) 18:00 to July 5, 2024 (Friday) 23:59
1,100 yen per time (tax included, shipping not included*)
*Shipping fee will be 1,680 yen (tax included) for up to 10 pieces. Example: If you purchase 1 to 10 pieces + shipping fee 1,680 yen, if you purchase 11 pieces to 20 pieces + shipping fee 3,360 yen 【Product line-up】
[Image 2:×1600.jpg] A Prize (2 types in total)
・Ultimate set worth 13,900 yen
・Super large volume gyoza lucky bag worth 11,910 yen
B Prize (all 3 types)
・The Trial Set, worth 5,630 yen
・Ura Miracle Set worth 4,680 yen
・3 types of fried rice 12 bags set worth 5,490 yen
C Prize (all 3 types)
・Cheap king set equivalent to 3,920 yen
・Miracle set worth 3,990 yen
・Chinese set meal set at home (3 servings) worth 3,990 yen
D Prize (all 3 types)
・40 small snack dumplings x 2 bags worth 1,560 yen
・50 original meat dumplings x 1 bag worth 1,590 yen
・Freeze-dried fluffy egg soup x 6 meals worth 1,500 yen
E Prize (4 types in total)
・8 pieces of large meat shumai x 2 bags worth 1,320 yen
・Fire-fried fried rice x 3 bags worth 1,200 yen
・Freeze-dried Chinese bowl ingredients x 3 meals worth 1,440 yen ・12 carefully selected gyoza pieces x 2 bags worth 1,260 yen *The product will be sent frozen.
*Delivery will begin in mid-July and will be completed in late July. *There are several types of prizes, but you cannot choose one. [W Chance Prize] (4 types in total)
*Prizes to be won vary depending on the purchase period.
[Image 3:×1600.jpg] ・Osaka Osho original gyoza dish oval plate
(Eligible for purchases made between June 7, 2024 (Friday) 18:00 and June 14, 2024 (Friday) 17:59)
・Osaka Osho original fried rice plate
(Eligible for purchases made between June 14, 2024 (Friday) 18:00 to June 21, 2024 (Friday) 17:59)
・Osaka Osho original sauce plate
(Eligible for purchases made between June 21, 2024 (Friday) 18:00 and June 28, 2024 (Friday) 17:59)
・Osaka Osho original yakisoba plate
(Eligible for purchases made between June 28, 2024 (Friday) 18:00 and July 5, 2024 (Friday) 23:59)
*If you win the W Chance Prize, it will be delivered to you together with the regular scratch-off prize.
*The W Chance Prize will end as soon as the specified number is reached, even during the campaign period.
*The lottery will be held for the number of cards purchased, but please note that due to production reasons, the W Chance Card display will be a summary of all lottery results.
▽Osaka Osho is being deployed in each DMM service▽
Osaka Osho official mail order DMM store Osaka Osho x DMM Oncle
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