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“POCHI Environment Month” Give away products that are friendly to dogs, people, and the environment

Marketing Partner Co., Ltd.
“POCHI Environment Month” Give away products that are friendly to dogs, people, and the environment
“POCHI Natural Dish Detergent Numekut” “POCHI Natural Ingredient Shampoo & Conditioner Set” to 1,300 people
Premium dog food manufacturer “POCHI” (Management: Marketing Partner Co., Ltd., Head office location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shinji Gonda, Tel: 03-6772-8194, will be holding a gift campaign where you can win eco-friendly products from 6pm on Tuesday, June 4th as part of POCHI Environment Month. POCHI’s products, which are made with natural ingredients and are gentle on dogs, people, and the environment, will be given away to a total of 1,300 people on a first-come, first-served basis. As part of our Sustainability POCHI VISIONS, which is an effort to ensure that the source of the deliciousness of dogs continues, POCHI is holding “POCHI Environment Month” in conjunction with “Environment Day” and “Environment Month” on June 5th. We will implement it. I hope this will be an opportunity to think about the environment once again.
[Image 1:×340.jpg] Environmental campaign (1) POCHI natural dish detergent Numekyut gift – first 800 people –
[Image 2:×400.jpg] “POCHI Natural Dish Detergent Numekut” -Selling price: 680 yen-
[Image 3:×366.jpg] A natural dish detergent that removes slime from dishes. It was developed in response to requests from pet owners who said, “Since I’m washing my precious child’s dishes, I want to use something that not only removes dirt, but is also safe for dogs.” This detergent is made with only natural ingredients, such as plant extracts (green tea, aloe) and jojoba oil, and is gentle on the environment and on the owners’ hands.
【Product Details】
[Main contents of campaign (1)]
・Target: WEB members who have purchased over 7,700 yen including tax at POCHI (customers who have registered as members)
・Number of presents: First 800 people
・Contents: One “POCHI Natural Dish Detergent Numekut 100ml”
Environmental Campaign (2) POCHI Natural Ingredients Shampoo & Conditioner Set – First 500 people –
A set of “POCHI Scalp Care Soap” and “POCHI Coat Care Rinse” that use only carefully selected natural ingredients. -Sales price: 2,800 yen (set price)-
[Image 4:×400.jpg] -set content-
・“POCHI Scalp Care Soap”
A soap shampoo that thoroughly cleanses the scalp, made with only natural ingredients such as honey and green tea extract. We only use carefully selected natural ingredients. This is a gentle shampoo that is recommended for dogs with sensitive skin that have skin problems. (Since soap shampoo is alkaline, please neutralize it with an acidic conditioner after shampooing.)
[Image 5:×366.jpg]
[Image 6:×366.jpg] ・“POCHI Coat Care Rinse”
A rinse made with only natural ingredients such as organic kabosu and aloe. The moisturizer that moisturizes the skin and coat contains mugwort extract. It replenishes moisture to the skin and gives gloss to the coat, making it smooth and smooth to the touch.
(Please use after scalp care shampoo as it is an acidic rinse that neutralizes alkaline soap shampoo.)
【Product Details】
[Image 7:×366.jpg]
[Image 8:×366.jpg] [Main contents of campaign (2)]
・Target: WEB members who purchased 16,500 yen or more including tax at POCHI (customers who have registered as members)
・Number of presents: First 500 people
・Contents: POCHI Shampoo & Conditioner Set (POCHI Scalp Care Soap x 1, POCHI Coat Care Rinse x 1)
“Sustainability POCHI VISIONS” – What we can do to ensure that the source of dog’s “deliciousness” continues –
At POCHI, we work on three axes: product development, packaging, and a sustainable supply chain, so that we can continue to see the delicious faces of dogs, and we continue to think about the health and happiness of our dog and cat family members.
[Image 9:×340.png ]
“Sustainability POCHI VISIONS” page website
・《POCHI》POCHI Environment Month ・Premium dog food specialty store ・Mail order “Pochi no Happiness” official website
“POCHI” wishes for true “dog happiness” through reliable products
[Image 10:×388.jpg] “Do what you can to make your dog happy”
“POCHI”, a pioneer of premium dog food select shop, was born in 1998. We started out as a catalog mail order of carefully selected pet products from around the world, and later transitioned to an e-commerce select shop specializing in pet food. At the time of our founding, pet food information was still in its infancy, and in reality there was a lot of “sloppy” information out there. Under these circumstances, “POCHI” has developed a unique culture of researching the products themselves and not selling the product unless they are satisfied with it, and is the only mail-order store that provides detailed information on the products, including nutritional ingredients, photos of the product’s contents, and how to give the product. The catalog was “POCHI”.
Nowadays, there are many shops on the internet. When you think about why people choose POCHI out of all the many reasons, what we want you to know is the thoughts and ideas that have been nurtured as part of our DNA since our founding.
“Development of original comprehensive nutritional food”
We have long had a wide range of products such as original nutritional supplements, treats, and supplements, but in 2016 we started developing original comprehensive nutritional foods with the desire to make dog meals more enjoyable. . In Japan, starting with the release of the POCHI The Dog Food series, a comprehensive nutritional food that allows you to enjoy daily toppings that suit your dog’s personality, in 2020, we will launch the POCHI The Dog Food ‘Aging Care’ senior food that can be started from the age of 3. series, and in 2023, we launched a super premium quality therapeutic food, “POCHI Dog Dietary Food Kidney Care Fresh Chicken”.
From our founding until today, we have endeavored to display ingredients in as detailed a manner as possible, and sincerely hope that through our reliable products, you can find true “happiness for your dog.”
[Image 11:×499.jpg ]
[Image 12:×387.jpg]
[Image 13:×821.jpg] When ordering for the first time, please use the “First time BOX” (limited quantity, first shipping fee 0 yen*)
We offer a trial set (equivalent to 60% off the regular price) that allows first-time users to easily experience -POCHI-. First, order a trial set, and if you like it, you can purchase each item
-POCHI-First time BOX
[Image 14:×500.jpg] *The “POCHI First Time Limited First Time Box” is a product limited to those who are shopping at POCHI for the first time.
*Contents may change depending on the season.
*Limited to one per person.
*Plans may be changed or canceled without notice due to circumstances. *The initial shipping fee of 0 yen excludes Okinawa and remote islands. [Lineup example*]
[Image 15:×618.jpg]

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