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Komeri Co., Ltd. Komeri offers discounted prices on 441 carefully selected items from June 1st!

Komeri Co., Ltd.
Komeri is offering discounted prices on 441 carefully selected items starting June 1st!
~Implemented at approximately 1,200 Komeri Group stores nationwide~ ……
Komeri Co., Ltd. (location: Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, President and CEO: Yuichiro Komeri), which supports local
professionals as a lifeline for the region through its home
improvement stores “Komeri Power” and “Komeri Hard & Green,” is now the best in the world. We support our customers’ lives with our “special value” services, which provide recommended products at reasonable prices.
[Image 1:×425.jpg] Due to the successive price increases of daily necessities such as daily necessities and foodstuffs, the burden on household budgets has increased and is having a major impact on people’s lives. In order to protect customers’ lives from the invisible anxiety of “high prices,” Komeri leverages its unique distribution network and the mass advantage of approximately 1,200 stores nationwide to lower the prices of products and sell them as “special bargains.” We are. We have recently reduced the prices of 441 items starting from June 1, 2024. The Komeri Group will continue to create customer-friendly stores where customers can shop with peace of mind no matter when they visit, and strive to help them lead a “rich and comfortable life.” *This is the number of products with price reductions as of June 1, 2024. *Price reduction period varies depending on the product. *Some products may not be available depending on the store. ■ Click here for the special feature page ■ Introducing recommended products from June price reductions Resiton Cutting Wheel Golden Egg Set of 10
[Image 2:×240.jpg] Price including tax: 1,880 yen Washin Paint Cleo Power 1.6kg Various
[Image 3:×500.jpg] Price including tax: 1,780 yen Inaba fish 60g x 3 bags various
[Image 4:×381.jpg] Price including tax: 188 yen Kao Quickle Wiper 3D adsorption wet sheet 32 ​​pieces
[Image 5:×1000.jpg] Price including tax: 798 yen Tefal Ingenio Neo Royal Blue Intense 9-piece set of frying pans and pots with removable handles for gas fires
[Image 6:×543.jpg] Price including tax: 12,800 yen check the special website for other products. Komeri-
[Image 7:×389.jpg] Let’s support local professionals. There are things you can see when you walk slower than usual. I wish there were so many professionals in my hometown. Komeri, which aspires to be a lifeline for the region, will continue to support local professionals. The success of local professionals is what energizes Japan’s regions. We are a home center chain that operates stores with a wide product lineup centered on materials and building materials, hardware and tools, and gardening and agricultural supplies for everyone from professionals to home owners. Using our unique systems and know-how, we are taking on the challenge of modernizing distribution with the goal of stably providing the products our customers need at affordable prices. We will continue to create stores from the customer’s perspective, have a product lineup that reflects customer feedback, provide customer service that pleases our customers, and strive to help them live a rich and comfortable life. Online shopping site homepage profile-Company name: Komeri Co., Ltd. Established: 1962 July Capital: 18,802 million yen Representative: Yuichiro Tsutomu, Representative Director and President Head office location: 4501-1 Shimizu, Minami-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture Business: Chain store management such as Power and Hard & Green Stock listing: Tokyo Securities Exchange Prime Market Number of stores: 1220 stores (as of May 31, 2024) 25 in Hokkaido, 20 in Aomori, 39 in Iwate, 36 in Miyagi, 39 in Akita, 27 in Yamagata, 52 in Fukushima, 46 in Ibaraki, Tochigi Prefectures: 39, Gunma: 41, Saitama: 33, Chiba: 52, Tokyo: 10, Kanagawa: 7, Niigata: 80, Toyama: 25, Ishikawa: 20, Fukui: 20, Yamanashi: 19, Nagano: 56, Gifu: 39 , Shizuoka Prefecture 22, Aichi Prefecture 10, Mie Prefecture 48, Shiga Prefecture 28, Kyoto Prefecture 19, Osaka Prefecture 7, Hyogo Prefecture 30, Nara Prefecture 15, Wakayama Prefecture 20, Tottori Prefecture 12, Shimane Prefecture 8, Okayama Prefecture 29, Hiroshima Prefectures: 21, : 16, Tokushima: 17, Kagawa: 10, Ehime: 10, Kochi: 12, Fukuoka: 27, Saga: 15, Nagasaki: 17, Kumamoto: 40, Oita: 15, Miyazaki: 21, Kagoshima: 26
[Image 8:×190.jpg ]

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