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Home » Fadds Co., Ltd. New opening 9th store opens in Osaka! Izakaya “Shinjidai” with a long line of people “Shinjidai Osaka Dotonbori Ebisubashi branch” opens on Wednesday, June 12, 2024!

Fadds Co., Ltd. New opening 9th store opens in Osaka! Izakaya “Shinjidai” with a long line of people “Shinjidai Osaka Dotonbori Ebisubashi branch” opens on Wednesday, June 12, 2024!

FADZ Co., Ltd.
[New opening] 9th store opening in Osaka! Izakaya “Shinjidai” with a long line of people “Shinjidai Osaka Dotonbori Ebisubashi branch” opens on Wednesday, June 12, 2024!
[Even better deals from June 12th (Wednesday) to June 15th (Saturday)! ] Just follow the new era founder’s Instagram and we will hold a great sale on all drinks for 94 yen per drink, no matter when or how many drinks you have!
FAD’S Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director: Naofumi Sano), which operates 200 stores nationwide including the flagship brand “Shingei”, will open “Shingei Dotonbori Ebisubashi Store” on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. We will open. We aim to open 1,000 stores nationwide with the goal of providing authentic ingredients at low prices and deliciously. Please support President Naofumi Sano, who is striving to stop food price increases, by following him on Instagram!
“Shinjidai” is the birthplace of fried skin skewers, and its specialty is “Denkushi,” which has sold over 200 million skewers.
[Image 1:×1280.jpg] “New Era Morioka Ekimae Store” opening commemorative campaign is being held!
[Image 2:×1280.jpg] From June 12th (Wednesday) to June 15th (Saturday), all drinks are only 94 yen per drink, no matter how many you drink! To commemorate the opening of “New Era Dotonbori Ebisubashi Store”, we will be holding a campaign for all drinks for 94 yen (excluding tax). The only condition for participation is to follow founder Naofumi Sano on Instagram. Please come by all means.
※Please check this out for details.
[Currently accepting advance reservations]
◆Store Overview Store Name: “New Age Dotonbori Ebisubashi Store” Address: 1st floor, Hishitomi Building, 7-6 Soemon-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0084
TEL: 06-6755-8483
Business hours: 16:00-24:00
Closed: None
Opening date: Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Store page:
[Image 3:×1263.jpg] Three characteristics of the “new era”
1) “Denkushi” is a famous product with cumulative sales exceeding 200 million units and an order rate of 500%.
“Denkushi” is the dish that almost every person who visits “Shingei” orders. Denkushi is a fried chicken skin skewer that costs 50 yen each. Once you try it, you’ll be addicted to it. It’s a famous product in both name and reality, and you can’t help but want to eat more than one.On average, each person orders more than 5 bottles. ■There are three secrets to the deliciousness of Denkushi: 1. [Chicken skin] Remove excess fat and leave only collagen to create a delicious crispy texture. 2. [Sauce] A generous amount of Korean ginseng, which is said to be effective against all kinds of illnesses, is added to create a delicious sweet and spicy sauce that eliminates the unique smell of Korean ginseng. 3. [Spice] The main ingredient is soybeans, and the spice has zero salt, making it more addictive.
Furthermore, the “Denkushi Pyramid” is also very popular, as it is fun to look at and delicious to eat. When you order 10 skewers (4 tiers), 21 skewers (6 tiers), or 36 skewers (8 tiers), they will be served in a beautiful pyramid shape, and the “Denkushi Pyramid” has become a feature of the new era. I did. This product is so popular that people post about it every day on social media.
“Denkushi” is a registered trademark of the Japan Patent Office and is owned by FAD’S Co., Ltd.
[Image 4:×860.jpg] 2) “Shinjidai”, an izakaya with long lines
“Denkushi”, a specialty of the new era, is a one-of-a-kind blockbuster product that has been recognized by the Japan Patent Office. Therefore, there are many customers who want to experience it even if they line up, and it is a popular izakaya where there is a line every day.
