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Home » Glamping in the northern foot of Mt. Asama Geopark has been renewed Geoglamping “Dot Glamping Kita Karuizawa ” where you can feel the overwhelming nature will be opened on July 1, 2024!

Glamping in the northern foot of Mt. Asama Geopark has been renewed Geoglamping “Dot Glamping Kita Karuizawa ” where you can feel the overwhelming nature will be opened on July 1, 2024!

Dot Homes Co., Ltd.
[Glamping in the northern foot of Mt. Asama Geopark has been renewed] Geoglamping “Dot Glamping Kita Karuizawa” where you can feel the overwhelming nature will be opened on July 1, 2024!
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We provide opening support, management contracts, and consulting for approximately 100 resort hotels and glamping facilities nationwide. Dot Homes Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shiun Tomota, hereinafter “Dot Homes”)
Operated by Step Out Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Seibu Landscape Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Seibu Landscape Co., Ltd.
The glamping area in “Asamayama Campsite REASON: KITAKARUIZAWA” in Tsumagoi Village, Gunma Prefecture has been renewed to the glamping brand “Dot Glamping” and “Dot Glamping Kitakaruizawa” will open on July 1, 2024 (Monday). Masu. As a member of the Seibu Group, we will continue to aim to create cross-group business synergies.
*Mt. Asama Campground REASON: KITAKARUIZAWA’s auto camp site, bike site, and day camp can still be reserved from “Nappu”.
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] What is Dot Glamping Kita Karuizawa?
◆Concept knot Time with nature, time with family. Even if each person spends their time in their own way, when they come here, each string is tied, and they can connect as one. knot -Dot Glamping May your experience in Kita Karuizawa become a knot you cherish. ◆Spectacular views Located in the Mt. Asama Northern Foothills Geopark, one of the 46 Japanese geoparks in Japan, you can experience the overwhelming openness of nature at the foot of Mt. Asama, which Karuizawa is proud of. .
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[Image 5:×2600.jpg] ◆Rooms We also have geo-glamping, which is a combination of
geo-camping and glamping, and rooms with dog runs that you can enjoy with your pet.・The interior of a cute house that looks like a marshmallow
[Image 6:×2600.jpg] ・Room with dog run
[Image 7:×2600.jpg] ◆Meals For dinner, we offer BBQ meat and locally grown seasonal vegetables. The administration building is equipped with a spacious kitchen, so you can enjoy cooking comfortably even on rainy days. We also have a wide selection of cooking utensils and tableware.
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[Image 9:×2600.jpg] In the morning, you can roast coffee on your private wooden deck. Start your special day with a view of Mt. Asama spreading out in front of you.
[Image 10:×2600.jpg] Thoughts on renewal
This place is located in the middle of the Onioshi Highway that connects Karuizawa Town and Tsumagoi Village, and was once known as the “Asama Rokurigahara Rest Area” and was popular among many people who came to take a break from driving. Located as a relay point connecting facilities and tourist spots, this land allows you to learn about the history of recovery from the catastrophe caused by the eruption of Mt. Asama, and will be reborn as a place that connects nature and people, people and people, and experiences and people. . For the renewal, Dot Homes, which became a member of the Seibu Group in October last year, collaborated with Seibu Landscape Co., Ltd. and expressed the joy of being able to contribute to the creation of business synergies across the group, as well as the group’s slogan, “People who go out.” Towards the realization of “For People Who Smile,” we have been moving forward with plans to make our facility even more popular, with gratitude to those who have patronized us. At Dot Glamping Kita Karuizawa, we want you to have a special day where you can enjoy time with your loved ones and the earth with your whole body.
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What is Dot Glamping?
“Dot Glamping” is Dot Homes’ in-house glamping brand. By combining the local nature with “luxury yet designed facilities (glamping facilities) that allow you to feel nature to the fullest” and “content that takes advantage of the majestic nature that can only be found in the region,” we aim to be more than just a resort. , we offer an extraordinary accommodation experience that will change your life. All facilities are developed with different concepts in order to take advantage of the charm of each region. As of May 2024, there are a total of 3 facilities: “Dot Glamping Kita Karuizawa” which will be reopened this time, “Dot Glamping Mt. Fuji” and “Dot Glamping Ako”. ◆Access: Approximately 3 hours by car from Tokyo and Yokohama; Approximately 2 and a half hours by car from Saitama; Approximately 1 and a half hours by car from Gunma and Nagano City; Manza from Onioshi Highway “Mine no Chaya” toll gate Approximately 3 minutes in the direction ◆ Facility overview [Renewal opening date] July 1, 2024 [Facility name] Dot Glamping Kitakaruizawa (Former facility name: Mt. Asama Campground REASON: KITAKARUIZAWA) [Location] Tsumagoi Village, Azuma District, Gunma Prefecture 1053-46 Kamabara [Accommodation building] 10 geo rooms, 2 geo rooms with dog run [Facilities] Private shower room available (bath towels and face towels included) [Website] [Reservation] Dedicated page] ◆ Overview of each company (1) Dot Homes Co., Ltd. Establishment date: November 2015 Representative: Representative Director and President Shiun Tomita Major shareholder: Blue Incubation Co., Ltd. (Seibu Group) Head office location : 5th floor, Diamond Gate Ikebukuro, 1-16-15 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Business details: Opening support for resort hotels and glamping facilities, management contract, consulting Website: (2) Seibu Landscape Co., Ltd. Founding date: February 15, 1951 Representative: President Satoshi Oshima Head office location: 5-1-34 Nagasaki, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Business details: Planning and design of green environments, construction and
maintenance of green spaces Management, management and operation of city parks nationwide (PPP/PFI), planning and operation of
environmental education programs Website: (3) Step Out Co., Ltd. Founding date : October 1, 2021 Representative: Representative Director Taku Hojo Head office location: 1-16-15 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Business details: Operation of outdoor-related businesses, BBQ in city parks, event management business website : [Inquiries from the press regarding this matter] Dot Homes Co., Ltd. Consulting Business Department Email address:
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