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Home » Doctors Co., Ltd. Doctors Co., Ltd. and La Sweet Co., Ltd. have created a health promotion facility that combines hot bathing, exercise, meals, meditation, and beauty.

Doctors Co., Ltd. Doctors Co., Ltd. and La Sweet Co., Ltd. have created a health promotion facility that combines hot bathing, exercise, meals, meditation, and beauty.

Doctors Co., Ltd.
Doctors Co., Ltd. and La Sweet Co., Ltd. create a health promotion facility that combines hot baths, exercise, meals, meditation, and beauty.
Doctors Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takao Yanagawa, hereinafter referred to as “Doctors”) provides comprehensive support in the digital health field, from the
development of digital health services to the provision of platforms, and Kobe City. La Suite Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tennoji-ku, Osaka; President and CEO: Seki Hiroyuki (hereinafter referred to as “La Suite”) has started a collaboration and will open a new facility in the spring of 2025 that combines hot bathing, exercise, meals, meditation, and beauty care as part of the Umekita Phase 2 development project “Grand Green Osaka”*1. We are opening the health promotion facility “Umekita Onsen Ren Wellbeing Park”.
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[Image 2:×2894.jpg] Currently, our country has entered a super-aging society, and there is increasing interest in living a well-being lifestyle, such as how to extend healthy life expectancy. The number of people paying attention to their physical and mental conditions is increasing, and we can see that people are becoming more health-conscious.
The service jointly provided by Doctors and La Suite combines state-of-the-art medical DX technology with a health promotion facility where you can enjoy a wide variety of contents such as hot baths, exercise, and meals, thereby improving your health status through the use of the facility. We provide an unprecedented wellness experience, including health management using an application that helps users become aware of their health issues, and recommendations on how to spend time at the facility based on medical evidence, depending on the user’s health condition and interests.
The medical/healthcare apps provided by this service are developed with various customizations based on the Doctors Station(R) OEM provided by Doctors, and are not limited to use within facilities, but are useful for users on a daily basis. By providing medical care such as medical consultation and online medical treatment, we contribute to continuously improving the quality of life.
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Umekita Onsen Ren Wellbeing Park Teaser Site: About Doctors
In order to realize essential digital health services from the perspective of doctors in the medical field, Doctors provides online medical teams, medical DX platforms, and medical operations that will lead the digital health era.
About Las Suite
La Suite is a core facility of the city center waterfront project promoted by Kobe City, which includes the small luxury hotel “Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland,” the sweets and bakery facility “Le Pin Kobe Kitano,” and Keihanshin’s first hot spring health facility. We manage and operate the hot spring inn “Kobe Minato Onsen Ren,” which is a promotional facility, and the convention facility “La Suite Kobe Ocean’s Garden.” We provide a high-quality customer experience through luxurious, high-quality services and original products. Online hospital platform Doctors Station(R) What is OEM?
Doctors Station(R) OEM is an online medical platform that allows you to easily, securely, and speedily build medical and healthcare services based on a cloud system that complies with medical security and compliance.
Doctors Station(R)︎ OEM features
(1) Compatible with medical security
(2) Possible to build speedy medical and healthcare services (3) Freely connect with medical equipment and wearable devices (4) System linkage with external apps/services possible
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*1 Umekita 2nd phase area development project “Grand Green Osaka” The Umekita Project is developing a new town in front of Osaka Station. Grand Front Osaka, which was born in this advanced
development area, has been the gateway to Osaka and the Kansai region, creating interaction between many people. In 2024, “Grand Green Osaka” will be born in the Umekita Phase 2 district, full of rich greenery that will warmly embrace people.
Contributing to building a society that goes beyond the conventional paradigm of urban development and accepts diversity, including nationality, age, gender, and the presence or absence of disabilities, shares wisdom, and allows each individual to feel an improvement in their Quality of Life (QOL). To do.
Company Profile
[Doctors Co., Ltd.] Company name: Doctors Co., Ltd. Representative: President and CEO Takao Yanagawa Head office: PMO Hamamatsucho II 5th floor, 2-3-6 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: September 2016
Business start: October 2019 Business content: “Doctors Cloud (R)”, which utilizes a network of active expert doctors (R) * based on unique guidelines, to support the commercialization of digital health services, medical DX / digital health comprehensive support We provide services such as “Doctors Next(R)” and medical collaboration online medical support service “Doctors Station(R).”
*Expert Physicians (R): A network of doctors who have extensive experience and achievements in clinical settings as doctors, and who have an active attitude toward digital health and medical DX. More than 700 doctors, mainly specialists, are participating.
[La Sweet Co., Ltd.]
Company name: La Sweet Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hiroyuki Seki, Representative Director and President Head office: 3-3-2 Kamishio, Tennoji-ku, Osaka
Established: November 2005
Business details: Management and operation of small luxury hotels, sweets & bakery facilities, hot spring inns, convention facilities, etc.
Umekita Onsen Ren Wellbeing Park Teaser Site: More details about this release: