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JR West J-WEST Ticketless/Special Ticketless Repeat Welcome Campaign

[JR West] J-WEST Ticketless/Special Ticketless Repeat Welcome Campaign
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Press release: June 5, 2024
J-WEST Ticketless Special Ticketless Repeat Welcome Campaign

West Japan Railway Company (hereinafter referred to as “JR West”) offers “J-WEST Ticketless/Toku Toku Ticketless”, which increases your chances of earning WESTER points the more you ride.
We will carry out a campaign that welcomes repeat customers.

Also, each time you ride, you can choose whether you want to win by lottery or get everything, so please take this opportunity to enjoy the game-like experience while riding the convenient and comfortable limited express train.

*1. Campaign period *
* June 11, 2024 (Tuesday) – July 10, 2024 (Wednesday) *
*Entry is possible from 9:00 am on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.
*The above is the ride date of the target product that is eligible for the campaign.

*2. Shipping*
The following products can be purchased at JR West Online Reservation “e5489” (hereinafter referred to as e5489)
* ・J-WEST ticketless*
* ・Tokutoku Ticketless*
*Registration as a WESTER member (free) is required.

*3. Number of eligible rides (total during campaign period)* ・2 times, 4 times, 8 times
*4. Prize*
* (1) “Win ​​by lottery” course *
1st prize: WESTER points 5,470 points
(WESTER point bonus ticket Shin-Osaka ~ Hiroshima equivalent to regular season Nozomi usage)
2nd prize: WESTER points 3,230 points
(WESTER point bonus ticket Shin-Osaka ~ Okayama equivalent to Nozomi usage during the regular season)
3rd prize: WESTER points 750 points
(Equivalent to the fare for the main sections used for J-WEST Ticketless) *The more eligible rides you take, the higher your chances of winning.

* (2) “Everything you can get” course*
Achieved 2 rides: 50 WESTER points
Achieved 4 rides: WESTER points 100 points
Achieved 8 rides: WESTER points 200 points

*5. How to participate in the campaign*
* 1. Download the mobile life navigation app “WESTER” (hereinafter referred to as WESTER app). *
* 2. Register and log in to the WESTER app. *
* 3. Select “J-WEST Ticketless/Special Ticketless” from “Go to great deals!” at the bottom right of the top screen of the WESTER app. Select “Repeat Welcome Campaign” and complete your entry. *
* 4. Purchase eligible products at e5489 and ride without a ticket. * *Please be sure to purchase using the WESTER ID registered in the WESTER app when entering this campaign.
Purchases made without logging into e5489 or purchases made with a WESTER ID different from the one registered are not eligible.

[If the target number of rides has been achieved] (2 times, 4 times, 8 times) During the period, the number of rides will be updated on the next day for each ride on the target product, and if the target number of rides is achieved, the “Point Course Selection” button will be activated. Click this “Point course selection” button and select “Win by lottery” or “Get all points”.
*If you have not logged in with your WESTER ID, the number of rides will not be displayed.
*The period in which you can select “Win by lottery” or “Get all the prizes” is from June 12, 2024 (Wednesday) 00:00 to July 20, 2024 (Saturday) 23:59.

*6. WESTER point award period*
This is scheduled for after the end of August 2024.

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