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Home » Nippon Agriculture Co., Ltd. Nippon Agriculture paid a courtesy call to Governor Kazuhiko Oigawa of Ibaraki Prefecture to report on the opening of pear and peach fields*1 in Shiro-cho, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Nippon Agriculture Co., Ltd. Nippon Agriculture paid a courtesy call to Governor Kazuhiko Oigawa of Ibaraki Prefecture to report on the opening of pear and peach fields*1 in Shiro-cho, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Japan Agriculture Co., Ltd.
Japan Agriculture pays a courtesy visit to Governor Kazuhiko Oigawa of Ibaraki Prefecture to report on the opening of pear and peach fields*1 in Shirosato Town, Ibaraki Prefecture
Report on the status of peach and peach fields, expansion plans, and future initiatives in Ibaraki Prefecture
Japan Agriculture Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Shohei Naito; hereinafter referred to as “Japan Agriculture”), which develops a new industrial structure by developing a comprehensive service from production to sales of Japanese agricultural products, is a company with 6 companies. On April 5th, we paid a courtesy visit to Ibaraki Prefecture Governor Kazuhiko Oigawa at the Ibaraki Prefectural Office. We reported on the status of the pear and peach farm, which opened in February 2024 in Shirosato Town, Higashiibaraki District, Ibaraki Prefecture
(hereinafter referred to as “Casato Town”), its future development, and initiatives with existing farmers.
*1: A place for growing crops
[Image 1:×1000.jpg] Regarding the courtesy visit
[Event overview]
Date and time: June 5, 2024 (Wednesday) 14:30-14:45
Location: Ibaraki Prefectural Office Governor Reception Room Attendees: Ibaraki Prefecture Governor Kazuhiko Oigawa, Josato Town Mayor Osamu Kamitono, Japan Agriculture Representative Director and CEO Shohei Naito, and other related parties
・Report on Japanese agriculture
With the mission of “Astonishing the world with Japanese
agriculture”, Japan Agriculture aims to transform the structure of the industry by handling everything from production to sales. We are considering cultivating pears in Ibaraki Prefecture starting in 2023, and with the cooperation of Ibaraki Prefecture and Shirosato Town, we have concluded a lease agreement for land, including abandoned cultivated land, in the Sukitakano district of Shirosato Town. In February 2024, we will open a pear and peach farm with an area of ​​approximately 5 feet*2 in Shirosato Town.
During this courtesy visit, we reported on the status of the pear and peach farm that had opened in Shirosato Town, future expansion plans, and initiatives with existing farmers in Ibaraki Prefecture. In addition, we explained the export of Japanese apples, sweet potatoes, and other agricultural products to Asia, such as Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and our efforts to support agricultural entry.
・Comments from Ibaraki Prefecture Governor Kazuhiko Oigawa
I think they have export know-how in areas such as regulating and transporting pesticide residues, so I would like them to open up the export market. Actively developing export markets will be a good stimulus for local producers. We will support you so that you can lead the growth of Shirosato Town.
・Comment from Osamu Kamitono, Mayor of Josato Town
The town of Shirosato welcomes the new entry of Japanese agriculture into agriculture. With full cooperation, we were able to open the park. If we are able to export pears and peaches from Shirosato Town on a large scale, it will become one of Ibaraki Prefecture’s agricultural export bases, so the town would like to do our best to support it.
・Comment from Shohei Naito, CEO of Japan Agriculture
In the seven years since our company was established in 2016, we have been cultivating apples on a large scale and exporting them to Asia. In addition to apples, Asian consumers are also looking for pears, peaches, kiwis, strawberries and other fruits, and we would like to seize this opportunity. By involving not only Japanese agriculture but also local farmers and local companies in agriculture, we would like to be able to export, improve productivity, and together create a profitable peach and peach production region. I’m here.
[Image 2:×1000.jpg]
[Image 3:×1000.jpg] *2: 1 area = approximately 1,000 square meters = approximately 10a About the pear and peach fields in Shirosato Town
The field in the Sukitakano district of Shirosato Town, which opened in February 2024, is about 500 peach seedlings planted in an area about 5 meters wide. By introducing V-shaped cultivation for both pears and peaches, we aim to create a labor-saving and highly profitable fruit farming model.
We are considering exporting the pears and peaches produced in our field overseas and selling them throughout Japan by utilizing the sales network of Japanese agriculture. In the future, we are planning to expand our pear and peach fields to 5ha in February 2025. Furthermore, on February 14, 2024, Shirosato Town and Japan
Agriculture concluded a collaboration agreement with the aim of agricultural development and regional revitalization in Shirosato Town.
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Japan Agriculture collaborates with Shirosato Town, Ibaraki Prefecture to open a pear and peach farm*1. Collaboration agreement concluded on “agricultural development and regional revitalization”
[Image 4:×2389.jpg] Pear and peach field in Sukitakano district, Shirosato town
・About cultivation of pears and peach with V-shaped tailoring By installing a V-shaped shelf and attracting the main branches*3, this is a cultivation method that utilizes a new tree shape that forms a V-shaped tree crown*4. The V-shaped tree crown makes the work posture comfortable, and the alignment of the trees allows for simple work flow, making it suitable for mechanization and saving labor. In addition, pears can be harvested in the third year after planting, and pears can be harvested in the second year, so it is expected that the garden will mature quickly and produce high yields.
[Image 5:×2268.jpg] V-shaped thigh tailoring
*3: Branches that branch directly from the thickest trunk (main trunk) and form the skeleton of the tree.
*4: The upper part of a tree where branches and leaves gather. About Japan Agriculture Co., Ltd.
Company name: Nihon Agri, Inc.
Representative: Shohei Naito, Representative Director and CEO Address: Maruki Building 101, 1-13-7 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Established: November 2016
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