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Home » Visitor satisfaction rate 98%! A new store has opened in Minami Aoyama for the first time in two years, a “showroom that doesn’t sell” where you can find something that really suits your body.

Visitor satisfaction rate 98%! A new store has opened in Minami Aoyama for the first time in two years, a “showroom that doesn’t sell” where you can find something that really suits your body.

Visitor satisfaction rate 98%! A new store has opened in Minami Aoyama for the first time in two years, a “showroom that doesn’t sell” where you can find something that really suits your body.
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Press release: June 5, 2024
Visitor satisfaction rate 98%! A new store has opened in Minami Aoyama for the first time in two years, a “showroom that doesn’t sell” where you can find something that really suits your body.
*We have started accepting advance reservations and media trial sessions for the full-scale opening in mid-June. *
Emur Experience Showroom Aoyama
Emur Co., Ltd. (Tachikawa City, Tokyo: Representative Director Takahashi), which operates an e-commerce business for bedroom interiors.
Koji) has pre-opened “Emur Experience Showroom Aoyama” from June 5, 2024.

This is an experience space for those who want to experience products such as mattresses, beds, high chairs, recliners, etc. before purchasing. By reservation, our professional staff will support you for a comfortable experience for up to one hour. We will utilize our experience at our Tachikawa showroom to suggest products that suit your body.
The origin is the highly popular “Tachikawa Experience Showroom”*. Three years after the concept, the second store in Aoyama has finally opened. *
Emur Experience Showroom Tachikawa
The Tachikawa showroom is very popular with a visitor satisfaction rate of 98.2% (as of May 31, 2024). We have many customers from far away in Tokyo and from outside the prefecture. We are our customer’s * In order to improve sleeping, sitting, and putting away*, we have proposed products that “really fit” each person’s body.
This time, in order to let more people know about the Emur brand, we will be introducing an e-commerce brand *
We have created a “showroom that does not sell”*.

There is also the story of the birth of a “showroom that doesn’t sell.” Please take a look.

* Why does the bedroom brand EMOOR open a “non-selling showroom” in Minami Aoyama? *
Read the story Experience showroom for media* Special advance reservations now open* A showroom where you can relax and experience
To celebrate the opening of Emur Experience Showroom Aoyama, we will be holding an advance trial session for media for a limited time from June 5th (Wednesday) to June 14th (Friday).
We have prepared. We also welcome inquiries from individuals such as influencers and Youtubers.

Advance reservations from the media can be made via the email below. Please feel free to contact us regarding your desired visit date and time. We are also accepting interviews after June 15th (Saturday). Please feel free to contact us.
*Emur Co., Ltd.*
Public relations person: Sawada
* “A showroom that doesn’t sell” to find “what really suits you” * Emur’s high chairs are visited by people from all over the country who want to try them out.
“We want you to use products that really suit you.” Based on this idea, we only accept reservations for one group per hour, and we do not make any sales pitches. Additionally, you will not be able to purchase or receive products locally. Without being aware of the purchase*
Focus on experiencing the tools that suit you*
I have a goal for you. You can think about it carefully at home and then purchase it online or over the phone. Of course, for those who wish to purchase immediately or those who are unsure about purchasing, we will be happy to show you the e-commerce site at our showroom. Sleep, sit, and put away at the Emur Aoyama showroom
Especially recommended for those who have the following concerns/desires: ■People who want to experience “sleeping and sitting” that suits their bodies ■I don’t know how to choose the mattress and pillow that suit me ■I want to change from a sofa to a chair that suits each family member. ■I want to choose a gift for my parents who spend a lot of time sitting down. ■I want to live comfortably and richly even in a small space ■There is a product that interests me a little.
■I want to experience the product and compare it before considering purchasing it.
In addition to this, we will respond to a variety of requests, such as concerns about creating a bedroom space or wanting to consult about how to lead a daily life.
Staff with specialized knowledge will support your experience Experience from our rich lineup
*Flow from reservation to experience*
List of steps from reservation to visit
Reservations from the general public can be made online or by phone. Please come dressed in comfortable clothes. After your visit, our professional staff will provide you with counseling and product experience. Professional staff *
No sales pitches*. We will help you verbalize your feelings about whether it is right or wrong.
*Reservations are required for the trial showroom. Please make a reservation at a time and date that is convenient for you. * Reservation reception hours / Weekdays: 12:00-19:00 Saturdays and Sundays: 11:00-18:00
Closed / Mondays and Tuesdays
Click here to make a reservation at Aoyama Showroom

Products you can experience at Emur Experience Showroom Aoyama 1. TATAMU-MAT (folding mattress) Photo product: [Emur Premium] Tri-folding mattress
2. Bed Photo product: Tatami bed for living room/stage type
3. TATSU-ISU (high seat chair) Photo product: [Minamo] Rotating high seat chair with safety stopper
4. Pillow/Hugging pillow/Foot pillow Photo product: [EMOOR STAR2] Superb pillow for falling asleep
At the Aoyama experience showroom, you can try out over 40 products at any time. In addition to photos, we have a large selection of products that you can try out.
*Photo product details* Product sales page (Emur official online shop) 1 [Emur Premium]
Tri-fold mattress 2 Tatami bed/stage type for living room 3 [Minamo]
Rotating high chair with safety stopper
The best sleeping pillow Access to Emur Experience Showroom Aoyama
Aoyama experience showroom
Emur Experience Showroom Aoyama
3-3-3 Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Riviera Minami Aoyama Building A Building 1st floor
* [Business hours] * Reservation required
Weekdays 12:00-20:00
Saturday and Sunday 11:00-18:00
Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays
Conveniently located, 5 minutes walk from Gaienmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and 10 minutes walk from Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line. There is also an indoor parking lot within the building (charges apply).
1. Please come to the Riviera Minami Aoyama Building, whose landmark is the plant wall.
2. Pass between the green wall and WORKING PARK EN’s pillar. 3. At the end of the road, turn left and proceed.
4. Proceed forward and the Emur Aoyama experience showroom will be on your right.
Click here to make a reservation About Emur
“Sleep, sit, put away” is Emur
EMOOR has been developing products and services with the theme of bedrooms and sleep and operating an e-commerce site since 2006, based on the vision of “energizing people around the world with sleep.” In the era of 100-year lifespans, being healthy can be said to be the center of life. In the future, the bedroom will become the starting point and center of life as a place to foster physical and mental health. EMOOR offers “department store quality products” at affordable prices through basic research based on sleep science and ergonomics, the ability to develop over 2,000 products at any given time, and specialization in e-commerce sales. We offer it at


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