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Home » AI KAGo Project LLC Workshop auditions will be held for a theatrical production based on the Kurume Air Raid for re-performance in 2025!

AI KAGo Project LLC Workshop auditions will be held for a theatrical production based on the Kurume Air Raid for re-performance in 2025!

LLC AI KAGo Project
Workshop auditions will be held for a theatrical production based on the Kurume Air Raid to be performed again in 2025!
A project to connect “life” to the next generation ~ Passing the baton to the future ~
AI KAGo Project, a limited liability company, produced a theatrical work [Blue and Gray Boundary Line -Inherit the heart-] based on the Kurume air raid that was performed last year.
We will be holding a workshop audition this summer in preparation for a repeat performance in 2025!
No theater experience required! We are recruiting people who would like to pass on the baton of “life” to the public.
[Image 1:×1160.png ]
This work was performed as a project to connect “life” to the next generation. This is a theatrical work based on the Kurume air raid that occurred 79 years ago in the local city of Kurume.
Crowdfunding gathered 1,000 supporters, hitchhiked to 6 locations nationwide, and created finger art using finger stamps from 1,003 people.
The work, which was performed all over the country, was attended by nearly 800 people, even though it was the first independent
performance. (including distribution)
Crowdfunding, collecting finger stamps
More than 2,000 people were involved in the production of this work. We will be holding a workshop audition for the re-performance in 2025. “Project to connect “life” to the next generation”
Would you like to create a work together as a friend who can connect with us next time?
Audition information
We will be holding an audition for performers for the re-performance of “Blue and Gray Boundary -Inherit the Heart-2025”, a theatrical work based on the Kurume air raid.
Shohei Hayashi (S.H.Produce) will serve as scriptwriter as last year. 【the work】
Blue and gray border-Inherit the heart-2025
1945, over Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture. A rain of iron poured down like a new coat of cloudless blue paint. 79 years have passed since the bombing that left scorched earth…A woman looks back on that sad day. Yae, who was only 10 years old at the time, was visiting a park in Ogami-cho with her grandchild Yusino. He talks about his childhood playing here, his carefree smile… and the tragedy of having everything taken away from him. We’re still playing hide and seek. Last year’s video digest: [Audition contents]
Theater games, rehearsals using last year’s script, etc.
[Workshop date and location]
July 27th (Sat) 12:30~16:30 Ale Pia Kurume July 30th (Tue) 12:30~16:30 Ale Pia Kurume August 2nd (Fri) 12:30~16:30August 6 Sunday (Tuesday) 12:30~16:30 *We will contact you in June for August (planned in Kurume City)
*You can participate on one of the dates listed above (you can participate multiple times).
[Participation fee] 3,000 yen (one time) *If you wish to participate in the entire day, we will charge 9,000 yen (tax included). *Please pay advance transfer/transfer fees.
[Participation qualifications]
・No acting experience required (even beginners are welcome!) ・Those who are 9 years of age or older and in good physical and mental health ・Those who are able to participate in the audition and rehearsals in the summer of 2025 (rehearsals are scheduled to begin in early July) *Minors must obtain the consent of their guardian before applying. *If you are affiliated with a production company such as an office or theater company, please be sure to obtain permission before applying. 【Application method】
Please fill out the required information in the form below and send.
If you have any questions, please contact the official audition contact page.
[Pass/Fail] The results will be announced at the screening event to be held at Kurume City Plaza on August 12th. Successful applicants will be asked to appear on stage during the presentation.
[Remuneration, salary, prizes, prizes, allowances, etc.] There is no ticket quota. We will discuss the guarantee with you once you have passed the audition.
[Costs required after passing]
*There are no fees after passing the exam, but transportation costs to the rehearsal hall and the theater for the actual performance must be paid by the applicant. *Entrance fees at the time of performer announcement are free for the applicant and their parents. For families, if you wish to attend the screening, there will be an admission fee of 500 yen. (It is free if you only participate in the presentation.)
Cancellation fee Cancellation 7 days before the event date: 50% of the participation fee Cancellation on the day of the event: Full amount of the tuition fee
We will wait for the application of everybody!
Staff introduction
[Lecturer/Director] Shohei Hayashi (S.H.Produce)
[Image 2:×2780.jpg] [Representative] Akiko Iribe (AI KAGo Project LLC)
[Image 3:×1156.png ]
upcoming events
In order to liven up Kurume, we will be holding a joint event with [Mermaid Festa], which holds many events!
August 12, 2024 (holiday month)
Screening & Street Performance FES
7th Mermaid Festa Rainbow Bridge [Special Support Project]
[Image 4:×1522.jpg] We will be holding a marche at Kurume Rokkakudo Square!
Kitchen car, food and drink, workshop, miscellaneous goods
In addition, the following gorgeous performers will liven up the venue with street performances.
QAREN, Lucky☆Jam, SARA, September, Deborah, balloon artist Mikira, and the Blue and Gray Boundary Cheer Choir will appear! !
[Image 5:×1080.jpg]
[Image 6:×1997.jpg] And on the same day from 14:00 at Kurume City Plaza C Box,
A screening of [Blue and Gray Boundary -Inherit the heart-], which was performed last year, will be held.
A work that makes sense to continue.
We deliver our works to everyone’s hearts through video.
August 12th was also the day when Kurume was bombed. (Air raids were dropped on August 11 and 12)
79 years since that day.
It should never fade no matter how many years pass.
The first step is to let people know in any way possible.
I will continue with that thought.
[Image 7:×1511.jpg] I want many people to know about the town where I live and the people around me. How irreplaceable this moment is.
I would appreciate it if you could feel it even a little bit. Official X:
More details about this release: