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JAPAN AI Co., Ltd. Marketing specialized AI service “JAPAN AI Marketing((TM))” released beta version of Ja panese image generation function

[JAPAN AI Co., Ltd.] Marketing specialized AI service “JAPAN AI Marketing((TM))” released beta version of Japanese image generation function

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Press release: June 5, 2024
Marketing-specific AI service “JAPAN AI Marketing((TM))” releases beta version of Japanese image generation function
JAPAN AI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Tomoaki Kudo, hereinafter referred to as JAPAN AI) is a marketing specialized AI service “JAPAN AI
We are pleased to announce that we have released the beta version of a function that can generate images of people that capture the characteristics of Japanese people.

* Background and purpose *
Nowadays, as AI services such as ChatGPT are becoming more widespread, business utilization of images generated by AI is attracting attention.
However, since the image generation AI model is basically made overseas, it is difficult to generate an image that captures the characteristics of Japanese people even if the prompt says “Japanese”. The problem was that it was difficult to use.
Against this background, we have implemented a function in “JAPAN AI Marketing ((TM))” that can generate more natural images of Japanese people.

* Functional overview*
JAPAN AI’s uniquely developed model has been improved by combining original materials with the conventional cutting-edge generation AI model, making it possible to generate images of Japanese people. By learning facial features, hairstyles, fashion, etc. unique to Japanese people, it is possible to generate more natural-looking images of Japanese people.
This will allow you to more effectively create visual materials for Japanese audiences in fields such as marketing, advertising, and content creation.
*For the “existing model” and “new model”, the prompt “Japanese man wearing a light blue suit holding a microphone and talking with a smile” is output.
In addition, functions such as background removal, template
generation, similar image generation, and image generation prompt assistant can be used as before, allowing for flexible customization to meet a variety of needs.
* About the future*
Through the development of unique AI models, AI will provide unique value and drive innovation in marketing and content production in the Japanese market. Starting with the release of the beta version, we will continue to strive to expand functionality and improve

*JAPAN AI service overview*
JAPAN AI Marketing((TM))
This is an AI service that supports everything from planning to production of marketing content. We handle tasks that occur in various situations from content planning to production, such as image creation, article LP creation, persona creation, and legal checking of texts.

* JAPAN AI Chat((TM))*
GPT for corporations using the latest language model. In addition to being used as a regular ChatGPT, it is also possible to search internal data and generate answers based on internal data using data linkage and high-precision RAG developed independently. We also offer numerous prompt templates and customer success support.

* JAPAN AI Speech((TM))*
This is an AI service that automatically generates minutes. It not only has the functions necessary for meeting minutes, such as support for industry terminology and speaker separation, but also the ability to summarize and edit transcribed sentences into various forms using AI.

JAPAN AI Co., Ltd.
[Contact information]
JAPAN AI Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Fukutani
TEL: 03-5909-8187
[About JAPAN AI]
AI is a product that utilizes the latest AI technology, with the vision of “creating an era in which each company will have its own original AI.AI will support workers and achieve overwhelming productivity.” We will contribute to business expansion and industrial development in a variety of industries by providing services and services.
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【Company Profile】
Company name: JAPAN AI Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomoaki Kudo, Representative Director and President Head Office: 6-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 14, 2023
Capital: 40 million yen
Business content: Research and development of artificial intelligence, consulting services related to artificial intelligence
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