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Home » Tokai Television Broadcasting Received the Excellence Award in the Reporting Activities Category at the 61st G alaxy Awards! Campaign “Kawaru PTA”

Tokai Television Broadcasting Received the Excellence Award in the Reporting Activities Category at the 61st G alaxy Awards! Campaign “Kawaru PTA”

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Received the Excellence Award in the Journalism Category at the 61st Galaxy Awards! Campaign “Kawaru PTA”
Tokai TV News ONE Broadcast Monday-Friday 15:43-19:00
The “Galaxy Award” is an authoritative award established by the Broadcast Criticism Council in 1963 with the aim of improving the quality of broadcast culture.It is divided into four categories: TV, radio, commercials, and news activities. These awards are given to broadcast works and people involved. The campaign “Kawaru PTA,” produced by Tokai Television, won the Excellence Award in the news activities category. The contents of the work are as follows.
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[Excellence Award in the Journalism Activities Category]
Campaign “Kawaru PTA”
PTAs, which were established in schools across the country shortly after the war, have many problems, such as being forced to join and participate in activities despite being voluntary organizations. This situation is no longer commensurate with social changes such as the increase in dual-income households, and the worries of the
child-rearing generation are acute. We will continue to cover this issue from multiple angles, mainly on the evening news program “News ONE,” and will also report on the efforts of those involved in searching for a form of PTA that fits the times. Furthermore, using his position as a continuous reporter of local governments, he raises questions about the state of educational administration, which has relied heavily on parents in terms of manpower and money.
Although the PTA issue has been covered intermittently in newspapers and other media since the 2000s, this campaign is the first and only full-scale series coverage on television. In addition to visualizing problems through the spread of SNS, etc., and seizing the opportunity to review activities due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have installed cameras on-site to continuously communicate the real concerns of PTA executives and parents, and are also implementing PTA “outsourcing”. We are also quick to cover new phenomena such as “dissolution” and “dissolution”.
Since PTAs are voluntary organizations, the actual situation is not fully understood by the government, so we conducted our own
questionnaire to the presidents of over 500 PTAs in the prefectural capitals of the three Tokai prefectures that are our broadcasting area. In addition to gathering information on the actual state of “coercion” and operational issues, the team also revealed that many PTAs use membership fees to purchase a large number of school supplies, becoming a “second wallet,” so to speak.
In addition, we add additional interviews to the footage we have taken for the news, create commercials (public campaign spots), and release them on social media.
As part of the campaign “Kawaru PTA,” more than 20 news stories were broadcast from October 2022 to September 2023, including 10 long-form VTR features. In addition to receiving a great response from each broadcast, the program is also actively disseminated on the Internet, attracting the attention of PTA officials and parties across the country.
An investigative report based on an original survey revealed the fact that PTAs purchase a large number of school supplies. In Nagoya City, the Board of Education conducted a school-wide survey and discovered that “approximately 180 million yen worth of donations over five years” had been made, which the city had not been aware of. This “second wallet” issue was reported by other media, and a study session was held at an organization formed by PTA in Nagoya City to discuss how donations should be made. Raising the issue is spreading across the country, and efforts are being made to improve the situation, mainly from parents.
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