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Webinar held on the theme of “Challenges in introducing automatic conveyance systems”

Majicemi Co., Ltd.
Webinar held on the theme of “Challenges in introducing automatic conveyance systems”
Magisemi Co., Ltd. will be holding a webinar on the theme of “Challenges in introducing automatic conveyance systems.”
[Image:×720.jpg] (For details and to apply for participation, click here) ■As the manufacturing industry continues to change, automatic conveyance systems are in demand in recent years. The company is affected by a variety of changes, including a decline in the working population due to the declining birthrate and aging population, progress in globalization, diversification of consumer needs, and optimization of supply chains. Against this background, companies are required to respond to increasing product variations and shortening product life cycles. For this reason, the need for automated factory transport systems that utilize robotics technology is rapidly increasing in order to flexibly respond to fluctuations in production volume and maximize the efficiency of equipment and workers. ■Challenges in introducing automatic conveyance systemsHowever, there are various challenges in introducing automatic conveyance systems on-site. First, there are cases where it is difficult to simply calculate or assess
cost-effectiveness. In addition, a high level of specialized knowledge is required to install and operate the system. Additionally, automated transport systems must be adapted to the site layout and production process. Careful planning and coordination is required before implementation, as the frequency of layout changes, aisle space, and steps must also be considered. In addition, ensuring system
reliability and maintenance is also an important issue. To meet these challenges, you need to carefully consider the appropriate system that takes into account your company’s current situation and future plans. ■Achieving an automatic transport system that does not fail by understanding the current situation and identifying issues through on-site diagnosis In this seminar, we will introduce automatic transport systems that utilize automatic transport robots such as AMR and AGV, based on our company’s case studies and implementation steps. I will do it. At T-Net Japan, we utilize our own IT and production technologies to provide a wide variety of DX solutions for
manufacturers with the theme of “eliminating” on-site problems. When it comes to automated conveyance systems, we do not rely on specific equipment or manufacturers; instead, we visit our customers’ sites to understand their current operations and identify issues, and provide total support from conceptual design, basic design, production, and maintenance. We help you automate your factory and transition to a smart factory. For those who want to consider an automatic conveyance system at the site but do not know where to start, those who have worked on automatic conveyance system projects in the past but were not successful, and those who have problems with labor saving and automation. Especially recommended. (Click here for details and to apply) ■Sponsored by T-Net Japan Co., Ltd. Majisemi will continue to hold webinars that will be useful to participants. To go. ★For other webinar
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