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Black Card I Co., Ltd. Produced by Luxury Card, a limited-time pop-up “LC CONCEPT BAR” opens in Nishiazabu , Tokyo!

[Black Card I Co., Ltd.] Luxury card produced, limited time pop-up “LC CONCEPT BAR” opens in Nishiazabu, Tokyo!

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Press release: June 4, 2024
Produced by Luxury Card, limited-time pop-up “LC CONCEPT BAR” opens in Nishiazabu, Tokyo!
*The lineup includes original card-colored cocktails and rare drinks from partner companies. A bar experience where you can immerse yourself in the world of LUXURY CARD. *
Founded in the United States in 2008, “Experience
With the brand slogan “More(R)”, LUXURY CARD delivers an exclusive experience to active people who want to make the most of their lives. (Headquarters: Jackson, Wyoming, President and CEO: Hayashi
Hamilton (hereinafter referred to as Luxury Card) opened in March 2024 and is the “LC CONCEPT” that creates a luxurious time that can only be found here.
We have extended the period of “BAR” in Nishiazabu, Tokyo. We have opened for a limited time at “DAOBASE Nishiazabu” from Saturday, June 1, 2024. Anyone can use it, including not only Luxury Card members but also non-members who do not have a card.

* “LC CONCEPT BAR”, which delivers a luxurious time that can only be enjoyed here, has been updated! *
“LC CONCEPT BAR” opened in March of this year as part of the “LC Concept Series” that delivers “experiences that can only be found here.”
Brand slogan “Experience”
The bar space where you can experience “More”, LC original cocktails inspired by the color of luxury cards, and rare limited edition products from luxury partner companies, etc., have been well received by many people, and the event will be held this time. We have decided to extend the period and expand our business hours.Now you can use our service more conveniently before and after dinner. ) will open from.

*LC CONCEPT BAR @ THE HAMILTON GS (Hibiya, Tokyo) has ended on Thursday, May 30, 2024.

* The lineup has been updated, including LC original cocktails and rare drinks from partner companies! *
DAOBASE Nishiazabu has developed a new limited edition LC original cocktail inspired by the color of a luxury card, and the drink menu has a lineup that can only be experienced here. We will serve the drink in a glass that matches the image of the drink you ordered. Furthermore, in honor of DAOBASE Nishiazabu, a bar whose wall art changes every month, works by artists connected to LC will decorate the interior for a limited time after opening. Please enjoy our carefully selected limited menu in a luxurious atmosphere unique to LC.

*Limited production for “LC CONCEPT BAR” JAPANESE DARK SPRITS collaboration product “#713 20 Year Aged”*
JAPANESE is a Japanese distilled spirits and shochu bottler brand that works closely with breweries with hundreds of years of history and traditional techniques, handles rare and valuable matured spirits, and pursues the ultimate taste.
Collaboration with DARK SPIRITS (Japanese Dark Spirits).
Aged for 20 years in American oak barrels, this cask #713 has intense flavors of vanilla, coconut, and caramel.
This luxurious bottle product, which was specially released and bottled for “LC CONCEPT BAR” and has a luxury card limited label, is available to non-members as well.
You can enjoy it at CONCEPT BAR.
* Introducing “The BARREL by LUXURY CARD”, a craft beer aged in whiskey barrels* * LC CONCEPT BAR is created by the artist who designed the label * Empathizing with the efforts of Kamikatsu Town, Tokushima Prefecture, which was the first in Japan to declare zero waste, we created RISE & WIN Brewing, a brewery in Kamikatsu Town.
“The BARREL by LUXURY CARD” in collaboration with Co. will appear at LC CONCEPT BAR.
Craft beer aged in whiskey barrels is a masterpiece that should be enjoyed slowly, just like wine or whisky, and is delicious both chilled and at room temperature. The label was created in
collaboration with up-and-coming oil painting artist Yuna Ogino, and with the theme of “a bottle that won’t be thrown away,” the design is beautiful even when placed in interior decoration or as a vase. LC CONCEPT BAR at
At DAOBASE Nishi-Azabu, Mr. Ogino’s works will be on display for a limited time since its opening. Enjoy a new type of luxury beer along with art, created through initiatives unique to a luxury card that focuses on art experiences, such as preferential treatment at the National Museum of Art.

