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Ajira JR Hakata City introduces AI security system “AI Security asilla” and analyzes over 400 security camera videos

[Ajira] JR Hakata City introduces AI security system “AI Security asilla” and analyzes over 400 security camera videos

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Press release: June 5, 2024
JR Hakata City introduces AI security system “AI Security asilla” and analyzes footage from over 400 security cameras
JR Hakata City Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director, President and Executive Officer: Hayato Maeda, hereinafter referred to as “JR Hakata City”) has established the commercial complex “JR Hakata City” with Azira Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Machida City, Tokyo) , Representative Director and CEO
and COO: Tsuyoshi Onoue (hereinafter referred to as “Ajira”)’s AI security system “AI Security”
Asilla (hereinafter referred to as asilla) has been introduced and has started analyzing over 400 security camera videos.
ASILLA and JR Hakata City will start working in the JR Hakata City commercial complex from October 2023 to investigate how the AI ​​security system ASILLA can contribute to security and management of the facility to ensure safety and security. We have conducted demonstration experiments. The two companies carefully considered the detection data accumulated through the demonstration experiment and the aggregation of on-site security guard regulations based on that data, and determined that ASILLA would play a role beyond a certain level in improving security quality and security efficiency in the demonstration area. Based on this conclusion, we decided to implement the system on a full-scale basis.
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* – JR Hakata City Co., Ltd. Representative Director, President and Executive Officer Hayato Maeda*
After a demonstration experiment, we will be fully implementing the AI ​​security system ASILLA at JR Hakata City.
This is the first time that we have fully introduced an AI security system at a commercial facility that we manage and operate, but during the demonstration experiment period, we have been working hard to improve detection accuracy at any time, and through case studies we have been able to actually experience its effects. I did.
We hope that by introducing ASILLA, we will be able to respond more quickly and appropriately using the power of humans and AI.
We will continue to strive to provide even greater safety and security to our customers who use our service with Ajira.
* – Azira Co., Ltd. CEO and COO Tsuyoshi Onoue*
JR Hakata City has recently sent over 400 camera images to AI Security. We have built an operational system for analysis by ASILLA. We believe that we have one of the largest operational scales in Japan, with more than 400 facilities using our ASILLA.
Prior to this installation and operation, we conducted a demonstration experiment of ASILLA at Amu Plaza Hakata, one of JR Hakata City’s areas, and received results such as performance evaluation and improved security efficiency. We believe that this is the first time we have introduced this service, and we are excited by the realization that we are helping our customers.
We will help provide safety and security to everyone visiting JR Hakata City, even though it is through ASILLA more than ever before, and at the same time, we will use the example of JR Hakata City as our flagship. We will continue to work hard to further implement ASILLA in society.
Overview of this introduction
Installed facility: JR Hakata City
Number of video analyzes: 400 or more
Purpose of introduction: Improving security efficiency, improving security quality, improving convenience for facility users by providing early assistance for wheelchair users and white cane users, etc.
What is JR Hakata City?
“Amu Plaza” has high-quality fashion, a wide variety of
miscellaneous goods, and the largest movie theater in the area; “City Dining Kuten” is a restaurant zone on the 9th and 10th floors; “Amu Est” caters to young people and daily needs; A commercial complex directly connected to JR Hakata Station that is home to approximately 400 unique specialty stores, including Hakata Deitos, which caters to a wide variety of food needs, from souvenirs to meals.
Official website:
JR Hakata City Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hayato Maeda, Representative Director, President and Executive Officer
Address: 12th floor, Kamiya Hakata Chuo Building, 7-21 Hakataeki Chuo-gai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
Main business: Development and operation of commercial facilities centered on JR Hakata City
Official website:

Ajira Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tsuyoshi Onoe, Representative Director, CEO and COO Location: 1-4-2 Nakamachi, Machida City, Tokyo
Business content: Development and sales of AI security system “AI Security asilla”
Official website:
To the press – Would you like to try “asilla”? –
Asilla’s Kanda presentation room is equipped with the latest “AI Security asilla” equipped with the world’s top level “behavior recognition AI”.
You can actually experience Ver2.4.
If you actually experience it, you will gain a deeper understanding of the flow of anomaly detection using behavioral recognition AI. If you wish, we can also interview the development manager or our president. If you are an interested media member, please feel free to contact us using the contact information at the bottom.
‍‍“asilla” is an AI security system based on world-class behavior recognition technology. By converting existing cameras into AI, we will instantly notify you of the video only when abnormal or suspicious behavior is detected. This can reduce the work of security guards who monitor video, and eliminate oversights and omissions.
“asilla” detects various things and various actions.
When the AI ​​discovers a detection target, a notification will be sent to the configured notification destination, such as a monitor or email, within 1 second of detection.
Features to be implemented
*Fire/flame detection*
Detects fires that pose a major threat to security or facility management. Although the installation of sensors to detect fires is required by the Fire Service Act, it is currently difficult to detect fires outside the detection range of sensors, such as outdoors.
Compared to the cost of installing and operating sensors in areas other than those specified by the Fire Service Act, it is
cost-effective to detect fires using existing security cameras. *Suspicious object search function*
In recent years, the frequent occurrence of suspicious objects in transportation infrastructure and public facilities, such as traffic delays and facility blockades, has become a frequent issue in the media.
An update is planned that will automatically detect so-called “suspicious objects” such as left behind packages that cause these problems.
What can be expected from this update is that in the case of a simple forgotten item, the owner can be identified and the return process can be started immediately, and suspicious items that pose a threat can be quickly removed, making it easier to use facilities and
infrastructure. This includes minimizing the impact on customers. ‍“asilla” has the following features
‍‍Detecting signs of incidents and accidents with patented
“unnaturalness detection”
‍AI autonomously learns the behavior of each camera and detects movements that deviate from normal as “unnatural”. Immediate notification of unexpected dangerous behavior helps prevent incidents and accidents.
‍Monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with AI eyes
‍AI constantly monitors images from hundreds of cameras. When an abnormality occurs, it is automatically detected and immediately notified, ensuring that even the smallest movements that cannot be detected by the human eye alone are overlooked.
‍Existing cameras can be used, and one server can process images from up to 50 cameras
‍Existing cameras can be used as is. Initial cost burden is 0. With the Enterprise Plan, you can analyze video from up to 50 cameras with one server, and operating costs are low for large-scale facilities. ‍ Available in a secure environment
‍With a local network configuration, there is no risk of video leaking outside. We plan to continue updating the AI ​​security system “asilla” in the future. Inquiries about “asilla”
We have opened a “Presentation Room” where you can experience a demonstration of “ASILLA”!
At Ajira, we have established a basic policy for compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, ordinances and regulations of the Act, and guidelines of the Act.
We have established basic handling methods for storage, etc. In addition, Ajira has published “AI Security
As a general rule, the information acquired and held through “asilla” is only images with posture information and facial information removed, and does not include information that can identify a specific individual.

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