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Newly released protein for men from the Aime Protein series produced by Eimi Fukada!

To all members of the press
narrative corporation
Newly released protein for men from the Aime Protein series produced by Eimi Fukada!
Narrative Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takaki Ohara) provides a complex business based on the concept of “making my own stories more enjoyable and enriching.” Aime Protein, produced by Eimi Fukada. We are pleased to announce that we have started selling “Aime Protein Energy Blend” from the Aime Protein series.
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Aime Protein is a protein developed by producer Eimi Fukada with the aim of “becoming beautiful while becoming healthy” by taking advantage of her past experiences with excessive dieting. Although this product was developed to be enjoyed by a wide variety of people, it has been particularly popular among female customers. While valuing the people who love the products we already offer, we aim to develop products that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, and have now developed a product that will be easily accessible to men as well. .
Product features
1.Uses yeast protein
Yeast protein is an earth-friendly, high-protein source extracted from the cell walls of baker’s yeast.
It is showing its presence as a “new generation protein” next to whey and soy. 2. Easily melts without the need for a shaker
Eimi Fukada’s experience was that “It’s hard to wash the shaker, and it’s hard to drink protein that tends to clump.” We sought to make it easier to dissolve.
3.Contains 1/4 day’s worth of 11 vitamins and 1 day’s worth of iron and zinc Each serving (25g) contains 1/4 day’s worth of 11 vitamins and 1 day’s worth of iron and zinc (*).
*Percentage in Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s “Meal Intake Standards for Japanese (2020 Edition)/Daily Amount for Men aged 18-49” Producer Eimi Fukada comment
Sorry I made you wait!
From the package design to the ingredient combination, we are finally launching a protein product recommended for men who are focused on building their bodies.
The protein we already offer is a product we are proud of, made with a focus on not only protein but also the nutrients necessary for building the body. However, when we recommend it to men, we have received many comments like, “But isn’t this for women?”
Even though I feel frustrated in my heart and think, “This is a product that I can recommend to men as well…”, every time I hear such words, I try to create products that are easy for men to pick up, not just women. This feeling became stronger and led to the
development of this product.
This product is a renewal of the particularly popular “Rich Chocolate” flavor that we have offered in the past.
We especially recommend this to those who want to live their days with energy and liveliness!
Sales information
Name: AimeProtein Energy Blend
Sales start date: June 4, 2024 (Tuesday)
Price: 3,980 yen (tax included)
Contents: 375g
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About Eimi Fukada
Born March 18, 1998, from Saitama Prefecture.
Active as a sexy actress, influencer, businesswoman, and brand producer. She has attracted attention on social media as Ogiri Onee-san, and has gained many female fans due to her unpretentious character and unapologetic message.
Each of the four major SNS accounts (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok) boasts over 1 million followers, with a total of over 13 million followers, attracting attention from all over the world. [Related products]
Delicate zone care item “AimeCare” produced by Eimi Fukada
About narrative Co., Ltd.
Narrative Co., Ltd. is a solutions company that combines professional abilities in various fields with the concept of “making my own stories more enjoyable and richer.” Through new business launches, marketing support, PR support, recruitment and job change support, we support “challengers” who improve the world, including the services we provide, and contribute to the realization of people’s rich
lifestyles. Masu.
【Company Profile】
Company name: narrative Co., Ltd.
Address: 2-32-7 3F, Higashiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: February 1, 2022
Representative: Takamiki Ohara, Representative Director and President Business content: Marketing business, HR business, PR business URL:
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