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Recipe Japanese and English voice guidance added to route bus driver support system

[Recipe] Japanese and English voice guidance added to route bus driver support system

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Press release: June 5, 2024
Added Japanese and English voice guidance to route bus driver support system *By providing an easy-to-drive environment, we will contribute to solving the driver shortage that will become more serious due to the 2024 problem*
LESSIP Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Motosu City, Gifu Prefecture, President and CEO: Makoto Sugimoto, hereinafter referred to as LESSIP) is a Japanese and Added voice guidance function for crew members that supports English.

The “route bus crew support system” is a system that supports the work of route bus crew members by utilizing data such as location information, displaying departure times and routes, and alerting drivers when they deviate from the route.
The newly added function is a function that provides audio guidance on the route to the driver while driving to prevent them from taking the wrong route. In addition to the conventional monitor screen display, voice guidance has been added, making it possible to concentrate even more on driving. By providing an environment where passengers can operate on the correct route regardless of their level of proficiency with the route, we will contribute to resolving the shortage of crew members.

The bus industry is also expected to hire more foreign drivers, as there is a move to add “car transportation” to the list of industries eligible for the “Specified Skilled Worker” status of residence. This is an addition of functionality to respond to the future
diversification of human resources.
Route bus crew support system: Image of voice guidance function -Development background-
A route bus driver’s job is to drive a route bus and transport passengers safely and on time to their destination. Crew members have a wide range of duties, and in addition to driving duties, they also undertake general customer service duties such as ensuring safety around and inside the vehicle, opening/closing doors, collecting fares, making announcements on the train, and guiding passengers. Of these, learning the locations of bus stops and operating routes is a task unique to fixed-route buses, and bus routes vary depending on the working day and time of day, so learning the operating routes is especially time-consuming among the various tasks. It takes. In the bus industry, in addition to the existing labor shortage, the 2024 problem (a problem of insufficient transportation capacity due to the setting of a cap on overtime hours) is also compounding the problem, and there are concerns about a serious shortage of crew members. Bus operators have expressed their desire to create a more comfortable driving environment and reduce the workload in order to alleviate the shortage of crew members.

-the next deployment-
The crew support system using the operation support system “LIVU” was launched in 2019, and to date has been used on approximately 2,300 route buses (as of the end of March 2024). Through this project, we aim to further increase the number of companies adopting the product and the number of devices equipped with it.
In the future, we plan to add features such as support for a wider variety of languages ​​and the ability to change guidance content according to the proficiency level of the crew. We will continue to work on product development with the aim of contributing to resolving the crew shortage by utilizing diverse human resources in the bus industry.

-New feature: Route audio guidance in Japanese and English-
When you approach a pre-registered warning display point, it provides audio guidance such as route guidance to prevent you from taking the wrong route. Audio guidance and screen display (*) are available in Japanese and English.
*Proper nouns such as stop names and destinations are displayed in Japanese. Touch panel display for crew: route guidance screen image
Along with the route guidance, voice guidance such as “Go straight ahead,” “Turn right,” “Stop,” and “Confirm route” will be provided.

* ■Route audio guidance supports an environment where you can concentrate on driving with peace of mind*
Benefits of crew support systems
・You can operate a bus regardless of your driving experience or familiarity with the route.
・By providing an environment where even young people and foreigners can drive with peace of mind, we will contribute to resolving the shortage of crew members.

-Overview of the operation support system “LIVU”-
Onboard equipment is installed on buses to collect various data such as location information, vehicle speed pulses (traveling distance data), and door opening/closing signals. Utilizing the collected data, we support the operation of route bus crews by providing route guidance to crew members, updating fare data, and automatically broadcasting information to passengers.

-Main functions of the operation support system “LIVU”-
■Preventing premature onset
By registering the timetable data, each stop name and departure time will be displayed. By comparing the departure time with the current time, you can check the operating status and prevent early departures (departing from a stop earlier than the scheduled time).
Screen image: Preventing premature departure by displaying departure time ■Preventing incorrect collection of fares
If there is a discrepancy between the stop and the route due to forgetting to confirm the stop, etc., a stop difference warning message will be displayed before arriving at the stop. Prevents incorrect collection of fares due to stop misalignment.
Screen image: Warning of wrong stop/route
* -Company Profile-*
Company name: LECIP Co., Ltd.
Address: 1260-2 Kamiyasu, Motosu City, Gifu Prefecture
Established March 1953 (100% owned by LECIP Holdings Co., Ltd.) Business details Manufacture, sale and service of electrical equipment for buses and trains, manufacture and sale and service of various industrial equipment and automobile parts, etc.
Company homepage
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