[Image 5:×1600.jpg] 3) The unique story behind the founding of the company by a former Brazilian professional soccer player during his second career The founder of the new era has a unique background as a former professional soccer player in Brazil. About 30 years ago, right after graduating from high school, I went to Brazil to study alone to become a professional soccer player. At that time, Japan was the world’s second-largest economic power and was at its peak, with talk of starting the J.League. The hospitality he received from his teammate’s family awakened his spirit and led him to win a professional contract. After a brilliant career as a professional soccer player, he retired at the young age of 25 due to injury. I chose the restaurant industry as my second career out of gratitude for the hospitality I received from my teammates’ families in Brazil.
*Please watch this video for detailed birth secrets.
[Video 3:] [Delicious food comes from real ingredients! ] Introducing popular menus!
[Image 6:×1600.jpg] You can enjoy a wide variety of menus and authentic ingredients at everyday prices.・Charcoal-grilled domestic chicken “Doruyaki” 480 yen
[Image 7:×720.jpg] ・“Princess Yaki”, made with luxurious white skirt steak from 8 chickens, 580 yen
[Image 8:×2475.png ]
・New Era is the birthplace of make-your-own potato salad. “Troublesome Potato Salad”
[Image 9:×720.jpg] ・“White liver sashimi” just like foie gras
[Image 10:×1600.jpg] →The new-age menu will be offered at living prices, mainly in the 200 to 300 yen range.
*The secret behind the development of Denkushi
[Video 4:] Introducing the founders of the new era
“Naoshi Sano”
Born in Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture in 1975. He started playing soccer in elementary school and was active as a captain and
prefectural selection player in each age group. During high school, he participated in the Inter-High School and National High School Soccer Championships, and after graduating, he moved to Brazil, the world’s number one soccer powerhouse. He played as a professional soccer player in Brazil for five years and retired due to injury at the age of 25.
After returning to Japan in 2006, he established FAD’S Co., Ltd. as a second career, and in 2010 he founded the main brand izakaya “Shingei” and quickly opened 100 stores. Even now that we have 100 stores, we have continued to increase sales and profits since our founding by being familiar with PL and developing management strategies, such as checking the performance of all stores every morning. We also have excellent business format development capabilities, and handle everything from concept design, location selection, property acquisition, store design, product development, recipe management, menu creation, and training programs. To date, not a single store has closed due to poor business performance. Since September 4th is also his birthday, he has designated September 4th as Kushi Day, and has held a campaign every year since its founding in 2006. During the coronavirus pandemic, the company’s president continued normal business operations without even once reducing hours or taking a leave, and despite being ordered to shorten business hours for the first time in Japan, he continued to operate and paid Japan’s first corona penalty. He is a manager who follows his own path. Phads representative introduction
[Image 11:×1191.jpg] About FADZ Co., Ltd.
Established in 2006, our corporate culture is “People gather in fun places.” A total of 6 brands: “Shinjidai”, “Shinjidai 44”, “Duck and Pork Tonperaya”, “Raw Skewered Salt Yakitori Sakaba Brazil”, “Thailand Government Certified Restaurant Scontar”, and “Korean Restaurant Nestal” We operate 150 restaurants nationwide, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
The company name PHAD’S is derived from the five initials of Partner, Heart, Agora (now [Portuguese]), Dream, and Sanoism (professionalism).
[Image 12:×720.jpg ]
[Image 13:×1280.jpg] ■Company Profile Company Name: FADZ Co., Ltd. Date of establishment: May 2, 2006 Capital: 84,930,000 yen Shareholder composition: Naofumi Sano 100% Sales target for the year ending July 2024: 20 billion yen *Number of employees as of July end of fiscal year: 4,000 Person (including PA) Office location: – Tokyo Office – 521 New Shinbashi Building, 2-16-1 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004 – Nagoya Head Office – 3-27-18 Tsutsui, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, 461-0003 – Name Station Office – 4-3-14 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-0002 2FU R L:
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