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Ururu BPO begins its third term of CIO assistance work in Komatsushima City, Tokushima Prefecture

Ururu Co., Ltd.
Ururu BPO begins its third term of CIO assistance work in Komatsushima City, Tokushima Prefecture
– Contributing not only to supporting the use of digital technology, but also to cultivating the mindset of employees and building an organization –
Ururu BPO Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Tomoya Hoshi) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ururu Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tomoya Hoshi), which operates multiple SaaS services as a leading company in solving labor shortage issues. Yuhei Okeyama (hereinafter referred to as “Ururu BPO”) has decided to continue the CIO assistance work in Komatsushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, which started in 2022, and we would like to inform you that the third term has started.
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The importance of securing and developing digital human resources in each local government in line with the “Municipal DX Promotion Plan” In December 2022, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced the “Municipal DX Promotion Plan” (*1), which incorporates the national philosophy and support measures. Digitalization is an urgent issue, and in order to further advance digitalization efforts, it is necessary to build a DX promotion system and secure and develop digital human resources.
As each local government formulates overall policies to promote DX, the use of external human resources such as CIO assistants is also progressing as one of the initiatives. The CIO assistant plays an important role in the local government’s IT governance, and by supporting the CIO and its initiatives based on specialized IT knowledge, contributes to the sophistication, efficiency, and rationalization of the local government’s electronic administration. Masu. However, although the number of local governments using external human resources as CIO assistants is on the rise, the proportion of all local governments still remains small.
Against this background, in 2022, Komatsushima City will conduct an open call for proposals for CIO assistance in Komatsushima City, with the aim of improving convenience for citizens and reforming the work style of employees. We have introduced a government official. (*1) Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Regarding the promotion of local government DX” (Reiwa 5/2023) Support with Ururu Group’s IT knowledge and extensive business direction know-how
Ururu Group has developed multiple SaaS services, and has contributed to the efficiency and rationalization of business operations by supporting digitalization in various industries and industries. In addition, Ururu BPO has provided a wide range of BPO solutions, including data entry and data scanning, direct mail sending, call center, and system development, and has worked on approximately 31,000 projects for over 5,600 companies (* As of the end of May 2024), we have a large amount of business direction know-how. Since opening the Ururu BPO Tokushima Center in April 2019, which specializes in document scanning, we have contributed to job creation in Komatsushima City by attracting companies.
After that, Ururu BPO was entrusted with CIO assistance after reviewing the public proposals, and has been supporting Komatsushima City’s DX promotion. In my third term as CIO assistant, I will work toward realizing Komatsushima City’s goal of “providing high-quality citizen services by leveraging the power of digital.”
Ururu BPO’s past efforts to play a role in fostering an organizational culture as an assistant to the CIO
When Komatsushima City formulated the “Komatsushima City DX Promotion Plan” in March 2023, we provided advice and support regarding the formulation and implemented three DXs: DX for “Citizen Services,” DX for “Administrative Management,” and DX for “Town Development.” We have designated this as a priority area for DX promotion and established it as a basic policy.
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-From Komatsushima City DX Promotion Plan-
DX of “citizen services”: Digitalization of counter operations, online administrative procedures, etc.
DX of “Administrative Management”: BPR (Business Process
Reengineering) initiatives, promotion of the use of AI and RPA, promotion of telework, development of digital human resources, etc. DX of “town development”: Digitalization of the disaster prevention and firefighting fields, digitalization of the welfare, health, and child-rearing fields, digitalization of the education field, etc. In addition, Komatsushima City is actively working on career support, especially for young people. Therefore, as part of our support for DX promotion, we are also conducting training to convey the know-how for “penetrating the culture necessary for building a strong
organization”, which is one of Ururu Group’s strengths, and
contributing to fostering the mindset of employees and building an organization. doing.
In the future, Ruru BPO will continue to promote DX in many companies and local governments and work towards solving Japan’s labor shortage. [Uruuru Group Overview] Ururu Co., Ltd. ( Established: August 31, 2001
Address: KDX Harumi Building 9F, 3-12-1 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Representative name: Tomoya Hoshi
Business details:
◆CGS (Crowd Generated Service) business *CGS is Ururu’s unique business model that utilizes crowd workers.
・Telephone agency service “Fondesk”
・Bid information breaking service “NJSS” “nSearch*1”
・Photo sales system for kindergartens and nursery schools “En Photo”
・On-site photography service “OurPhoto” *2 ◆Crowdsourcing business
・Operation of the platform “Shufti”
◆BPO business *3
・Comprehensive outsourcing “Ururu BPO” ・High-precision AI-OCR service “eas” ・Total support service for employment of people with disabilities “eas next”
*1 Operated by Brainfeed Co., Ltd.
*2 Operated by OurPhoto Co., Ltd.
*3 Operated by Ururu BPO Co., Ltd.
■Contact information regarding services
Ururu BPO Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Minami
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