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Home » Mash Holdings Co., Ltd. Cosme Kitchen 50 types of limited summer kits are on sale that you can choose based on your concerns and themes.

Mash Holdings Co., Ltd. Cosme Kitchen 50 types of limited summer kits are on sale that you can choose based on your concerns and themes.

Mash Holdings Co., Ltd.
[Cosme Kitchen] 50 types of limited summer kits are now available, which you can choose based on your concerns and themes. -On sale from Thursday, June 19th-
From skin care items that bring out your clarity to inner care to prevent summer fatigue. A summer-limited kit from a popular Cosmetic Kitchen brand that comes as a set is available again this year. ……
Cosme Kitchen, a natural and organic select shop operated by Mash Beauty Lab Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo/President: Yoko Toyoyama YAMU), sells limited edition summer kits from popular select brands. It will be on sale from June 19th (Wednesday) at each store and official WEB STORE.
[Image 1: E549150E6978150DDD7DDD7DDD73.jpg
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We have prepared a limited edition kit of recommended items to help you spend the summer together, such as “care for worries”, “transparency”, “hydration”, and “prevention of fatigue”. From skin care to body care, hair care, and inner care, we have a lineup of total summer care items that can be fulfilled at the cosmetic kitchen. We will develop it by dividing it into five themes.
“You can deal with that discomfort.”
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] We have selected items to take care of unpleasant odors and
stickiness, and to help you feel refreshed and light.
The ARGIRAL Summer Collection 2024 is a set of the actual size of ARGITAL’s delicate hygiene soap, clay paste, and echinacea cream, which is a femme care item that is very popular in the cosmetics kitchen, as well as products that take care of stickiness that is a concern in the hot season. We offer a mini-sized set of dry shampoo and hair wax (product) – limited edition dry shampoo kit – and a two-piece set of Korean brand 1950 toothpaste that treats bad breath and tooth decay with sea salt from Jeju.
[ARGITAL] Summer Collection 2024 ¥3,960 (tax included)
[product] The Product Limited Dry Shampoo Kit ¥1,848 (tax included) [1950] 1950 Toothpaste Blue 2 piece set ¥2,475 (tax included) “More than anything, hydration is essential for a shiny glow.”
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] A collection of star items from various categories that solve the three major summer problems: stiffness, inner dryness, and lack of shine.
Antipodes summer set includes a new serum that gives you a 72-hour glow and a mini version of Baptize H2O Ultra Hydrating Water Gel that fills your skin with moisture. Skin care sets and the popular FEMMUE sheet mask set, which is released only in winter every year, are now available in summer versions.
From scalp care to hair moisture care – O by F Summer Kit Scalp Care Kit – and a popular hair wax that gives shine to your hair with styling.It comes in the actual size and a mini size that is convenient to carry around. Line up the set.
[Antipodes] Ai Otsuka Summer Moisturizing Skin Kit ¥7,260 (tax included) [FEMMUE] Dream Glow Mask Summer Complete Set ¥4,840 (tax included) [O by F] O by Effe Summer Kit Scalp Care Kit ¥5,830 (tax included) *The color of the brush differs between in-store sales and WEB STORE sales. [product] The Product Hair wax limited quantity set ¥2,178 (tax included) “Rescue your skin and body from fatigue”
[Image 4:×2600.jpg] We offer recommended items for all kinds of “measures against fatigue” during the hot season.
FRENAVA’s popular item Balancing lotion and a new refreshing body mist, a limited edition kit to help you spend the summer comfortably, as well as amritara, which helps you replenish minerals and detox during the hot summer season. (Amritara) -FEMMUE Summer is a set that includes Himalayan salt bath salts, Illuminous velvet that takes care of the summer heat “inner dry” on your skin, a mousse wash that gently cleanses with mildly acidic cleaning ingredients, a serum mist, and a new sheet mask. In addition to the treatment kit and inner care green papaya enzyme that supports the body’s functions as a “metabolic enzyme” and “digestive enzyme”, a new sheet mask that also cares for the outside is also included -Bio-Normalizer 2024 Green Papaya Enzyme Select summer kits and more.
