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Home » Apra Co., Ltd. Former Kimaglen member Clay Yuki and Music Planet collaborated on the music stage of “LIFESTYLE with DOGS” held in Odaiba!

Apra Co., Ltd. Former Kimaglen member Clay Yuki and Music Planet collaborated on the music stage of “LIFESTYLE with DOGS” held in Odaiba!

[Apra Co., Ltd.] Music with former Kimaglen member Clay Yuki on the music stage of “LIFESTYLE with DOGS” held in Odaiba
Planet (Music Planet) collaborated!

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Press release: June 5, 2024
Music with former Kimaglen member Clay Yuki on the music stage of “LIFESTYLE with DOGS” held in Odaiba
Planet (Music Planet) collaborated!
*44 Music Planet participating artists will perform*
Music operated by Apra Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kaisuke Niizuma)
Planet (Music Planet) held “LIFESTYLE with
DOGS”, a collaboration stage with former Kimaglen member Clay Yuki “Music Planet Vocal Collection vol.3”
Collaborated by
Clay Yuki” was held. 44 Music Planet participating artists performed, with guest idol groups “.BPM” and “YUM!-TUK!”. “.BPM”, which made a guest appearance, is led by Serina Takato, who has experience participating in Music Planet.
* 13 groups formed a unit of 3 to 4 people and performed *
“Music Planet Vocal Collection vol.3 Collaborated by
This stage, titled “Yuki Clay”, was held in three parts, with the first and third parts being a unit of Music Planet participating artists, and the second part featuring guests .BPM and YUM!-TUK! . 44 artists appeared in the first and third parts, forming a special unit for this day only.
In addition, “LIFESTYLE with
DOGS” was held at a special venue in Odaiba as one of the largest music events in Japan where dogs can be brought along. This year, we expanded the scale from last year and held Meat Fest (R) and Inulympics at the same time.

*A stage so exciting that you forget about the rain*
Unfortunately, it rained on the day of the event, but we had so much fun that we forgot about the rain. A wide variety of artists of different occupations and ages perform music.
Official songs of Planet+ (Music Planet Plus) were performed and performances were held in the 1st and 3rd parts. They captivated the audience with a wide variety of setlists and performances, from songs that got people excited as they twirled towels with the audience to songs that harmonized with the male and female duo.

Guests .BPM and YUM!-TUK! will appear on the second stage. BPM, whose members have experience participating in Music Planet, has added three new members since April, and they have given an even more powerful performance. YUM!-TUK!, a sister group of .BPM, enlivened the stage with their youthful and fresh performance.
In addition, at the beginning of the third stage, former Kimaglen member Clay Yuki performed two songs, including Kimaglen’s signature song “LIFE”, and the audience joined in and sang along

*Surprise announcement of 4 Music Planet participating artists selected by Yuki Clay*
The final song to conclude this stage was performed by four artists selected by Yuki Clay. Yuki Clay pre-selected the 44 Music Planet participating artists based on their singing videos and made a surprise announcement on stage that day. Amidst the tension, the four artists immediately took to the stage when Mr. Clay Yuki, who was on stage, called their names. Amidst the excitement, the selected artists began their performances, and with their impressive singing skills, they brought the approximately two-hour stage to a close.

*Odaiba’s big stage is a valuable experience*
Although there were many artists who were singing on a big stage or performing as a unit for the first time, the stage went off without a hitch. Here are some comments from the artists who appeared. ・I had always been on the side of watching musicians I admired, but standing on that big stage changed the way I saw them! It was great fun.
・I have become close friends with the artists I formed a unit with! I would like to have the opportunity to perform with the same members again.
・I was very happy to be able to perform on the same scale stage as famous artists. The word “best” was not enough. I will continue to push forward so that I can stand on a stage like that again. * [Introduction of performing artists] *
ENERGY/Ay/Cb.hina/DACCI/H.ONE/IKKI/KAZUMI/KAZUNO/KraMas/Mamu/Minami/Minn/Nephil/Ray/Ri-U/ryota/Sarah Erica/
sen������/T-STYLE/Tacaco/TmTJ/you/Asare/Ethical Lily/Okato
Yamato/Kyonmo/Saran/Taku/Painomi/Minami/Takayuki Miyaji/Riko/Kota Iwatsuki/Katsuya/Hiroko / Yoshiko Yamauchi / Taiga Kamiguri / Hitomi Shinshi / Shindoro Kawamura / Takaaki Tanaka / Yo (YO) / Yo Aoi / 迹

*About Music Planet*
Music Planet is a service where professional creators, including famous producers, support each person individually to back up their own singing career, even if they are inexperienced or lack confidence. This is a judging-based project, and we welcome those who sympathize with Music Planet’s values ​​to participate. Since it started in 2017, it has produced a variety of artists, from major debuts to hobby activities.
Artists who have completed Music Planet projects are also eligible for Music Planet projects.
You can join a vocalist community called Planet+ (Music Planet Plus). In this community, you can not only interact with other artists, but also receive permanent after-sales support to practice and continue your own singing career. You can participate in events, seminars, and large-scale live events at live houses.

Music Planet service site:
Performance event report:

*Apra Co., Ltd.*
Mission: Self-actualization for everyone.
Head office location: JPR Harajuku Building 7F, 6-17-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Yoshiyuki Niitsuma
Established: 2017

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