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VOLTMIND Co., Ltd. The secret behind the development of the tax-specific AI chat system “Tax GPT”!

The secret behind the development of the tax-specific AI chat system “Tax GPT”! We spoke with Mr. Shirasu, the representative of SAO Tax Accountant Corporation, a 70-person tax firm located in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, who supervised the development of Tax GPT.
SAO Tax Accountant Corporation (Head Office) supervised the
tax-specific AI chat system “Tax GPT”, which allows tax consultation on LINE, provided by VOLTMIND Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Seiji Kitamori). We conducted an interview with Mr. Yasuhiro Shirasu (Representative: Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo) regarding its introduction and operation.
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About SAO Tax Accountant Corporation (including the secret story of its birth)
[Image 2:×401.jpg] Kitamori: Please tell us about SAO Tax Accountant Corporation. Mr. Shirasu: We at SAO Tax Accountants Corporation are an accounting firm that treats our clients as “the client’s CFO,” and together we consider, create, and support the implementation of financial strategies necessary for business growth. In addition to creating monthly trial balances, we innovatively support our clients through a variety of services, including business plan formulation, cash flow planning, and discussions on the market environment by leveraging our expertise in the advertising industry. Our firm’s unique know-how is a major strength.
Kitamori: Why did you cooperate with the tax GPT concept?
Mr. Shirasu: In the tax accountant industry, there was concern that jobs would be taken away by AI. As offices explore ways to utilize AI, a field called generative AI has emerged. I thought we should actively utilize this technology.
Kitamori: At first, we were worried about what kind of AI to create and what direction to take in creating the system.
Mr. Shirasu: At first, we had many discussions, but we decided to start by reducing client support and research time, which consume the most time. When we first developed the beta version of Tax GPT, it was at a level where we thought it could not be used in practice, but after repeated modifications and improvements, it is now quite usable in our work.
Issues faced by SAO Tax Accountant Corporation
Kitamori: What challenges did you face in your work?
Mr. Shirasu: Work was often interrupted in order to respond to questions from clients via email or chat. Additionally, it was necessary to allocate time to training new staff, making it difficult to secure enough time for advanced tax consultation and proposals for each client.
Kitamori: Did it affect the quality of your work?
Mr. Shirasu: Because our tax accountants had different areas of expertise, there were times when the quality of our services varied. This variation could have a negative impact on teamwork and customer satisfaction.
Kitamori: What kind of specific problem did you encounter?
Mr. Shirasu: While a particular tax accountant is highly capable in their specialty, if other tax accountants do not have the same level of specialized knowledge and skills, there may be delays in processing client cases and resolving issues. .
Effects of introducing “Tax GPT”
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Kitamori: Please tell us about the effects of introducing it. Mr. Shirasu: First of all, now that we can use LINE, we can
communicate with our customers more smoothly. At SAO Tax Accountants Corporation, we use LINE as our main means of communication with our clients, and we also use LINE internally. By introducing this tax GPT, internal and external communications were centralized, eliminating situations where questions remained unresolved until meeting time, allowing questions and doubts to be quickly resolved, and improving work efficiency. I feel that we can also expect to reduce educational costs because it becomes clear who is having trouble in which field. Kitamori: What are the other benefits of this system?
Mr. Shirasu: The richness of the output information of this system was also a big deciding factor. Compared to other AI chat systems, I feel that it clearly provides a large amount of information and is highly accurate. I would also appreciate it if you could display the URL as evidence.
Kitamori: What kind of impact did it have on customer service? Mr. Shirasu: We are now able to provide prompt tax consultation and advice. We are now able to respond more quickly and accurately to customer requests and issues, leading to improved customer
Kitamori: Please tell us what is particularly useful about Tax GPT. Mr. Shirasu: Several variations of responses are displayed in response to questions from clients, so it’s nice to have multiple options when responding. We are able to obtain detailed information in each field, and I feel that the performance is so high that we sometimes have more detailed information on some fields than our in-house tax accountants. Kitamori: How about using it in your daily work?
Mr. Shirasu: I am grateful to be able to use it as part of the communication tools that I normally use within the company. Also, the more I use Tax GPT, the more my questioning skills improve and I am able to get the answers I am looking for. I feel that this is a service that everyone in the company should use.
Kitamori: Please tell us specifically about the differences before and after the introduction of tax GPT.
Mr. Shirasu: In the past, we would search for multiple reference pages and compile them together for information research, and then check with our in-house tax accountant. By asking Tax GPT, they can summarize the research content first, making it easier to check with a tax accountant, which greatly reduces research time.
Kitamori: Are there any points you would like to see improved? Mr. Shirasu: Even now, we can already see improvements in operational efficiency. However, the URL provided as evidence may include a blog written by a tax accountant corporation other than the National Tax Agency. This may not provide sufficient evidence for clients, so I am confident that if we improve this point, we will be able to provide better services. However, it is still usable enough.
Kitamori: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule. Mr. Shirasu: Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you in the future.
About tax GPT
“Tax GPT” extracts data from each ministry and agency by simply asking questions about tax matters on LINE.
This is a tax-specific AI chat system that provides summary information. Target tax items are corporate tax, income tax, consumption tax, inheritance tax, property tax, local tax, and depreciation.
For a wider range of people, including not only accountants and tax accountants, but also corporate finance and accounting staff, individual business owners, etc.
In order to make it more useful, we will also provide you with enhanced training on tax-related practical content.
Furthermore, we constantly update practical precedents related to taxation, and provide the latest information tailored to individual concerns.
SAO Tax Accountant Corporation Company Profile
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Company name: SAO Tax Accountant Corporation
Location: Address: 7th floor, Daiwa Akasaka Building, 2-14-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yasuhiro Shirasu
Business content: Business content Consulting on finance, creation of cash flow plan, creation of monthly trial balance, Market environment discussion, business plan simulation, negotiation with VC and financial institutions, Outsourced management of accounting and general affairs operations.
Number of employees: 70 people
VOLTMIND Co., Ltd. Company Profile
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Company name: VOLTMIND Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Seishi Kitamori
Office: 302 Stoke Building Minamisenba, 1-3-14 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Established: February 14, 2024
Capital: 1 million yen
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