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CogSmart Co., Ltd. Launched “Brain Activity x Personal Training” service with Nomura Real Estate Life & Sp orts

[CogSmart Co., Ltd.] Launched “Brain Activity x Personal Training” service with Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports

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Press release: June 5, 2024
Launch of “Brain Activity x Personal Training” service with Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports
*Program for early dementia countermeasures [*1] for hippocampal atrophy that starts in your 30s*
CogSmart Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Akira Higuchi [*2], Taki
Yasuyuki [*3]) is developing BrainSuite(R), a brain test that uses AI to measure the size of the hippocampus, based on the results of brain medicine research conducted by the Institute of Aging and Aging, Tohoku University. Masu.

Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director and President: Kobayashi), which operates the sports club “Megalos”
In collaboration with Toshihiko), we will start offering “Brain Activity Personal Training” for dementia prevention focusing on the hippocampus from June 5th.

* ◆It is estimated that by 2040, 1 in 6.7 elderly people will have dementia* According to new estimates of the future number of patients with dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) by a research team of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of elderly people with dementia will rise to 4,716,000 by 2025 next year. Furthermore, in 2040, when the baby boomer generation reaches the age of 65 or older, the number of elderly people with dementia will rise to 5.84 million, or approximately 15% of the elderly, or 1 in 6.7 people.

* ◆ Decline in cognitive function due to hippocampal atrophy that begins in your 30s*
In humans, brain function begins to atrophy even before a decline in cognitive function appears as a specific symptom, and the area where atrophy begins first is the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory. I know that.
Furthermore, it has been found that this hippocampal atrophy begins in people’s 30s. It is very important to notice the onset of hippocampal atrophy as soon as possible and start consciously making changes to your stress and lifestyle habits to maintain brain health and prevent dementia.

* ◆What you can expect from the effects of brain activity x training* By regularly performing exercises such as walking, jogging, and yoga, you can develop the hippocampus, which not only suppresses its atrophy but can also make it larger in some cases. As a result, you can expect to improve your memory and reduce stress.
“Brain Activity Personal Training” provided by Megalos provides content such as strength training and aerobic exercise that are said to be good for the hippocampus, as well as head spa, a unique method that contributes to stress reduction. Based on scientific evidence, we support comprehensive brain activity that goes beyond just training your body.

* ◆Key points of this release*
・* “Industry’s first brain activity x personal training” service will be provided from June 5, 2024 * Start
・Provides unique content* that contributes to strength training and aerobic exercise stress reduction, which is said to be good for the hippocampus*
・Reservations accepted from June 5, 2024

* ◆Special page*: **

*1: It does not prevent dementia.
*2: Japanese Law Solicitor/British Law Solicitor (Solicitor in England and Wales) / Field Researcher, Institute of Aging and Aging, Tohoku University
*3: Physician/Medical Physician/Professor, Institute of Aging and Aging, Tohoku University/Director, Interdisciplinary Research Center for Smart Aging, Tohoku University
*4: Research on prevalence survey and future estimation of dementia and mild cognitive impairment (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Research Group, May 8, 2024) *5: The personal training part provided by our company is not a medical practice.
*6: Supervised by CogSmart Co., Ltd.
*7: Brain diagnosis and MRI image diagnosis will be performed at CogSmar and affiliated medical institutions.

* ◆Program flow *

* ◆Explanation by CogSmart Co., Ltd.*
Research has revealed that strength training (muscle training) is not only effective not only for training muscles but also for improving brain function. It has been shown to improve higher brain functions such as memory function and executive function.
The improvement of brain function by muscle training is said to be due to the promotion of learning by the growth factor of the brain nerve and the inflammation suppression of the immune system.
As a recommended menu for muscle training to improve brain function, it is said that a 2-3 sets of 2-3 sets a week, one to three times a week. Muscle training is also said to reduce the risk of all mortality, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes, leading to depression symptoms.
Muscle training plays an important role not only to train your body, but also to train your heads and maintain healthy health.

* ■About Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports *
We share the “joy” and “importance” of being healthy to those living in the community through sports clubs, after schools, and bilingual childish gear business, and contribute to the creation of “health” and “purpose”, with customers and society. We aim to prosper and grow. With the corporate philosophy of “turning customer satisfaction into excitement and joy”, all employees will be united and provide detailed services at the best timing, and “excitement” and “joy” that are more satisfying to our customers. We are delivering.

Reference) Released on June 30, 2023
“Sports x Brain Training” seminar held with CogSmart aiming to prevent dementia

* ◆About CogSmart Co., Ltd. *
As a medical and healthcare service company from the Tohoku University Aging Medicine Research Institute, we are developing a data science business based on brain functions, brain science and medical evidence. Effective prevention of dementia and other functions of software medical equipment and healthcare equipment for improving and maintaining other functions are designed.
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