[Yuna Ogino Profile]
Artist, painter. Born in Tokyo in 1982. After completing graduate school at Tokyo University of the Arts, he began his career as an artist and has exhibited his paintings both domestically and internationally. In recent years, he has held solo exhibitions at New York (Mizuma & Kips) in 2021 and Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Contemporary Gallery in 2022. He has also participated in group exhibitions and art fairs in Shanghai, China, Singapore, and Los Angeles, USA. In addition to painting, he also engages in a wide range of activities such as live painting and mural art.

Click here for the press release regarding “The BARREL by LUXURY CARD”:
* LC CONCEPT BAR at DAOBASE Nishiazabu Overview *
Event period: June 1, 2024 (Saturday) to August 31, 2024 (Saturday) *Closed on Sundays and holidays
Business hours: 19:00-22:00
Venue: DAOBASE Nishiazabu (1st floor, Mihotani Glass Building, 1-8-4 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
How to make a reservation: Please make a reservation from the dedicated TableCheck page.
*Please make your reservation early as the number of seats is limited. *Depending on seat availability on the day, you may use the service without a reservation.
* menu*
You can order from either MENU1 (2 drink plan) or MENU2 (BOTTLE SERVICE plan).

* MENU1: *
2 glasses + 1 type of DAOBASE special light meal
* ·price*
LC members: 3,500 yen / LC non-members: 4,000 yen
*Price includes tax and service charge.
*DAOBASE special light meal includes a choice of raw ham, cheese, or truffle potato.

* ・Drink list*
You can order one glass each from DRINK1 and DRINK2.
Serve in a glass that matches the drink image.

* [DRINK1]*
LC original cocktail
┗Black Diamond
Black Sambuca/Elderflower Tonic
┗Yellow Gold
Homemade ginger vodka/ginger beer
┗Rose Gold
Vodka/Cointreau/Cranberry juice/Lime
Homemade coffee rum/coffee liqueur/tonic
Champagne / Mint

MasterCard Priceless Signature Cocktails

* [DRINK2]*
・YASO Gin of the Month: Limited Edition REVIVAL COLA 2023
Specially available limited edition YASO gin that is sold out and in limited quantity
・ABSOLUT Vodka of the Month: Absolut Mandarin
・Premium Tequila Cava de Oro AÑEJO
On the Rocks/Tequila Sunrise
・Craft beer The BARREL BELGIAN QUADRUPLE by LUXURY CARD aged for 2 months ・Kinomi Edition G exclusively blended for LUXURY CARD
Premium gin aged in champagne house “Henri Giraud” barrels
・Craftrum LAODI
White rum made from pesticide-free sugar cane.
・Link 8
Sake born from the bond between Chivas Regal and Masuizumi
・Mori Izo
・LUXURY CARD #713 20 year aged shochu by Shochu X Japanese Dark Spirits ・JACK DANIEL’S SINGLE BARREL SELECT
A unique taste aged in Tennessee whiskey barrels.

*The offer will end as soon as the number available is exhausted. Please note. *Mocktails and soft drinks are also available.

BOTTLE SERVICE+DAOBASE special light meal 2 types
* ·price*
Depends on the bottle.
*DAOBASE special light meal includes a choice of raw ham, cheese, or truffle potato.
┗ 2 months aged 750ml bottle + 2 LC glasses set
┗13 months aged 750ml bottle + 2 LC glasses set

LC Private Reserve Wine 2021(red)

SHOCHU X x LUXURY CARD #713 20 years aged
*MENU2 can be used by up to 4 people.
*Price includes tax and service charge.
*The offer will end as soon as the number available is exhausted. Please note. *You can keep some bottles (up to 2 months).
*Contents may change or end without notice.

*About Luxury Card*
First in Japan to adopt Mastercard’s top-of-the-line card “World Elite(TM) Mastercard(R)”, Mastercard(R) Black
Luxury Card, which issues Japan’s first vertical metal card with Diamond(TM) as its flagship and has acquired over 80 patents worldwide, was founded in 2008 by American serial entrepreneur Scott Blum and entered the premium card market. Since entering the market, we have achieved overwhelming value and ultimate status with ideas that go beyond common sense.
It continues to be chosen by executives with high standards of value and an eye for aesthetics who are not satisfied with traditional credit cards, and has earned high praise for its personalized benefits and top-level hospitality. With a particularly high proportion of young business owners, we are focusing on providing a community where members can connect with each other through one thing in common – a luxury card – and develop their business and private networks.

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