[FRENAVA] 2024 FRENAVA Summer Kit ¥5,797 (tax included)
[amritara] Himalayan rock salt bath salt 240g ¥990 (tax included) [FEMMUE] FEMMUE Summer Treatment Kit ¥9,900 (tax included)
[Bio-Nomalizer] 2024 Green Papaya Enzyme Summer Kit ¥5,940 (tax included) “Maintaining transparency is paramount”
[Image 5:× g ]
We have prepared a kit of skin care items to take care of dullness, sunburn, and age spots during the summer when you are concerned about UV rays.
Take care of your clarity with fresh vitamin C-containing scrubs and serums – trilogy C Essentials – A set that includes the actual product, pouch, and refill of the popular double facial cleansing powder that allows you to cleanse without washing your face – for everyone. Future 2024 Summerset – In addition, F ORGANICS’ More Brightening Series kit, which approaches cloudy skin with a “hue cancellation formula,” and to/one’s Brightening Booster Serum, which can care for transparency. Introducing a skin care kit that includes a moisture layering mist in the actual size and a mini size cleansing product.
[trilogy] C Essentials ¥7,920 (tax included)
[Let’s all create a future together] 2024 Summer Set ¥5,500 (tax included) [F ORGANICS] Summer Kit More Brightening White Serum Kit ¥6,380 (tax included) [to/one] 2024 Summer Kit Skin Care ¥6,600 (tax included)
“I want to improve my sense of beauty in the summer.”
[Image 6:×2600.jpg ]
We have a lineup of kits that will brighten up your mood and add excitement to your summer care, which tends to be sloppy due to the heat.
[SOEL] 2024 SOEL Summer Kit, which includes SOEL’s star items, the limited scent of raw soap, the actual size of cleansing, and the mini size of beauty oil, lotion, and serum, makeup items that bring out to/one’s transparency , a limited kit where you can enjoy two types of bath salts that sparkle like jewels from eume, and a set of body care and femme care items that will enhance your charm – INTIME ORGANIQUE fem care kit. We will be selling a wide variety of kits in various categories.
[SOEL] 2024 SOEL Summer Kit ¥11,500 (tax included)
[to/one] 2024 Summer Kit Makeup ¥6,930 (tax included)
[eume] 2024eume summer kit ¥2,160 (tax included)
[INTIME ORGANIQUE] Antime Femme Care Kit ¥3,300 (tax included) Limited kits from popular brands will be released one after another in July!
[Image 7:×2599.jpg ]
You can try amritara’s best-selling products -amritara best-selling cleansing kit-, spend summer with smooth bare skin -MiMC W Silk Skin Care Set-, and Giovanni’s B&C series of serums and oils that approach the inside and outside of your hair. Items to enjoy the summer are coming one after another, such as the actual size kit, LOVE CHROME’s limited edition comb and oil, pouch kit that makes hair care possible just by combing!
[amritara] Best-selling cleansing kit ¥4,840 (tax included)
[MiMC] MiMC W Silk Skin Care Kit ¥6,820 (tax included)
[giovanni] B&C Summer Kit ¥5,940 (tax included)
[LOVE CHROME] LOVECHROME Summer Gift ¥13,090 (tax included)
Get your summer care done with Cosme Kitchen Select’s popular brand kits. sales schedule
Release date: Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Sales channels: Cosme Kitchen stores, official WEB STORE
*WEB STORE starts selling from 10:00
Cosme Kitchen Official WEB STORE: Cosme Kitchen store list:
What is Cosme Kitchen?
[Image 8:×2000.jpg] Delicious food for your skin and heart.
Everything we do is to deliver something that not only makes your skin and hair happy, but also your heart.
Cosme Kitchen is a select shop that stocks unique natural and organic cosmetics from around the world, as well as aroma and herbal teas, miscellaneous goods, detergents, and other natural items.
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