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Home » NC Co., Ltd. A glass pen set with the theme of “Art Paper Cafe BINGATAYA” is now on sale!

NC Co., Ltd. A glass pen set with the theme of “Art Paper Cafe BINGATAYA” is now on sale!

[NC Co., Ltd.] A glass pen set with the theme of “Art Paper Cafe BINGATAYA” is now on sale!

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Press release: June 5, 2024
A glass pen set with the theme of “Art Paper Cafe BINGATAYA” is now on sale! *NBC Co., Ltd., a stationery wholesaler and store operator
(Headquarters Meguro-ku, Tokyo / President and Representative Director)
An original glass pen set is now on sale from Yuko Maruyama (NC). * * Features of BINGATAYA glass pen set *
“BINGATAYA Blend” coffee beans, which were popular at the cafe, are the motif of the cafe.
A glass pen set inspired by wisteria flowers.

[Product price] 2 types each ¥24,200 including tax
・BINGATAYA glass pen set pink
This is a set of products inspired by the cafe’s motif of wisteria flowers. The glass pen depicts the layers of coffee and milk.
The ink is a calm pink color inspired by wisteria flowers.
・BINGATAYA glass pen set brown
A glass pen set with a motif of the coffee “BINGATAYA Blend” that was popular at cafes.
The glass pen and ink are inspired by black coffee.
-About Art Paper Cafe BINGATAYA-
A fusion of washi paper (bingata) selected by the buyer, stationery, and a cafe. This is a select shop.
The first store, Aoyama store, opened in October 2003, and the second store, Toyama store, opened in September 2007.
Both BINGATAYA stores have closed, but we have heard from many customers that they will reopen, so we have decided to release a glass pen set based on the characteristics of the cafe.

* ■Sales method *
Now on sale at NBC online store.

CALTOLERIA Shinjuku store operated by NBC from June 14th (Friday), It will be sold at four stores: Tama Plaza store, Kagoshima store, and Okinawa store.

* ■NC Overview *
Founded in 1963, NBC has produced and sold official postcards for the 1970 World’s Fair, the 1975 Okinawa Ocean Expo, the 1980 Portopia Expo, and the 1985 Science Expo. At the same time, starting with the opening of a stationery store in Singapore in 1983, we have expanded our store network to include San Francisco, New York, Shinjuku, Tama Plaza, Kagoshima, and Okinawa. Calendars, which we started handling in 1975, still account for a large amount of sales.
In 2013, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Kinokuniya Bookstore and joined the group. To date, we have been engaged in the stationery wholesale business for many bookstores and retailers including Kinokuniya Bookstore, the operation of directly managed stores, the export business overseas, the development of original products, the expansion of business operations, and the expansion of business formats.

* ■Company profile *
Company name: NBC Co., Ltd. (Kinokuniya Bookstore Group)
Representative: Hiroko Maruyama, Representative Director and President Location: 153-0064
4th floor, Meguro Sumiya Building, 3-9-13 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 29, 1963
Capital: 10 million yen
Store information page:
Online store:
Business details: Production and sale of postcards, greeting cards (Christmas cards), etc.
Production and sales of calendars
Production and sale of books and printed matter, etc. Production and sales of stationery
Stationery store management
* ■Contact information regarding this matter *
NBC Co., Ltd. Rie Ishida
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