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Home » OTONARI signs sponsorship agreement to support composer Kazunari Kadota’s music activities

OTONARI signs sponsorship agreement to support composer Kazunari Kadota’s music activities

OTONARI signs sponsorship agreement to support composer Kazunari Kadota’s music activities

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Press release: June 5, 2024
OTONARI signs sponsorship agreement to support composer Kazunari Kadota’s music activities
*~Expand business to support musicians’ activities and contribute to the development of the music industry~*
Composer Kazunori Kadota (right)/COO Horn Yamamoto
[image: download] d90318-4-07fa174f25953258d0979ebc64899eb3.pdf Otonari LLC (Headquarters: Chofu City, Tokyo, CEO: Yukiyo Matsuyama, hereinafter referred to as Otonari) is a company founded by composer Kazunari Monden.
We have concluded a sponsorship contract (this Sponsorship) with the purpose of supporting Kazutaka’s music activities.
This sponsorship aims to help Otonari further develop the music industry and help talented artists reach their full potential. Sponsorship purpose
This sponsorship is based on Otonari’s vision of “supporting entertainment,” and we have launched a project to support classical music, sports, art, and more. COO Yamamoto, who previously had a career as a musician in Italy, carefully selects the artists he supports. The selected artists can use the support funds for a wide range of musical activities, including purchasing equipment necessary for creative activities, recording, and promotional activities.

This time, as our first large-scale contract, we have selected Mr. Kadota, who was Yamamoto’s university colleague and was active in the same music group.
After graduating from university, Mr. Kadota continued his composing activities in Japan, and has deepened their friendship with Yamamoto, who was composing overseas, by co-starring with him at his
performances in Japan.
The sponsorship contract with Mr. Kadota is for three years, and will include support using the full range of Otonari’s assets in marketing, sales, and technology, as well as the necessary advisory services for music utilization.
* Comment from composer Kadota *
Composer Kazunori Kadota
My name is Kazunori Kadota, a composer. I am active in all genres, from classical and contemporary music to musical composition. I had the experience of working together with Mr. Horn Yamamoto mainly during our student days, and I was greatly inspired by his active attitude towards a variety of things, not just music.
Although we are now working in different fields, I am happy that we can once again help each other improve. We will continue to strive to carry out attractive activities that are worthy of the support of adults.

*Comment from COO Yamamoto*
COO・Horun Yamamoto
There are many artists in the world who are blessed with talent but lack opportunities. It is difficult to survive in the modern world by simply spending time on self-study. In such a situation, I feel a sense of crisis for the inheritance of culture and art.
Artists and creators who live in entertainment need to be familiar with marketing and promotion in order to sell themselves and increase their fan base, but we have launched this sponsorship because it is difficult to create such an environment. .
The reason why we selected composer Mr. Kadota for a long-term sponsorship contract was of course because we wanted to support the success of our old friend, but above all, the main reason was that he envisioned the future in the many gentle yet sharp songs he created. It has become.
It will be a long journey with music, but I hope that he will continue to pursue his creative activities as one of Japan’s leading composers.

At A COTE in Sengawa, Chofu City
In the future, we will carefully select artists who are worthy of this sponsorship, regardless of professional or amateur genre, and support musical activities such as classical music concerts, discover young artists in the art field, and support entertainment and creators. We will continue to promote this.

Composer Kazunori Kadota Profile
Born in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Graduated from the Composition Major (Art Music Course) at Tokyo College of Music, and completed the Composition Department at Tokyo Gakugei University Graduate School of Music Education. A contemporary composer who energetically presents chamber music works characterized by delicate melodies.
-Representative activities-
・2017, Joe Hisaishi Young Composer’s
Received the grand prize for “Kiregire” for chamber orchestra at the competition. After that, “Music Future
Vol. 4 , he successfully premiered it and began his career as a composer in earnest.

・In 2019, he produced and released original musicals such as “Chaco and Litaletta” with Kiyotomo Naga (formerly of Shiki Theater Company), which received favorable reviews.

・In 2023, he started the Hirota Kadota Duo, a duo with cellist Yuki Hirota (former Deputy Principal of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra). They are actively working on a national tour and tickets continue to sell out. In addition, he is in charge of arranging more than 30 songs as the exclusive composer for the “Kure Igarashi Trio”, which is sponsored by the young guitarist Kurenai Igarashi.

・Familiar with classical Japanese culture, he has composed tanka, haiku, and Manyoshu songs. He has performed successfully at Kubota Kuho Memorial Museum (2018), Masaoka Shikian (2019), Tsukuba Shrine (2022), etc.
Furthermore, with the help of Fujiko Noguchi, a direct grandchild of the poet Ujo Noguchi, he has been arranging nursery rhymes such as “Shabondama” and composing and performing Ujo’s unpublished lyrics.

-Kazutsune Kadota’s representative works-
“Gourmet” for orchestra
“Kappa” for clarinet, violin, and piano
“Kiregire” for chamber orchestra
Musical “Chaco and Litaletta” “GORGON”
“Standard Romance” for Piano Trio
Soap bubble
I’m so sad I can’t do it
Suite Rosarium Mikan

OTONARI Company Profile
Trade name: Otonari LLC
Location: Chofu City, Tokyo
Established: April 2021
Representative: CEO Yukiyo Matsuyama
Business content: Regional PR media “SHARE LOCAL”
Planning and operation of “STORIES” / Utilization of IT technology in regional revitalization activities / Planning and implementation of marketing measures for regional revitalization, etc.
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