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Kyoto City “Gion Festival Yamahoko Junko” paid viewing ticket sales

Kyoto City
“Gion Festival Yamahoko Junko” paid seating ticket sales
The Gion Festival is one of Japan’s three major festivals, where various events are held over a month from July 1st. Yamahoko parades are held on the pre-festival, July 17th (Wednesday), and the post-festival, July 24th (Wednesday). I will. The Kyoto City Tourism Association (DMO KYOTO) would like to inform you that we will be selling seats for spectators so that they can enjoy the Yamaboko parade comfortably and safely.
This year, we will provide a high-value-added experience by setting up the “Gion Festival Premium Viewing Seats,” which we also held last year. In addition, for general seats, we have a seat type that allows you to reserve a seat in the front row where you can watch the procession up close.
A portion of the sales will be used to preserve and pass on the festival.
[Image 1:×2261.jpg] 1 Sales start date and time
Tuesday, June 11, 2020 10:00 a.m.
2 Number of seats and location (Oike Street)
⑴ Pre-festival: Approximately 10,000 seats (Kawaramachi-dori to Shinmachi-dori) ⑵ After-festival: Approximately 3,600 seats
Approximately 1,600 seats in the City Hall area (Kawaramachi-dori to Teramachi-dori)
    Karasuma Oike Area (Karasuma Dori – Takakura Dori) Approximately 2,000 seats      *The number of installed seats may increase or decrease depending on the sales situation.
3 Sales details
⑴ Seat types/prices (all seats include pamphlets and commemorative tickets, all seats are reserved, tax included)
[Image 2:×259.png ]
  *Only held during the pre-festival (7/17)
⑵Gion Festival Premium Viewing Seats
For the pre-festival (July 17th), we will be setting up high value-added viewing seats where you can leisurely watch the Yamahoko parade, just as we did last year.
[Place] Kawaramachi Oike intersection (southwest)
[Points]・60 Japanese-style special seats equipped with chairs and cushions.     ・1st row is free space
     ・The height of the 2nd and 3rd rows has been raised so that even people in the back row can enjoy the show.
     ・A sunshade parasol has been installed so that you can enjoy the view without worrying about the heat.
・Providing cold drinks, etc.
・Cruise commentary with earphone guide (Japanese and English) ・ “With a special tour of Yoyama Hakoyama” is a special for this plan on the afternoon of Yoyama 7/16 (Tue).
The venue will be reserved for private use, with a tour of the hoko, an explanation, and an ohayashi performance.
Participants also have souvenirs such as hitsaki.
[Image 3:×1875.jpg] Reiwa 6th Gion Festival premium seating (image)
[Image 4:×2925.jpg] Last year (Reiwa 5) Gion Festival premium seating

4 Sales method
⑴ Internet
・Ticket Pia (
・L-tike (
・Eplus (
⑵ Convenience store front
●P code: 653-530 (pre-festival) / 653-531 (post-festival)
・Lawson (excluding Lawson Store 100)
●L code: 58359 (pre-festival) / 58360 (post-festival)
・Family Mart
*Various fees will be charged depending on the payment method (according to each play guide’s regulations).
*“Gion Festival Premium Viewing Seats” can only be paid by credit card at “Ticket Pia”.
*”Manabi Seats” are available only at “Ticket Pia”.
5 Precautions
・As extreme heat is expected, please take measures against the heat by yourself, such as drinking water and bringing a hat.
・The use of parasols, rain umbrellas, and tripods is prohibited as they will obstruct visibility.
*Depending on the weather on the day, we recommend bringing a raincoat. ・Please note that the toilet facilities are not sufficient.
・Please take your trash home with you.
6 Points to note
 Project content etc. may be changed or canceled due to natural disasters, etc. 7 List of supporting companies (in no particular order) *As of June 5, 2020 (17 companies in total)
The Reiwa 6th “Gion Festival Yamahoko Parade” grandstand project is sponsored by the following companies.
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., American Express International Incorporated, Japan Food Entertainment Co., Ltd., Kao Corporation, Club Tourism Co., Ltd., JR Tokai Tours Co., Ltd., JTB Agreement Ryokan Hotel Federation, Darwa Yuraku Kyoto, Gallia Nijo Castle Kyoto, Hankyu Travel Co., Ltd., Wings Maruko Co., Ltd., Onui, Value Management Co., Ltd., Nihon Travel Co., Ltd., Baikal Co., Ltd., Pia Co., Ltd., TOTO Co., Ltd.
-Reference 1-What is the Gion Festival?
The Gion Festival has a history of more than a thousand years, and is a festival at Yasaka Shrine where a variety of festivals are held over a month-long period from July 1st (Kichifuiri) to July 31st
(Natsukoshi Festival). Particularly during the yamahoko parade held on the 17th (pre-festival) and 24th (post-festival), the yamahoko floats are decorated with gorgeous decorations such as beautiful embroidery and imported textiles, making the festival known as a “moving museum.”
*Click here for details (Kyoto Tourism Official Site)
[Image 5:×302.jpg] Torihoko/Tsukihoko/Pre-festival
[Image 6:×302.png ]
Ofunahoko/after festival

-Reference 2-What is Manabi Seat?
Instructors from Rakutabi Co., Ltd., a member of the Kyoto City Tourism Association, will guide you through earphones so that you can learn more about the Gion Festival Yamahoko Junko.
“Rakutabi Co., Ltd.” was established in April 2006 and conducts business management specializing in Kyoto, planning, editing, and writing Kyoto-related books such as “Rakutabi Bunko”, producing travel plans, and conducting various cultural courses. We communicate the various charms of Kyoto by teaching Kyoto studies, disseminating the charms of Kyoto-machiya houses, utilizing and preserving them, and appearing regularly on radio programs.
*Click here for details (Rakutabi Co., Ltd. HP) -Reference 3-Distribution material (image)
A pamphlet (A5 size) with an easy-to-understand explanation of the “Gion Festival Yamahoko Junko” will be distributed to all seats in the audience.
◆“Gion Festival Yamahoko Parade (Pre-festival/Post-festival)” viewing commemorative mark
Commemorative markers created with original designs will be
distributed to all seats, and will also be sold in the following manner.
*At the pre-festival, commemorative tickets for the previous festival will be distributed, and at the post-festival, commemorative tickets for the post-festival will be distributed.
⑴ Number of sales: 2,000 tickets/pre-festival, 1,000
tickets/post-festival *planned
⑵ Sales location, etc.: Kyoto General Tourist Information Center (July 13th (Saturday) – July 24th (Wednesday) 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.) ⑶ Price: 500 yen/1 ticket (both pre-festival and post-festival) *Ends once sold out *A portion of the sales will be used to preserve and pass on the “Gion Festival”.
[Image 7:×501.jpg] Pamphlet *(Top) Pamphlet from last year (Reiwa 5)
[Image 8:×2039.jpg] Viewing commemorative mark/pre-festival
[Image 9:×2039.jpg] Viewing commemorative mark/after-festival

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