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Home » SapplyM, Inc. An implementation example of Seino Super Express Co., Ltd.’s sleep disorder risk measurement service “Sleep Doc” was featured in “GO100”.

SapplyM, Inc. An implementation example of Seino Super Express Co., Ltd.’s sleep disorder risk measurement service “Sleep Doc” was featured in “GO100”.

SapplyM, Inc.
An example of the implementation of the sleep disorder risk
measurement service “Sleep Doc” by Seino Super Express Co., Ltd. was published in “GO100”.
An interview article with Seino Super Express Co., Ltd., which has introduced “Sleep Doc”, a sleep disorder risk measurement service for companies provided by Suprim Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yasushi Toyama), is published in Industrial Health and Health Management ( We would like to inform you that our work has been published in GO100, an information
dissemination media in the R) field.
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GO100 recently interviewed Mr. Masaki Fujimatsu, Managing Executive Officer of Senoi Super Express Co., Ltd., which has adopted Sleep Doc since 2023, and the human resources manager.
We were introduced to the initiatives of the company, which has started proactive actions in health management. Based on strong corporate leadership that believes that it is management’s job to protect employees, we decided to introduce Sleep Doc to address the challenges we feel as a transportation company and the major health issue of sleep. Specific examples include how Sleep Doc was adopted, how it can be easily measured, and its support system, which includes introductions to medical institutions, etc., and how it can be used in-house to reduce the burden on the field. I was able to talk in detail with him.
1. Can “Sleep Doc” solve sleep health issues in the logistics industry? Article URL:
2. Health management promoted by major logistics companies. What is the method that focuses on health management?
Article URL:
It is estimated that more than 20% of Japanese adults suffer from insomnia. *1 Among sleep disorders, sleep apnea syndrome is
particularly difficult to notice on your own, and it is said that 60% of people have no symptoms. *2 If left untreated, the risk of various diseases not only increases compared to healthy people, such as 7 times the risk of traffic accidents, 2.3 times the risk of type 2 diabetes, and 4.3 times the risk of heart failure, but also increases the risk of work-related accidents by 2 times. It is reported that it will double. *4 Sleep problems cause a decline in employee
productivity, and the cost of lost sleep is said to be 320,000 yen per employee per year. ※Five
Sleep Doc will contribute to the health and safety management of corporate employees by measuring the risk of sleep apnea, which causes various risks, and early detection of other sleep disorders. ■About “Sleep Doc”, a sleep disorder risk measurement service for companies Sleep Doc is a service that allows you to easily check your risk of sleep apnea at home by wearing a wearable device such as a dedicated Sony device while sleeping and measuring your sleep for two days. By conducting a self-check regarding sleep online, you can also perform a simple risk check for various sleep disorders other than sleep apnea. In addition to reports for individual employees, we provide
comprehensive reports that explain the distribution and trends of measurement results for all employees. Furthermore, we provide a wealth of video content by sleep specialists, as well as phone consultations with nurses and introductions to sleep specialist clinics as follow-up after checking the risk of sleep disorders. Sleep Doc service site URL:
■About GO100
GO100 (Go One Hundred) is a media outlet that M3, which uses IT to address medical issues, disseminates information as part of its “White Jack Project” to prevent disease. We provide the cutting edge of industrial health and health management(R).
*1 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare 2018 “National Health and Nutrition Survey”
*2 Chang JL, Goldberg AN, Alt JA, et al. International consensus statement on obstructive sleep apnea. Int Forum Allergy Rhinol. 2023 Jul; 13(7): 1061-1482
*3 Mokhlest B. et al. The effect of sex and age on the comorbidity burden of OSA: an observational analysis from a large nationwide US health claims database.Eur Respir J. 2016; 47(4): 1162-1169
*4 Madeline Kennedy: People with sleep breathing issues more likely to get injured at work: :March 25, 2016
*5 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, “Corporate Health Management Guidebook” – Recommendations for promoting health through cooperation and collaboration (revised 1st edition: April 2016) [Contact information regarding this matter]
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