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Home » New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. “New Balance for emmi” project 9BOX for emmi exclusive collection first custom T-shirt released

New Balance Japan Co., Ltd. “New Balance for emmi” project 9BOX for emmi exclusive collection first custom T-shirt released

New Balance Japan Co., Ltd.
“New Balance for emmi” project 9BOX for emmi exclusive collection first custom T-shirt released
~Yoga event held on International Yoga Day~
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New Balance and “emmi” have announced “Fun for Sport, Fun for NB” as the fourth project of “New Balance for emmi”, a 2024 project that proposes “a lifestyle with sports”. “9BOX” is a T-shirt collection that New Balance started in 2019 with the concept of “With New Balance”, a silhouette that expresses emmi’s clean femininity, and a shape that can be easily used as yoga wear for International Yoga Day. Introducing the “New Balance 9BOX for emmi exclusive collection”, a custom-made T-shirt created with an original design. Pre-sale will begin at emmi official online store, USAGI ONLINE, from 12:00 on June 12th (Wednesday), and will go on sale from June 20th (Thursday) at emmi nationwide directly managed stores, New Balance official online store, and New Balance official store.
Additionally, on International Yoga Day on June 21st (Friday), we will be holding a “New Balance for emmi” yoga event at Jozaiji Temple in Setagaya Ward. Tickets for the yoga event will be available for purchase on the emmi official online store from 12:00 on Wednesday, June 5th.
New Balance for emmi yoga event ~Candle night yoga/Harmony of mind and body~
[Image 2:×2250.jpg] We offer healing yoga in the quiet space of a temple, away from the hectic daily life filled with information. Yoga breathing and gentle poses will relieve your body’s tension and restore calmness to your mind. We will also give lectures on poses that will induce sleep, poses that will give your brain a rest, and other poses that will prevent your fatigue from carrying over into the next day. We hope you enjoy the energetic season ahead and stay healthy. Enjoy soothing yoga while wearing the “New Balance 9BOX for emmi” T-shirt.
Event date and time: June 21st (Friday) 19:00-20:15 *Reception starts from 18:30 Participation fee: 4,500 yen (tax included) *Participation fee for the yoga event and “New Balance 9BOX for emmi” T-shirt fee It is included. Venue: Jozaiji Temple 1-3417 Tsurumaki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Tokyu Setagaya Line Setagaya Station 8 minutes walk
[Image 3:×1410. jpg ]
[Image 4:×539.jpg]
[Image 5:×234.jpg] Capacity: 20 people *Applications will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached. Application period: Please apply using the form below from June 5th (Wednesday) 12:00 to June 19th (Wednesday) 23:59.
URL: *Applications will be closed as soon as capacity is reached. ◆Novelty
・New Balance Marche bag
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[Image 7:×1278.jpg] Naomi Anzai Profile: Obtained Yoga Alliance RYT200 certification while working as an idol for 9 years. After 4 years of experience as an instructor, I realized that I wanted to become an instructor who specializes in creating beautiful body lines from the inside out, improving physical and mental health, and aligning the musculoskeletal system, so I obtained the qualification of a certified beauty yoga instructor. He is also active as an event instructor at spots. We independently hold many beach yoga events. At iWellness, a gym specializing in idols, based on her own experience, she also offers yoga classes to help active idols and idols on hiatus, so that they can pursue their idol activities in a healthy manner.
New Balance 9BOX for emmi exclusive collection
Introducing the first custom-made T-shirt from New Balance’s T-shirt collection “9BOX”. An emmi original design that pursues a feminine silhouette with a cropped length. With attention to detail such as the linear logo and stitching on the front, it goes well with leggings for active situations such as the gym or working out. It is highly absorbent and quick drying, yet has a soft cotton-like feel. Available in three active and energizing colors: yellow, burgundy, and black, to match your yoga wear for International Yoga Day.
9BOX Crop Tee with emmi Color: YEL, BUR, BLK Price: 8,800 yen (tax included) Size: ONE SIZE
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[Image 11:×1350.jpg] 1906R Color: RD (GRAY) Price: 19,800 yen (tax included) *Scheduled to be released on June 14th (Friday) A new color has been released from the “1906R”, which is a reconstruction of the “1906”, which symbolizes the running shoes of the 2000s. We offer a modern and timeless style. Although it is a calming color, the metallic color with a glossy feel is the highlight.
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[Image 13: & S3=29460-1190-355B74589E6BD345236D 4D9ecce01-900×1350.jpg] Recommended styling worn by annual muse Kana Oya
The 4th web project of “New Balance for emmi” will be released on June 12th (Wednesday). We pick up limited edition items and suggest ways to mix and match them for everyday life. The styling is both active and intelligent, adding color to your everyday life.
emmi WEB project URL:
[Image 14:×1350.jpg] Profile of Natsumi Oya
Debuted as a model at the age of 17 and appeared in numerous popular magazines and fashion events.
In addition to social media such as Instagram and YouTube where you can quickly check out her lifestyle such as personal clothes and beauty information, she will also be releasing her fifth column book “It’s OK” on November 24, 2023. Active.
Instagram: @__kana_oya__
YouTube: @KanaOyaOfficial
▼About “emmi” Based on the clear mode concept, we develop basic and sophisticated daily wear for adults, as well as relaxing yoga wear that incorporates fashion trends. Paired with sneakers, which have become an indispensable part of the feet of active women, we propose styling that fits the diversifying lifestyles of women. emmi official online store by emmi X
About sales – Online store – Release date: June 12th (Wednesday) 12:00 (noon), emmi official online store (, USAGI ONLINE ( /brand/emmi/ ) – Store – Release date: June 20th (Thursday) / emmi nationwide directly managed stores ( )
▼ About New Balance
Since its founding in 1906, New Balance, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, has been dedicated to empowering people and creating positive change in communities around the world through sports and craftsmanship. New Balance employs 9,000 people worldwide and reported global sales of $6.5 billion in 2023. New Balance owns five athletic footwear factories in New England, USA, and one in Flimby, England. New Balance’s MADE in U.S.A. footwear has over 70% domestic production and accounts for a portion of our U.S. sales. For more information on New Balance, please visit
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