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Home » Thinking about the future of the earth through short films on Environment Day Italy’s “Local Warming” wins the Minister of the Environment Award!

Thinking about the future of the earth through short films on Environment Day Italy’s “Local Warming” wins the Minister of the Environment Award!

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[Thinking about the future of the earth through short films on Environment Day] Italy’s “Local Warming” wins the Minister of the Environment Award!
A work that depicts climate change, which is not someone else’s problem, with humor. The work will be distributed online from June 1st (Saturday).
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (abbreviation: SSFF & ASIA) 2024, one of the largest international short film festivals in Asia and recognized by the Academy Awards in the United States, is an environmental award given to the work with the strongest message about environmental issues from among the selected works of all
competitions. The Minister’s Award will be announced today, June 5th (Wednesday), Environment Day.
The SSFF & ASIA 2024 Minister of the Environment Award went to “Local Warming” (director: Manuel Vitali), an Italian film that focuses on global warming and depicts people trying to survive the unbearable heat. Ta. This film will be distributed from June 1st (Saturday) at the film festival online venue.
SSFF & ASIA established the “Stop! Global Warming Section” at the film festival in 2008 in collaboration with the “Challenge 25 Campaign”, a national movement to prevent global warming. Since 2013, it has been reborn as the “Save the Earth!” section, and has introduced works related not only to global warming but also to the environment more broadly. Starting in 2020, we will be awarding various “Save the Earth!” awards with the aim of disseminating environmental issues and other global issues that are becoming more diverse.
Through this work, we hope to reconsider environmental issues and create ideas for the future.
We would be happy if you could introduce us and interview us. SSFF & ASIA 2024 Minister of the Environment Award Winner
[Image 1:×1080.jpg]
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] “LOCAL WARMING”
Director: Manuel Vitali/08:07/Italy/Comedy/2022
Residents of a nameless village turn to extreme solutions to survive the unbearable heat.
Everyday life changes at the whim of the sun, making it unrealistic and…deadly. Comment from the Minister of the Environment: I think this is a work that impressively depicts the problem of global warming through sharp black and white images and scat music. Roads too hot for people or dogs to walk barefoot, severe water shortages, burning earth, and people going into the sea. The climate crisis is powerfully expressed through fast-paced editing. This is a strong message that we must address now as an urgent global issue. The Ministry of the Environment believes that environmental issues are “concentric circles” that spread from a change in the consciousness of each individual, extending from local areas to the entire globe. I’m happy.
Reason for winning the award: This work was extremely cinematic, using only visuals and sound to express the heat of the ground, which is impossible to walk on barefoot. Also, because it is drawn with a comical touch, the message is not too pushy and is conveyed more strongly. It was a work in which the theme of the environment, such as water shortages and global warming, was more fully exposed than any other work, and the setting was simple and easy to understand, and the message was conveyed directly.
[Image 3:×709.jpg] “Local Warming” Director: Manuel Vitali
Manuel Vitali is an Italian film director.
After studying animation and storyboarding, he moved on to film. More than 20 books so far
He has written and directed short films, most of which are
international co-productions. He is currently working on his first feature film project.
[Award comment]
I would like to express my great gratitude to the film festival and the Ministry of the Environment for viewing this film and deciding on the award.
This is a great honor. Even though being able to go to Japan is such a wonderful thing, I still feel like I’m still dreaming about going there to receive an award. I would also like to express my gratitude to the distribution company, Son Of A Pitch.
I look forward to seeing you all at the film festival. The fact that environmental issues are taken seriously and that everyone really cares
I think that’s really wonderful. thank you!
[Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2024 Overview]
[Image 4:×720.png ]
■Film festival representative: Tetsuya Bessho
■Period: June 4th (Tuesday) Opening Ceremony June 17th (Monday) Award Ceremony The online venue is April 25 (Thursday) to June 30 (Sun)
■Screening venue: Omotesando Hills Space O, Euro Live, Akasaka Intercity Conference,
Scheduled at Futakotamagawa Rise Studio & Hall, Mikan Shimokita, online venue       *The holding period varies depending on each venue
●1 program ticket
-Advance sale- General: 1,500 yen Student / Senior (over 60 years old) / Disabled discount: 1,200 yen Under elementary school age: Free -On the day- General: 1,800 yen Student/senior (60 years or
older)/Disabled discount: 1,500 yen Under elementary school age: Free ⚫︎One day ticket
-Advance sale-General: 3,500 yen, student/senior (over 60 years old)/disabled discount: 2,800 yen/under elementary school age: free -On the day- General: 3,800 yen Students / Seniors (over 60 years old) / Disabled discount: 3,000 yen / Under elementary school students: Free
●Other Mikan Shimokita
-Advance sale – 1,000 yen – On the day – 1,200 yen
●Online venue
4/25 – 5/24 Japan 1000 yen Overseas 5 USD
6/1 -30 Japan 2,500 yen Overseas 15 USD
■General inquiries: 03-5474-8844
■Official website:
■Sponsor: Short Short Executive Committee / Short Short Asia Executive Committee More details about this release: