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Home » Goldwin Co., Ltd. ≪June 5th is World Environment Day≫ Goldwin’s recycling activity “GREEN CYCLE” collected approximately 14 tons in 2023

Goldwin Co., Ltd. ≪June 5th is World Environment Day≫ Goldwin’s recycling activity “GREEN CYCLE” collected approximately 14 tons in 2023

Goldwin Co., Ltd.
≪June 5th is World Environment Day≫ Goldwin’s recycling activity “GREEN CYCLE” collected about 14 tons in 2023
GOLDWIN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo/President: Takao Watanabe) is implementing the “GREEN CYCLE” clothing recycling activity as an effort to preserve the environment through its business. In fiscal 2023 (April 2023 to March 2024), 13,799.5 kg (approximately 14.0 tons) of clothing was collected through this activity. This amounts to 103,772.2 kg of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 7,412 cedar trees in one year (*1).
[Image:×1814.jpg] June is “Environment Month,” a time when countries around the world recognize the importance of environmental conservation and carry out various initiatives that serve as motivation for action, starting with “World Environment Day” (June 5th). Since 2009, we have been implementing the “GREEN CYCLE” initiative, in which we collect clothing, both our own brands and those from other companies, and recycle it into raw materials for new products.
In fiscal 2023, the Toyama Marathon T-Shirt Recycling Project was held at 166 directly managed stores nationwide (as of the end of March 2024) and the Toyama Marathon, which we are a special sponsor of, with the aim of increasing interest in clothing recycling. ”, and as part of the “GREEN PROJECT” initiative with Katale Toyama of the J.League, of which we are an official supplier, we collect clothes nine times a year at home game venues. Of the total collected weight, 539.0 kg was collected by the “Toyama Marathon T-Shirt Recycling Project” and 11,040.1 kg was collected by the “Katale Toyama GREEN PROJECT.”
Furthermore, among the collected clothes, those made of polyester and nylon are chemically recycled (*2) to return them to high-purity raw materials, and down wear is used as raw material for new down products.
Including these efforts, we aim to achieve a recycling-oriented society based on our goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing the ratio of products made from materials with reduced environmental impact to 90% by 2030 (*3). We are conducting activities towards this goal.
[Overview of Goldwin “GREEN CYCLE”] ■Recovery target: Clothes made by Goldwin and other companies (accessories such as underwear, shoes, socks, hats, gloves, etc. are not collected) ■Stores implementing the collection: Goldwin directly managed stores 166 stores ■Recycling process: 1. Unwanted clothes are collected at the reception desk of our directly managed stores. 2. After sorting the collected clothes, we ship them to each partner company (JEPLAN Co., Ltd., Kawada Feather Co., Ltd.). 3. Use items according to their condition and purpose, such as recycling or reusing. ■Weight collected in 2023: 13,799.5kg (12,591.5kg last year)
*1: Converted using the Ministry of the Environment’s “3R behavior visualization tool (simplified version)”
*2: Chemical recycling refers to chemically processing and recycling raw materials with the same level of purity as those produced from petroleum. *3: Our company has announced our long-term vision, “PLAY EARTH 2030,” and will tackle two sustainability issues: solving climate change issues and rebuilding sustainable business. Regarding environmental sustainability, as part of our active transition to materials with reduced environmental impact, we will increase the ratio of products using materials with reduced environmental impact to over 90% by 2030 and promote green design. Additionally, we will achieve carbon neutrality at all of our business sites and move forward with the transition to renewable energy. We are also implementing initiatives to solve climate change issues and improve the global environment with the aim of creating a recycling-oriented society with zero waste.
■According to materials from the Ministry of the Environment, the total new domestic supply of clothing will be 798,000 tons (in 2022), but the amount of clothing discarded by businesses and households each year will be 731,000 tons, equivalent to about 90% of that amount. . Of this, 470,000 tons are discarded (64.3% of the clothes thrown away), 127,000 tons are recycled (17.4% of the clothes thrown away), and 133,000 tons are reused (17.4% of the clothes thrown away). 18.1%).
■About our environmental action “GREEN IS GOOD”
Goldwin Inc.
GOLDWIN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo/President: Takao Watanabe) focuses on the three core areas of manufacturing, value creation, and environment creation, and aims to help people take on new challenges mainly in the areas of sports and outdoor activities. We are a lifestyle creative company that supports people and unlocks their potential. While conducting daily research on materials, technology, technology, and the environment, we share the wisdom and ideas of brands with diverse backgrounds and expertise throughout Goldwin, and continue to evolve manufacturing and communication. From sports to daily life, we not only maximize human performance, but also reduce environmental impact as much as possible, make the most of humans, and enrich nature, the field in which humans play. We, not someone else, will take the lead and create a better future. Tokyo Head Office Address: Aoho Building, 3-5-6 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
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