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SNS cleaner Intellect Japan launches mental health program for high-stress occupations

Intellect Japan
Intellect Japan launches mental health program for high-stress occupations ……
Tokyo, Japan – Intellect Japan is launching a new mental health program for high-stress occupations. This program builds on our experience serving Trust & Safety (T&S) teams at leading global platforms and addresses the importance of mental health in these high-stress roles.
About the Trust & Safety (T&S) Team
The Trust & Safety (T&S) team plays a critical role in maintaining the safety and reliability of our online platforms. These teams have a variety of responsibilities to ensure that users can use the platform with confidence. These include content moderation, risk assessment, policy development and enforcement, user education, and leveraging technology tools. The T&S team faces many stresses every day to ensure the safety of our users and maintain the reliability of our platform.
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The Trust & Safety (T&S) team plays a critical role in maintaining the safety and reliability of our online platforms. However, this work is known to be highly stressful and to place a heavy mental burden. Recently, interest in this issue has been increasing in Japan, with a movie depicting the harsh working conditions of content moderators being released. This situation calls for specialized mental health support for Trust & Safety teams.
Program content
■Specialized counseling:
We offer online counseling sessions specializing in trauma and PTSD. To reduce the psychological burden faced by Trust & Safety team members, professional counselors provide support tailored to individual needs.
■Digital self-care program:
A digital program where members of the Trust & Safety team learn self-care techniques they can implement in their daily lives. We offer effective self-care methods including stress management, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness.
■Monthly workshops and seminars:
We hold customized sessions once a month for a total of 12 sessions per year. This includes workshops and seminars covering topics that will benefit members of your Trust & Safety team, such as managing stress, improving communication skills and wellbeing at work. Importance of the program
■Limitations of traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs): Trust & Safety professionals often lack adequate support for the unique challenges they face.
Professionals in this profession require specialized and
individualized mental health support.
■Importance from a risk management perspective:
・Employee mental health management affects corporate sustainability Trust & SafetyIf employees remain psychologically burdened,
productivity will decline and turnover rates will increase, negatively impacting the sustainability of the company. Providing mental health support can help keep your employees healthy and motivated, and improve your company’s performance.
・Legal risk reduction
Companies can face legal risks if they do not provide adequate mental health care. In particular, companies may be held liable if an employee develops a mental health problem due to the working environment. Providing preventive mental health care can help reduce these legal risks.
・Improvement of brand image
Companies that prioritize employee well-being will be perceived as socially responsible, leading to an improved brand image. This is a major advantage in attracting talented personnel and gaining customer trust.
Target occupation
This program is aimed at professionals in the following occupations: ・Content moderator
・Digital platform safety expert
・Online market trust and safety expert
・Messaging app safety officer
・Social media community manager
・Game company safety manager
・News media moderator
・Safety officer for education-related platforms
・Telehealth service safety manager
・Fraud prevention expert in the financial industry
・Patient safety officer in the healthcare industry
・Security analyst in the telecommunications industry
・Civil servants (occupations responsible for public safety and security, such as police officers, firefighters, emergency personnel, etc.)
・Other high stress occupations such as emotional labor
About “Intellect Japan Co., Ltd.”
Intellect Japan Co., Ltd. is Asia’s largest mental health care startup and is a Japanese corporation wholly owned by Intellect Company Pte. Ltd., headquartered in Singapore. Intellect provides mental management solutions in 14 languages ​​to over 3 million users in 20 countries and regions, mainly in Asia. In addition to the solutions provided by Intellect, Intellect Japan develops and provides services suitable for the Japanese market, and provides implementation support for companies that have introduced our services with the aim of increasing usage rates.
Company profile of “Intellect Japan”
Company name: Intellect Japan Co., Ltd.
Address: 15th floor, Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1-17 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: September 2022
Representative: Representative Director / CEO Theodoric Chew URL: information: Intellect Japan Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department Phone: 03-4563-9873 Email:
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