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Home » Three new functions added to the digital picking display! Improving work quality in the logistics industry

Three new functions added to the digital picking display! Improving work quality in the logistics industry

Three new functions added to the digital picking display! Improving work quality in the logistics industry

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Press release: June 5, 2024
Three new functions added to the digital picking display! Improving work quality in the logistics industry
*-Digital picking display Ioi System with the world’s top share- Introducing a highly functional and innovative wireless series including NFC communication and shock absorbing covers*
Aioi System Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director and President: Yoshino)
Yutaka) develops, manufactures, and sells logistics systems that support logistics and manufacturing DX. We have now added three new functions to the wireless series of digital picking displays, and will start selling the horizontal type NW2978N from late June 2024 and the vertical type NW2979N from late July.
NW2978N Horizontal wireless display
NW2979N Vertical wireless display
* ■What is a digital picking display? *
A digital picking display is a device used in the digital picking system, a work support system used for picking and sorting in distribution warehouses and factories. An indicator is installed on the storage shelf and a lamp is turned on to guide workers with light and sound. On-site demands for high-mix, low-volume production and short delivery times are increasing, and picking operations are becoming more complex, resulting in lower work efficiency and more human errors. Especially in these days when it is difficult to secure human resources, reducing the burden on workers and improving production efficiency are important issues.
Therefore, by using work instructions using a digital picking display, it is possible to simplify and standardize work compared to work using written instructions, and it is possible to suppress variations in work quality. Additionally, wireless displays do not require wiring and can be installed in flexible locations. It can be attached to a trolley or basket truck, or to the frontage of a picking cart or transfer robot, allowing installation to suit the site and
contributing to labor and manpower savings.

* ■Introducing new features *
1.Using NFC communication, you can configure the wireless display device with your smartphone, and you can obtain configuration information even in the event of device failure.
2. Comes with a shock-absorbing cover (standard equipment), making it safe against shocks such as drops.
3. Increased display resolution. Information such as text and two-dimensional codes can be displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.

* ■Characteristics of wireless display *
・Easy to install as there is no need to wire each device
・ Quantify picking and sorting work processes and promote DX – Free location possible, system construction possible without fixed equipment – Model equipped with 5 colored buttons, allowing up to 5 people to work at the same time
・High visibility with large buttons that are easy to press and quantity LED display
– Can be operated using packaged software
・Can be attached to Oricon, six-wheeled carts, basket cars, etc. using original metal fittings.
・ Can be installed in the frontage of a picking cart or transfer robot – Can be used in frozen environments (electronic paper cannot be rewritten) – Comes with a box full function that notifies the higher level that the box is full.

Horizontal container installation image
Image of vertical cage car installation

Ioi System supplies products that support logistics and manufacturing DX all over the world, and as a pioneer of digital picking systems, we boast the No. 1 track record of supplying and implementing systems to 73 countries around the world. The detailed information of the company is as follows.

* ■ About the Ioi System *
With the vision of “surprising the world with innovative ideas and designing the future”, AIOI System provides logistics,
We supply products that support manufacturing DX all over the world.

Company name: Aioi System Co., Ltd.
Address: 9th floor, Omori Bellport E Building, 6-22-7 Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yutaka Yoshino, Representative Director and President Business content: Consulting regarding logistics, manufacturing related systems and material handling equipment
Design, development, manufacturing, sales, and installation of logistics and manufacturing -related system equipment
Development and sales of packaged software and logistics management software     Maintenance of logistics and manufacturing related system equipment and software
Aioi System Co., Ltd. is a group company of TOPPAN Holdings Co., Ltd. *About details about this release*

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