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Home » Held on 6/19 What kind of jobs are there in the slums of Colombia in South America? Ask residents directly via Zoom!

Held on 6/19 What kind of jobs are there in the slums of Colombia in South America? Ask residents directly via Zoom!

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[Held on 6/19] What kind of jobs are there in the slums of Colombia in South America? Ask residents directly via Zoom!
A young Colombian man living in a slum talks about reality in Japanese ……
On June 19, Kaihatsu Media, an NPO that operates the media site “Ganas,” which specializes in developing countries and international cooperation, held an online interview entitled “What kind of jobs are there in the slums of Colombia in South America? We’ll ask the residents directly via Zoom!” We will hold a lecture. The speaker will be a young Colombian university student who still lives in the slums of Medellin, once known as the “world’s most terrifying city.” I will talk about the reality of slums in Japanese.
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Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city in South America, was once home to the world’s largest drug organization. The Medellin Cartel, its leader Pablo Escobar, drug wars, and gangs…I’m sure many of you have become interested after watching the Netflix drama “Narcos” or the TBS TV show “Crazy Journey.” . However, when you actually visit Medellin, you will be surprised at the gap with this negative image. The scenery that foreigners see is a modern cityscape. The roads are well-ordered, criss-crossing, and clean. There is also an elevated railway. It’s like a developed country. By the way, Medellin, which was said to be the most frightening city in the world in the 1980s and 1990s, was chosen as the “Most Innovative City in the World” in 2013. If the innovative landscape is the “front face”, Medellin also has a “back side” (although for the residents, there is no front or back side…). The symbol of this is the slum. In this lecture, we will connect via Zoom with a Colombian young man (university student) living in the slums of Medellin, and we will have him talk a lot about the unknown “reality of slums.” The theme is “Slum Work”. What kind of jobs are there in the slums (including dark ones), how much money do you get for what kind of jobs, what hours do you work, and what are the prices like (compared to the slums and the city center)? Let’s dig deeper into these themes and uncover the reality of life in the slums. Also, let’s ask the Colombian youth who will be speaking about their backgrounds, what they think about in their daily lives, and what kind of future they have in mind. rest assured. This young man speaks a little Japanese (we will help you with any parts that are difficult to understand). It is quite rare to have the opportunity to hear the real life of the slum directly from the residents in Japanese. Even if you actually go to Colombia, it is not easy to step into the slums, let alone hear the stories directly from the slum dwellers. Please feel free to come and visit us if you are a university student who wants to work in a job that contributes to poverty reduction in the future, a working adult who is interested in JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, or a man or woman of any age who loves Latin America. Would you like to get a glimpse of “one of the real Colombians” that is hard to see from the outside? *Ganas, an NPO media specializing in developing countries and international cooperation, will be holding a program called “Global Media Camp in Colombia” from August 31st (Saturday) to September 9th, covering the slums of Medellin. Click here for details. ↓ [Early bird discount 6/29] Let’s cover refugees, internally displaced persons, and indigenous peoples! Recruiting participants for “Global Media Camp in Colombia” *This lecture is one of the activities of the “Global Writer Course” currently being held by GANAS. This is a “mock press conference”. This time, we will be making it available to people other than the participants. You will be participating as an observer and will not be able to ask questions. Please pardon. ■Speakers
Carlos Puerta (university student) is a 22-year-old young man who lives in the slums of Medellin with his two puppies. While working, he studied veterinary medicine at the University of Antioquia. I love words as much as animals. In addition to his native Spanish, he speaks English, French, and Japanese. ■Date and time
June 19th (Wednesday) 20:00-22:30 – Timeline (planned) – 19:50 Doors open 20:00 Start 20:10 Lecture “Works of people in the slums of Medellin” (Mr. Carlos Puerta) 21 :00 Q&A *Sorry, observer participants cannot ask questions. 22:30 Ends ■ Recommended for these people ・I am interested in Latin America, including Colombia!・I want to know about life in the slums, which is difficult to understand even if you go there!・I want to pursue international cooperation as a career!・I want to participate in the JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteers!・I would like to interview in a developing country someday! /I’m interested in Global Media Camp!・I want to know about Colombian university students (ordinary people)! There are many things we don’t know about the world, where over 8 billion people live in over 200 countries. It’s fun to learn something unexpected. Escape from stereotypes! ■Place
Online (using Zoom) *The Zoom URL will be sent to your Peatix account around noon on the day. please confirm. ■Participation fee
・Working adults & students: 1,000 yen ・Ganas Supporters Club partners/supporters: Free ・Watch the recording at a later date (absent on the day): 1,000 yen ). *Please refrain from asking questions as you will be participating as an observer (participants in the Global Writer Course will be writing articles, so please ask the necessary questions for that purpose). *Participation fees cannot be refunded even if canceled. note that. *If you have not yet joined the Ganas Supporters Club, a community that promotes developing countries and learns from them, please take this opportunity. In addition to supporting the activities of Ganas, a non-profit media focused on developing countries, we also offer various benefits (such as learning at a discount and networking with people interested in developing countries). Masu. This lecture will also be free. *We will share the recording with those who are unable to attend due to inconvenience. ■Deadline
June 19th (Wednesday) Noon ■Capacity
80 people (first come, first served) *Registration will be closed once capacity is reached.
■How to apply
Please apply from the Peatix page below.
■Sponsored by
Specified non-profit organization Kaihatsu Media (ganas operating organization) Website: Podcast: Facebook page:・Line:・Twitter:・Instagram: https://www・Note:・Email: devmedia.ganas@gmail.comHide

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