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Home » HoneyWorks Sound Producer Nadeshiko Takamine’s long-awaited new song “Watashi Yori Suki deite” will be released on June 5th (Wednesday)!

HoneyWorks Sound Producer Nadeshiko Takamine’s long-awaited new song “Watashi Yori Suki deite” will be released on June 5th (Wednesday)!

HoneyWorks Sound Producer Nadeshiko Takamine’s long-awaited new song “Watashi Yori Suki deite” will be released on June 5th (Wednesday)! A song about a girl’s feelings that she can’t express out loud. The campaign has started on LINE MUSIC!
Takane no Nadeshiko, a 10-member idol group whose sound is produced by the creator unit HoneyWorks, will release their digital single “Watashi Yori Suki Deite” on June 5th (Wednesday).
[Image 1:×1400.jpg] This song, which sings about a girl’s feelings that cannot be expressed out loud, was first performed as a surprise at the “Major Debut Commemoration Live ~Beginning~” Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO) performance held in April, and is part of the current national tour. It was also performed at “Takamine’s Nadeshiko National Tour 2024 ‘Stained in My Color'”. This has been a long-awaited delivery for fans.
【release information】
Title: Distribution single “I love you more than me”
Distribution start date: Wednesday, June 5, 2024
Publisher: Victor Entertainment
Linkfire :
*Compatible streaming services: Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, LINE MUSIC, Amazon Music, Deezer, AWA, Rakuten Music, KKBOX, TOWER RECORDS MUSIC
“Love me more than me” LINE MUSIC campaign information
The campaign will start on LINE MUSIC from Wednesday, June 5th. Participants will receive a wonderful gift for a limited time only. In addition, there will be a special prize for the top 5 people with the most views, and a special gift for a total of 20 people in a lottery. Playback period: June 5th (Wednesday) 0:00 to June 18th (Tuesday) 23:59 Application period: Until 23:59 on Wednesday, June 19th *Playbacks of 500 or more times are a condition for application.
Special feature:
・All applicants: Takamine’s Nadeshiko original smartphone wallpaper image ・Prize A (10 people selected by lottery): “Love me more than me” jacket photo acrylic key chain
・Prize B (10 people selected by lottery): Member solo autograph! Other cut postcard
*1 sheet for each member x 10 (members cannot be selected)
・Special Prize (Top 5 people in number of views *If there is a tie, there will be a lottery):
Members compete for your “likes”! ? “Hey, tell me you love me” situation video Detailed URL: Live information
[Image 2:×2384.jpg] [Takamine’s Nadeshiko National Tour 2024 “Stained in My Color”] ・Sunday, May 12th GORILLA HALL OSAKA (Osaka)
・Sunday, June 9th Sendai darwin (Miyagi)
・Sunday, June 16th Nagoya Diamond Hall (Aichi)
・June 23rd (Sun) Hiroshima LIVE VANQUISH (Hiroshima)
・June 29th (Sat) Fukuoka BEAT STATION (Fukuoka)

[Takamine Nadeshiko National Tour 2024 “Stained in My Color”] Tour Final ・July 13th (Sat) TOKYO DOME CITY HALL (Tokyo)
General ticket sale: June 15th (Sat) 10:00~ Contact: DISK GARAGE
[Takamine Nadeshiko “2nd Fan Meeting ~ Growth Presentation ~” *Live talk event ・August 7th (Wednesday) Toyosu PIT (Tokyo)
Takamine Nadeshiko Profile
[Image 3:×1380.jpg] Seven finalists of “JDOL AUDITION supported by TIF” and three former members of “Last Idol” whose activities ended on May 31, 2022 (Momoko Hashimoto, Momona Matsumoto, Himeri Momiyama), Formed in August 2022 by a total of 10 people. Creator unit HoneyWorks is in charge of sound production.
We aim to become a proud idol group that is admired by many people and cannot be obtained, like a high-rise flower, and that has the pure beauty and cuteness of Japanese women, like Yamato Nadeshiko. In November 2022, the official cover MV for HoneyWorks’ “Kawaite Gomen” was released on YouTube, and it has been viewed over 15 million times (*). He has also released many original songs, and the total number of views on TikTok has exceeded 150 million times (*). Selected as “Nikkei Entertainment!” “100 new leading actors in 2024”. Major debut on February 21, 2024 (Wednesday) from Victor Entertainment with “Living Beautifully/The World Where I Learned About Love”. Belongs to Twin Planet.
*As of May 2024
・Official homepage
・Official shop
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・Official YouTube ・Official TikTok ・Official Instagram ・Official Discord
・Victor Entertainment More details about this release: