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Home » Taiyo Holdings Co., Ltd. Announcement of Taiyo ink manufacturing and electronic equipment total solution exhib ition “JPCA Show 2024”

Taiyo Holdings Co., Ltd. Announcement of Taiyo ink manufacturing and electronic equipment total solution exhib ition “JPCA Show 2024”

Taiyo Holdings Co., Ltd.
Taiyo Ink Manufacturing Announces Exhibition at Electronic Equipment Total Solution Exhibition “JPCA Show 2024”
Materials for power semiconductors won the 20th JPCA Award.
Taiyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Head office: Arashiyama-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture, President and CEO: Shoji Minegishi) is a subsidiary of Taiyo Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Eiji Sato, Stock code: 4626) will be exhibiting at the 53rd International Electronic Circuits Industry Exhibition, the electronic equipment total solution exhibition “JPCA Show 2024”, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from June 12th (Wednesday) to June 14th (Friday), 2024. Masu.
The booth will feature cutting-edge technologies that will open up a new era, focusing on five themes: “Products for automobiles,” “Products for power semiconductors,” “Products for highly integrated fields,” “Products for displays,” and “Others.” We will exhibit various products that contribute to development. Including “High heat dissipation insulation material for power semiconductors” which won the 20th JPCA Award (Award), high-performance solder resist (SR) for PCB substrates, high reliability SR for package substrates, and various interlayer insulation materials. We will introduce various hole-filling materials, gap-filling materials, heat dissipation materials, semiconductor encapsulation materials, photosensitive coverlays, materials for three-dimensional molded substrates, various materials for displays, etc. Materials for three-dimensional molded substrates will also be exhibited at the MID Pavilion.
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About the 20th JPCA Award winning products
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・Product name: “High heat dissipation insulation material for power semiconductors”
・Product overview: Various insulating materials suitable for power semiconductor mounting boards that have both high insulation reliability and thermal conductivity.
・Development history: While miniaturization and high performance are required in electronic devices, “energy saving” has become a major issue. Under these circumstances, power semiconductors with low power loss are attracting attention, but as semiconductors become more efficient and more compact, it is necessary to address new issues such as heat countermeasures. The newly developed “high heat dissipation material” contributes to this “heat countermeasure.”
*This is the fifth consecutive year that Taiyo Ink Manufacturing has won the JPCA Award.
“JPCA Show 2024” event overview
Event period: June 12th (Wednesday) to June 14th (Friday), 2024 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 5
Booth number: 5F-47 (MID pavilion: 3B-47)
Exhibition details: Our exhibition overview: *For those who visit our booth, we will give away limited edition goods to the first 700 people.
Taiyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Company Profile
[Head office location] 900 Hirasawa, Arashiyama-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama 355-0215 [Representative] Shoji Minegishi [Established] August 5, 1999 [Capital] 450 million yen
[Number of employees (including temporary employees)] 420 people (as of the end of March 2024)
Taiyo Holdings Co., Ltd. Company Profile
[Head office location] 388 Okura, Arashiyama-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama 355-0222 [Head office] 16th floor, Metropolitan Plaza Building, 1-11-1 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0021
[Representative] Eiji Sato [Established] September 29, 1953 [Capital] 9.9 billion yen
[Number of employees] Consolidated 2,210 people/Non-consolidated 156 people (as of the end of March 2024)
-About Taiyo Holdings and Taiyo Ink Manufacturing-
Taiyo Holdings is a leading company that boasts the world’s No. 1 share of solder resist (insulating material that protects the surface of printed circuit boards used in various electronic devices). In addition to the electronics business, which develops, manufactures and sells chemical components for electronic components, which are important for many electronic products, and the medical and
pharmaceutical business, which manufactures and sells medical drugs and conducts contract manufacturing, we also provide digital services to our group and customers. We utilize the power of chemistry to promote a variety of business activities, such as the ICT business that supports various fields, the fine chemical business that conducts contract synthesis development, the energy business that promotes the spread of renewable energy, and the food business that operates plant factories. Masu.
In the electronics business, Taiyo Ink Manufacturing is responsible for the development, manufacture and sale, and purchase and sale of chemicals for electronic devices, including printed circuit board components such as solder resists. The company is focusing on the continued growth of existing businesses and the creation of new business areas, based on the technology it has cultivated in solder resist, and will contribute to technological innovation in the electronics field.
*“2019 Current Situation and Future Prospects of Advanced Electronics Materials” Research by Fuji Chimera Research Institute Co., Ltd. More details about this release: