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Home » NPO Black Star Label Interactive screenings of “Dance with the Issue: Dialogue with Electricity and Us” ar e being held one after another

NPO Black Star Label Interactive screenings of “Dance with the Issue: Dialogue with Electricity and Us” ar e being held one after another

Black Star Label, a non-profit organization
Interactive screenings of “Dance with the Issue: Dialogue with Electricity and Us” continue to be held
Widely used by companies, organizations, educational institutions, etc. facing climate change/decarbonization/energy issues
The film “Dance with The Issue: Our Dialogue with Electricity” can be used to solve corporate issues, be used in educational settings, and hold interactive screenings to help solve regional issues. It is used by a wide variety of companies, educational institutions, etc. Interactive screenings can be especially effective when people are facing the same issues, such as organizations or communities, and companies and organizations that have actually held them have reported that they are effective.
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What is an interactive screening?
We believe that it is important to engage in dialogue and come up with new options in order to resolve complex and difficult-to-solve social issues. In front of movies and art, everyone can have their own thoughts and feelings equally, and have fun discussing them. By empathizing with various positions and opinions, understanding your own thoughts, listening to the thoughts of others, and engaging in dialogue through art, you can become aware of new possibilities for the future.
The theme of this work is Japan’s electricity problems. With this work as an entry point, you can expand the range of dialogue to include thoughts on each person’s daily life, and even environmental issues on the planet as a whole. We will create a time for dialogue that emphasizes both the individual’s thoughts on “What do I want to do?” and “How should we face issues as an organization or community?” In particular, it has the potential to be widely used by companies promoting decarbonized management and tackling climate change issues. We have received inquiries.
Official website of the work: Feedback from companies and organizations that held the event Bridgestone Corporation Number of participants: 24 people – From the person in charge –
This event was held for members of the G Sustainability Strategy Department. Participants said, “It taught me the life lesson that you have to lose something in order to gain something, and it made me think about it.” I felt like we were all one, and it was a valuable experience.” I feel that energy issues have given us an opportunity to reconsider what is “normal” in our daily lives and what kind of future we want to create. Thank you for giving us your time, which led to many insights.
Companies and organizations that have hosted events so far (some introductions): Katashina Oze Zero Carbon Park Executive Committee Secretariat, Kaetsu Ariake High School, Shizen Energy Co.,
Ltd./CityLab Tokyo (intermediary: GBP Laboratories, General
Incorporated Association), Tokyo Arts Universities, Chuden Kogyo Co., Ltd., Japan Environmental Journalists Association, Hakuhodo UoC Co., Ltd., Bridgestone Co., Ltd., meguri Co., Ltd., etc.
For companies and organizations wishing to hold a screening | How to apply Detailed information is available on the organization’s official website ( Please check the contents and apply using the form below.
Continued attention from the media
Since the screening began, we have received numerous interviews about this film and the activities of Black Star Label, from major mass media companies to specialized magazines that are attracting attention in the energy industry. After experiencing a wide range of topics, including the uniqueness of the film’s structure itself, the individual thoughts expressed in interviews during the play, and the appeal of dance, we are drawing attention to the new forms and possibilities of this film and the films we are working on.
[Publication media] (Partial introduction)
Asahi Shimbun / Mainichi Shimbun / Nihon Keizai Shimbun / IDEAS FOR GOOD / FNN Prime Online (Fuji TV) BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN / Denki Shimbun and many other publications
Black Star Label, a non-profit organization
Representative Director: Yoshihiro Tamura
Address: 2-10-2 Chiyoda-cho, Maebashi-shi, Gunma comm
Established: August 2023
Business: Movie performance/Creation of a place for dialogue and education using workshops/Community formation
Based on the concept of “Art With Neighbors,” we aim to create a world where people naturally take an interest in the state of society and take gradual action by having art and entertainment come together as neighbors. In addition to creating artistic/entertaining video works related to social issues and leveraging the characteristics of film to spread awareness of the issues, we also aim to create opportunities for dialogue that transcends divisions and encourage people to confront issues through art. We will continue to support you.
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