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Forth Valley Concierge Announcement of business alliance with Ota Publications Co., Ltd.

[Forth Valley Concierge] Announcement of business alliance with Ota Publications Co., Ltd.

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Press release: June 5, 2024
Announcement of business alliance with Ota Publications Co., Ltd. *Contributing to solving the shortage of human resources in the lodging industry by providing Japanese language training to foreign personnel with expertise in cooking and hospitality*
Fourth Valley Concierge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Shibasaki
Yohei (hereinafter referred to as Force Valley) is Ota Publications Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Ota
We have formed a business alliance with Susumu (hereinafter referred to as Ota Publications). Through this business partnership, we will provide Japanese language training to foreign personnel with specialized knowledge in cooking and hospitality, with the aim of contributing to resolving the shortage of human resources in the lodging industry.
Purpose of partnership
1. Eliminate the shortage of human resources in the Japanese lodging industry by accepting young, highly skilled culinary and hospitality personnel from South Asia
2.1. Through this, we will contribute to the revitalization of Japan’s accommodation industry.
3. Contribute to promoting global responsiveness in the
accommodation industry
For more than 10 years, Force Valley has been introducing high-skilled personnel from overseas and providing employment support in fields where there is a particularly serious labor shortage in Japan. Furthermore, last year, we collaborated with local governments and universities in countries such as India and Nepal to develop ready-to-work Japanese language personnel with specialized knowledge and experience for the lodging, restaurant, and nursing care industries.
Fourth Valley Academy
*We have been working to resolve the shortage of human resources. In the future, we will add guest room cleaning, automobile
transportation, and construction management to our target industries, and will focus on resolving human resource shortages in a wider range of industries.

Ota Publications, with which we have entered into a business alliance, operates industry-specific recruitment media (HOTERES job information and HOTERES new graduate information) and provides paid employment placement services (mainly targeting Japanese job seekers) as a recruitment support business for the lodging industry. ), is a company that contributes to the development of the industry by producing and publishing books for new graduates and hosting events. In
collaboration with Fourth Valley, we aim to create promising human resources who want to work at accommodation facilities in Japan, eliminate the chronic shortage of human resources in the industry, and strengthen organizational strength through human resource
introductions. We will further contribute to the development of the industry by assisting in global response with an eye on the future.

*About Fourth Valley Academy

Ota Publications Co., Ltd. Overview
Head office: 5th floor, Ginichi Park Building, 1-24-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Established: February 11, 1954
Representative: Susumu Ota, Representative Director and President Capital: 18 million yen
Business content: Publication and sales of books and magazines, advertising agency, travel guide business, consulting services related to corporate management, human resources introduction business, worker dispatch business, publication of “Monthly Hoteless”, etc.

Fourth Valley Concierge Co., Ltd.
“Connect” is a cross-border global recruitment support business that connects human resources and companies around the world.
Developed under the brand name “Job”. A total of approximately 460,000 people from 186 countries and regions are registered in our in-house developed database, and approximately 400 people, including major Japanese global companies and IT companies, as well as regional and small and medium-sized enterprises, are registered.
We have a track record of dealing with companies. In addition, “Fourth Valley We are expanding our human resources support services in a wide range of areas, such as by expanding our Academy. We also receive business contracts from ministries and local governments, including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Okinawa Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, and Nagano Prefecture. We welcome talented people from countries with employment shortages to Japan, where there is a serious shortage of human resources, and use the power of business to contribute to solving social problems around the world.
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