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Shingen Co., Ltd. The heart of the Japanese! Over 70% of people eat pickles at least once a week! Ranking of favorite pickled vegetables revealed

[Shingen Co., Ltd.] The heart of the Japanese! Over 70% of people eat pickles at least once a week! Ranking of favorite pickled vegetables revealed

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Press release: June 5, 2024
Japanese heart! Over 70% of people eat pickles at least once a week! Ranking of favorite pickled vegetables revealed
SHUFUFU, an information media for housewives operated by Shingen Co., Ltd., conducted a survey regarding pickles. We will publish the results.
Survey overview
Survey method: Internet survey
Research institution: In-house research
Number of people surveyed: 200 men and women
Target audience: People who have eaten pickles within the past year Survey gender: 72 men, 128 women
Survey age group: 19 people in their 20s, 73 people in their 30s, 64 people in their 40s, 44 people in their 50s and above
Survey period: May 2024
Research report:
*When quoting the results of this survey, please use the “SHUFUFU” URL (
How often do you eat pickles?
How often do you eat pickles? In response to this question, the most common answer was “2 to 3 times a week (34%)”.
This was followed by “once a week (15%)” and “almost every day (12%).” More than 70% of people seem to eat pickles at least once a week.
How to eat pickles? (Multiple answers)
Regarding how to eat pickles, the first choice was “Purchase store-bought pickles (83%),” and the second place was “Make pickles at home with store-bought pickle mix.” (22%). Some people make their own pickles, but many people seem to buy and eat pickles from stores. What is your favorite pickled vegetable?
When asked about their favorite pickled vegetables, the first place was “cucumbers” (38.5%), and the second place was “daikon radish” (21.5%). My impression is that typical pickled vegetables are at the top of the list. Both vegetables are refreshing and delicious. Why do you like the vegetables you selected above and what are the delicious ways to pickle them?
1st place: Cucumber
I like light pickles and soy sauce pickles (woman in her 30s)

This is because the green smell and crunchy taste of cucumbers is refreshing. (Male in his 40s)

It’s fresh, crunchy, and goes well with rice. (Male in his 30s)

Simply salted! It’s delicious if you pickle cucumbers from your home field with grilled salt. (Female in her 40s)

It’s really delicious when eaten with Ochazuke, so I eat it often (Male in his 20s)

* Lightly pickled and salted pickles seem to be popular. It has a nice crunchy texture with lots of water. *

2nd place: Radish
Both the leaves and roots are delicious and easy to pickle. Because it is delicious even if it has a little spiciness. (Female in her 30s)

I recently purchased Bettara pickled radish for the first time and am hooked. I feel like it has less salt than commercially available pickles. If you cut it into thick pieces, it becomes a tasty appetizer that doesn’t look like a pickle, and you want to eat it to your heart’s content without the salt and feel less guilty. (Female from 50s)

I love yuzu daikon pickles because the crunchy daikon pickles and the refreshing flavor of yuzu go well with rice and alcohol. (Female in her 30s)

I like the texture of pickled radish and the saltiness that goes well with rice (man in his 40s)

The lightly pickled daikon radish is refreshing and has just the right amount of salt. (Female in her 30s)

* There are various repertoires such as pickled pickles, pickled pickles, and yuzu daikon pickles. Perhaps the saltiness and spiciness of the radish go well together. *

3rd place: Chinese cabbage
I like the feeling of volume, so I often eat kimchi. (Male in his 30s)

You can enjoy it with rice either with kimchi or pickled in salt. (Male from 50s)

I like pickled Chinese cabbage with yuzu flavor because it goes well with rice and as a snack with sake. (Male in his 30s)

I like Chinese cabbage pickled with just salt and kelp (man in his 50s)

Chinese cabbage has a sweet taste and is very delicious, so I often buy pickled vegetables. (Female in her 40s)

*Many responses were from men. Kimchi is popular, but a simple pickled dish is also good. *

4th place: Eggplant
I think pickled eggplant is the most delicious. (50s~Male)

My favorite is lightly pickled eggplant. I don’t like anything with too strong a flavor. (Female from 50s)

Shibazuke. It has a nice squeaky feel. (Female in her 40s)

* Various ways of pickling were mentioned, such as pickled in rice bran, lightly pickled, and shibazuke. The refreshing flavor seems to be popular. *

5th place: Takana
I like it because it’s spicy and goes well with rice or fried rice. (Female in her 30s)

I like pickled mustard greens and chili peppers, and they are perfect for rice balls, tonkotsu ramen, fried rice, and more! (Female in her 30s)

It has a strong taste and texture, and can be used in a variety of ways, such as making fried rice or pasta. (Female in her 40s)

6th place: Turnip
It’s so delicious that you can eat as much as you want if you cut it thinly and pickle it.(Female in her 40s)

Add sweet vinegar. Daikon radish is also good, but I like the texture that can only be found with turnips. (50s~Male)

I like turnips best when they are pickled in sweet vinegar. I like that pleasant sourness (man in his 50s)

7th place: Nozawana
I like the texture and taste of Nozawana pickles. (Female in her 40s)

I don’t know if there are different ways to pickle Nozawana, but I like the ones that are normally sold at supermarkets. (I often buy it at Seijo Ishii.) (Male in his 40s)

I like avocado pickled in rice bran (50s ~ female)

Red ginger has many uses as it goes well with cooking. (Takana is also hard to throw away) (Female in her 50s)

cabbage. I like the fact that the more you chew, the sweeter it becomes. Pickled vegetables are the most delicious. (Female in her 40s)

Summary of survey results
After conducting a questionnaire survey on “pickles” among 200 men and women, Regarding the frequency of eating pickles, the most common answer was “2 to 3 times a week.” It seems that many people habitually eat pickles.
Regarding how to eat pickles, “purchasing store-bought pickles” was number one. Supermarkets sell a variety of pickles, so purchasing them is the easiest and best option.
Cucumber was the most popular pickled vegetable. It seems to be popular for its crunchy and fresh texture.
What kind of pickles do you like?
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