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GMO Internet Group Easily conduct overseas research with AI-based questionnaires! GMO Research & AI launches “GMO Ask for Easy Overseas Research” specializing in overseas expansion support GMO Research & AI

GMO Internet Group
Easily conduct overseas research with AI-based questionnaires! GMO Research & AI launches “GMO Ask for Easy Overseas Research”
specializing in overseas expansion support [GMO Research & AI] Supporting overseas expansion by understanding consumer needs, concept evaluation, and competitive benchmark research
GMO Research & AI, Inc. (President: Shinichi Hosokawa; hereinafter referred to as GMO Research & AI, abbreviated as GMO-R&AI), which is part of the GMO Internet Group and operates an internet research business, announced on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, “GMO Ask We have started offering the overseas expansion support service “GMO Ask for Rakuraku Overseas Survey” as a packaged survey service.
In this service, we investigate and analyze the basic data required by companies considering expanding their products and services overseas. By combining AI technology with survey templates created using GMO Research & AI’s research knowledge, which handles over 400 overseas surveys annually, we provide a one-stop service from survey design to analysis.
Specifically, by providing analytical data such as product needs in each country, current evaluations of services planned for overseas expansion, and in what fields competitors are growing, we will be able to understand the potential of each country around the world. You can understand your needs efficiently. We also support the overseas expansion of products and services by providing support tailored to your concerns, such as what questions should be designed for which segments.
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[About “GMO Ask for Easy Overseas Research”]
In recent years, the world’s population has been increasing, and many countries are continuing to grow. (*1) However, because the culture, customs, values, and laws involved in doing business overseas are different from those in Japan, there are many cases where products that sell well in Japan do not sell overseas. Therefore, in order to develop business overseas, where there is a chance to increase sales and profit margins, it is essential to conduct preliminary research in the appropriate country or region.
Therefore, for marketers considering overseas expansion, we will start offering “GMO Ask for Easy Overseas Research”, which supports everything from meetings with professional researchers, survey implementation, and report delivery. By making full use of our research knowledge and AI, we can solve problems such as “I don’t know what kind of research design to use” and “I can’t take the risk of spending a large amount of research money.” We support your overseas expansion by conducting smooth investigations.
(*1) World Population White Paper 2023: ■Service overview
“GMO Ask for Easy Overseas Survey” is a packaged survey service for companies aiming to expand their products and services overseas. There are three survey templates: consumer needs understanding module, concept evaluation module, and competitive benchmarking module, and you can conduct efficient surveys by applying brand, product, and service names to each company.
1. Consumer needs understanding module
We understand local consumer needs and research and analyze target groups that will lead to product purchases.
It is possible to explore “current problems” and “the direction of future needs” and understand the conditions under which consumers will pay.
2. Concept evaluation module
This is a survey aimed at confirming the reasons for evaluating the product concept (does it meet user needs, does it show interest, what are its appeals and areas that need to be strengthened, are there any areas for improvement, etc.). Through these results, we will clarify the potential and problems of the idea, and aim to improve products and services to make them more feasible and effective.
3. competitive benchmark module
We evaluate and compare your company’s management policies and products based on examples from competitors and local companies expanding overseas, and use this information to improve your business. By referring to the examples of competitors, you can formulate a differentiation strategy that leverages your strengths and overcome your weaknesses, and by comparing the situation with those of your competitors, you can improve the effectiveness of your company’s business strategies and products. This will lead to improvements. ■Service details
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■Report image
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[About “GMO Ask” packaged research service]
■Characteristics 1. One-stop service from survey design to reporting at a low price
Our packaged research services cover almost all aspects of the research process, from research design, which is the core of the research, to reporting, which is often treated as an option. In addition, because we utilize AI in various areas such as creating survey templates and analyzing results, we have been able to provide the service at a low price.
■Feature 2. You can easily conduct high-quality surveys by using survey templates.
The survey templates are supervised by professionals, and you can create a survey form simply by applying your products and services to the template. At the first meeting, a professional researcher will suggest suitable surveys and questions, so it is easy to conduct a full-scale survey according to your needs, such as those who are new to research or those who want a high-quality survey supervised by a professional. It is possible to conduct research.
■Feature 3. Speedy delivery by reducing human labor with AI x survey templates The process from request to report delivery can be completed in as little as two weeks. By converting survey forms into templates and incorporating AI technology into various parts of the survey process, we are able to reduce the time people spend thinking and manually, and enable speedy delivery.
[About GMO Research & AI]
GMO Research & AI has a philosophy of “Bringing our thoughts to the world” and is developing a business that disseminates new marketing solutions and platforms that help rebuild the relationship between companies and consumers.
Utilizing the network of “ASIA Cloud Panel,” a panel network that allows internet research among approximately 61.19 million (*2) consumers in 16 countries and regions in Asia, we receive research requests from companies not only in Japan but also around the world. I am receiving
As of May 1, 2024, the company name has changed from GMO Research, Inc. to “GMO Research & AI, Inc.”

(*2) As of April 2024
that’s all
[Inquiries regarding services]
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