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MITSUKIN SHOJI Co., Ltd. Cordless hair brush iron is now available from A.brillante, a cordless mini hair iron!

-New product- Cordless hair brush iron is now available from A.brillante, a cordless mini hair iron!

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Press release: June 5, 2024
-New product- Cordless hair brush iron is now available from A.brillante, a cordless mini hair iron!
*A.Brillante’s “Cordless Hair Brush” that allows even beginners to easily achieve straight hair.
Iron” is now on sale! In addition, we are offering special prices during Rakuten Super SALE! Until 1:59 on Tuesday, June 11th. * MTK is an online store operated by Sankin Shoji Co., Ltd. (Head office: Oita City, Oita Prefecture, President: Shinichi Tanaka), which plans and sells household goods, outdoor goods, and car goods. SHOP
Rakuten Market Store” is a cordless hair iron from A.brillante, which sells cordless mini hair irons that can be easily straightened just by combing it with a brush.
Newly released hairbrush iron.
2-way design with 3-level temperature adjustment and can be used for straightening or curling.
Great prices and 10x points for a limited time only during the Rakuten Super SALE period!

Easy straightening just by combing with a brush

A.brillante, which sells cordless mini hair irons, has released a new, easy-to-use brush-type cordless iron. By simply combing your hair as if you were brushing it, anyone can easily style their hair straight in a short time.
Cordless, so you can use it anytime
▲Lightweight and compact, so you can easily put it in your bag It’s a cordless type that can be used for about 70 to 100 minutes on a single charge, so you can easily carry it and use it anytime, anywhere.
It can be used quickly when you want to use it in various situations such as when going out, school, office, travel destination, outdoor activities, etc.
Safe design that prevents heat-generating parts from coming into contact with the skin

This design is great for those who don’t like plate irons, beginners, and those who are worried about common forehead burns. Also, unlike plates, it doesn’t make your hair look too straight, and it reduces damage to your hair.
Individual pin heating brush allows each hair to be smoothly straightened. ▲Before
Unlike the plates of regular hair irons, each brush pin generates heat, so you can style efficiently◎
Anyone can easily achieve straight hair by just combing it in the same way as normal brushing.
3-stage temperature adjustment & ready to use in about 80 seconds! ▲Display allows you to see the set temperature and battery level at a glance ▲It takes about 80 seconds to reach 160℃!
* -3-level temperature adjustment-*
Temperature can be selected from -160℃/180℃/200℃- according to hair type and styling◎

* -Minimum approximately 80 seconds-*
The fastest temperature rises to 160℃ in about 80 seconds!
You can use it whenever you want, so you can quickly style it on busy mornings, during breaks at work, on business trips, or while traveling.
You can enjoy various styling♪
▲Easy styling for both outward and inward wrapping!
You can also do the popular Korean style hair yourself♪
I was able to style it so much just with our hair brush iron! – Highly praised by hairdressers – Anyone can easily increase root volume♪ 1. Scoop up your hair from the roots and apply a little pressure to the iron. 2. While rotating your wrist, slowly move the iron toward the ends of your hair.
3. Repeat the same action 2 to 3 times while checking the finished product. ▲It was actually used by a hairdresser!
* -Cosmetologist’s comment-*
Regular curling irons tend to create creases after curling, resulting in unnatural waves.
With this hair brush iron, you can easily create crease-free, natural waves without going to the hair salon. Honestly, I was surprised at how good it is despite its compact size lol
A.brillante -Allegro Brillante-
▲A.brillante logo included
So that you feel gorgeous.
May your heart shine with joy.
We want it to become a one-of-a-kind item that colors your lively daily life. With this in mind, we develop and sell products.
A.brillante series/On sale at special price for a limited time! “Rakuten Super SALE” is being held until 1:59 on Tuesday, June 11th! ! Offered at a special price during the Rakuten Super SALE with a chance of up to 46x points.
Plus, * 10x points from 6/4 (Tue) 20:00 to 6/5 (Wed) 23:59! *

Straighten your hair simply by combing it.
-Cordless hairbrush iron-
●Single item sales
Normal: 4,480 yen → Limited time: 3,580 yen
●Set sale (heat-resistant pouch S size)
Normal: 5,480 yen → Limited time: 4,480 yen
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Easy to straighten anytime, anywhere.
-Cordless mini hair iron-
●Single item sales
Normal: 3,480 yen → Limited time: 2,970 yen
●Set sale (heat-resistant pouch S size)
Normal: 4,480 yen → Limited time: 3,980 yen
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It can be stored while still hot!
-Hair iron heat resistant pouch-
●S size
Normal: 1,580 yen → Limited time: 1,380 yen
●L size
Normal: 1,780 yen → Limited time: 1,480 yen
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For removing air bubbles from resin!
Get a silicone mold as a gift now!
-Emboss heater-
Normal: 3,980 yen → Limited time: 1,870 yen
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●Company overview
Year of establishment: April 2011
Representative name: Shinichi Tanaka
Head office location: 3-1-35 Hakutacho, Oita City, Oita Prefecture
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