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Metagri Institute accelerates agricultural innovation with token economy

Metagri Institute accelerates agricultural innovation with token economy
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Press release: June 5, 2024
Metagri Institute accelerates agricultural innovation with token economy *Niigata’s “Minna no Hatake Set” and Kumamoto’s “Horemaru Tomato” are now available, connecting producers and consumers through the token economy*
Starting this summer, the agricultural web3 community “Metagri Research Institute” (operated by Nojojin Co., Ltd., head office: Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, CEO Yuichiro Kai) will launch “Everyone’s Field Set” by Kotaro Farm in Niigata Prefecture and Kou Kajiwara in Kumamoto Prefecture. We are adding “Horemaru Tomato” produced by Gei to our new lineup. We will promote the construction of a new economic zone where producers and consumers are directly connected. *
Expanded summer lineup
Metagri Research Institute promotes digital transformation (DX) in the agricultural field and aims to realize a new economic zone that directly connects producers and consumers by building a token economy using web3 related technology. Social token “MetagriLabo” issued by the institute
Token (MLTT)” will be distributed according to your contribution to community activities, and the collected tokens can be exchanged for NFTs. Furthermore, we are creating a system where NFTs can be exchanged for actual agricultural products and services.
Introducing the new lineup
This summer, Metagri Institute will expand its lineup of new agricultural products.
These products will be provided through an innovative economic model through a token economy.

[*Everyone’s field set*]
Everyone’s field set
Kotaro Farm’s “Everyone’s Field Set” is a set of seasonal vegetables and coffee. Packed with the delicious and enjoyable blessings of Satoyama, grown in the land of Yasuzuka, Niigata Prefecture. This set, made with the spirit of “mixed agriculture”, has 40
Delivered by MLTT.
[*Yukimuro aged coffee*]
Yukimuro aged coffee
Coffee beans roasted and stored in a snow room are an ethical product that brings out a rich flavor and reduces environmental impact. “Yukimuro aged coffee” that takes advantage of the power of nature, 20 Enjoy with MLTT.

* [Cherry tomato “Horemaru” 2kg] *
See you
The cherry tomato “Horemaru” produced by Koei Kajiwara is the successor to “Frutica,” which he cultivated until last year. It has an exquisite balance of sweetness and sourness, and is characterized by a rich flavor with a lot of pulp. Although it is not suitable for market distribution due to its thin skin, you can enjoy its wonderful taste.
We will deliver our special “Horemaru” for 50 MLTT.
*Producer profile*
Kotaro Farm
*Kotaro Farm*
Our main product is Joetsu Maru Pencil Eggplant in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture. By managing the soil using methods close to nature and minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, we provide vegetables that are kind to both the environment and the body. We continue to spread the word about the deliciousness, fun, and comfort found in Satoyama, from farming in our hometown of Yasuzuka, through a variety of methods, which we call “miscellaneous
[Niigata direct delivery plan]:

Kogei Kajiwara
*Kogei Kajiwara*
Founded in 1807, the company has continued to move forward over the past 200 years, overcoming numerous challenges. “We don’t just grow vegetables, we want to solve problems for our customers and make them feel happy.”
With this in mind, we are working to realize new possibilities for direct connections between customers and farmers.
[Official website]:
About token economy
Metagri Laboratory issues the social token “MetagriLabo Thanks Token (abbreviation: MLTT)”.
These social tokens are issued on the Polygon network in response to contributions to community activities and can be exchanged for NFTs of special agricultural products and services within the Metagri Institute.
At Metagri Research Institute, with the support of Studymeter Co., Ltd., which has a track record of developing applications using blockchain technology, we are designing and developing a system that allows only community members to operate the system.
– When you mention a specific member in Metagri Institute
(Discord), a social token will be issued to the target person. – Exchange collected social tokens for NFTs
– Exchange NFTs for real goods and services
Token distribution situation
In the future, Metagri Research Institute will further develop this system and promote the use of web3 and generative AI related technologies in the agricultural field. This initiative will help promote innovation in the agricultural industry.
* Agricultural web3 community “Metagri Institute” *
Metagri Institute
Metagri Institute is a community working to realize sustainable agriculture with the keyword “agriculture x web3″. Activities started in March 2022, and as of June 2024, more than 900 people are participating. The name “Laboratory” signifies that we value the attitude of tackling new social experiments without fear of failure.

Apples, strawberries, melons, grapes, mangoes, tomatoes, coffee… We aim to realize sustainable agriculture by applying blockchain technology to all agricultural products. Specifically, we are planning the following initiatives:
– Building a token economy “FarmFi” model by issuing unique tokens – Planning and management of events limited to membership card NFT holders – Demonstration experiments that combine agriculture with new technologies such as web3 and generative AI technology
– Regional revitalization x web3 support package construction and introduction support
Through these efforts, Metagri Institute aims to realize sustainable agriculture and establish a new agricultural model “FarmFi concept” that utilizes web3 and generative AI technology.
FarmFi concept
If you are interested in initiatives that combine agriculture with web3 and generative AI technology, please join the community. Metagri Institute
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Trade name: Nojojin Co., Ltd.
Services provided (partial): Agricultural marketing support, agriculture x blockchain planning and development, metaverse consulting, book publishing
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