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Wingate Co., Ltd. “Sports Fair” will be held at “IWATA PROJECT SPORTS FESTIVAL 2024”

Wingate Co., Ltd.
“Sports Fair” will be held at “IWATA PROJECT SPORTS FESTIVAL 2024” ~Living with physical literacy (physical activity/social
skills/psychology/knowledge) that leads to extension of healthy life expectancy/transformation of health and exercise~
Wingate Co., Ltd. will hold a “Sports Fair” as part of the “IWATA PROJECT SPORTS FESTIVAL 2024” co-sponsored by ARKRAY Co., Ltd. and Family Design M Co., Ltd., which will be held on Sunday, June 16, 2024. “IWATA PROJECT SPORTS FESTIVAL” is a sports event held as part of “IWATA PROJECT”, an initiative aimed at supporting children with type 1 diabetes and raising awareness of diabetes. Children and their families. “Sports Fair” consists of programs developed with the aim of “extending healthy life expectancy and increasing motivation for exercise” in accordance with the project concept of “SKY’S THE LIMIT” advocated by Wingate Co., Ltd., and is aimed at children with type 1 diabetes. This event will be held as a project that coincides with the purpose of this event, which is to encourage people to take on various challenges. ◆Overview of the event▶Title: IWATA PROJECT SPORTS FESTIVAL2024▶Date: Sunday, June 16, 2024▶Co-organizers: Family Design M Co., Ltd. / ARKRAY Co., Ltd.▶Co-operation: Wingate Co., Ltd., Nippon Sport Science University Castle Laboratory ▶ Place: Nippon Sport Science University, Setagaya Campus ▶ Recruitment target: Mainly children under the age of 18 with type 1 diabetes ▶ Number of participants: Approximately 50 people (* Approximately 200 viewers including their families) ▶ Holding time: 12:30-16:30 ▶ Contents: In the first half of the event, we are planning a sports aptitude diagnosis proposed by Wingate Co., Ltd. and a recreational event to move the body. In the second half of the event, there will be a lecture by Mr. Iwata, who himself has type 1 diabetes, and time will be set aside for you to ask questions directly to Mr. Iwata. This content can be enjoyed not only by children with type 1 diabetes, but also by the whole family.
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◆Sports fair summary (each content)
▶ “Sports Aptitude Diagnosis” Theme: Learn which sports you are suited for! Overview: Perform a simple physical fitness test to determine your physical fitness and suitability for sports.
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▶ “Shisei Karte x Personal Trainer Exercise Guide” Theme: Learn how to improve and take measures by knowing your posture Summary: Using the AI ​​diagnostic app “Shisei Karte”, a personal trainer will give you guidance on how to improve your posture.
[Image 3:×540.jpg] ▶ “Chasing the Ball” Theme: Let’s all put the ball within the limit Overview: All participants work together to chase the staff holding the basket and throw it into the basket ■What is IWATA PROJECT? Minoru Iwata was active as a professional baseball player. ARKRAY, Inc. started the “IWATA PROJECT 21″ activity in 2011 to help children with diabetes have dreams and hopes through support. Mr. Iwata retired from active duty in 2021, but his desire to convey the message to children with type 1 diabetes that “if you work hard, dreams can come true” remains the same, and he continues to be active. ■What is a sports festival? Sports events aimed at maintaining and improving health are not just about getting your body moving, but it is important to take advantage of the opportunity to participate and change the behavior of participants, which will lead to future exercise habits. That’s what I think. Therefore, we focused on the concept of physical literacy. This is a concept that has been attracting worldwide attention in recent years from the perspective of establishing exercise habits, and in Japan, the Basic Sports Plan (Third Period) states, “Continuing exercise and sports throughout your life, keeping your mind and body healthy and happy.” It is introduced as “qualities and abilities that enable one to lead a daily life”. Physical literacy is divided into four areas (physical, psychological, social, and cognitive), and it is expected that events and exercise classes that consider all areas will expand in the future. We understand that you may be busy, but we would appreciate your taking the time to interview us. *Event announcement flyer
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*Please note that some contents may change due to other factors such as the weather on the day or unavoidable circumstances. *Supplementary Material 1 Regarding “Events that lead to extension of healthy life expectancy/behavior change” SKY’S THE LIMIT “Sky’s Based on the concept of “Limit = There is no limit”, we have developed content that allows anyone to enjoy and easily exercise, including “Sports Aptitude Diagnosis”, “Shisei Medical Record x Personal Trainer”, “Physical Fitness Measurement x IP” (under construction), and “Discovering Future Athletes”. (currently under development), we offer a wide range of sports event content that will extend healthy lifespans and change behavior for children, adults, and the elderly.2 Wingate Co., Ltd. Business Overview Company Name: Co., Ltd. Wingate Established: February 2010 Address: 3-31-25 Shimura, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kenta Toyama
[Image 6:×190.jpg] Business overview: Guidance, lectures, and dispatch of instructors related to health management and competitive sports training / Management, operation, management, and consulting of sports and health promotion facilities / Management and management of treatment clinics such as chiropractic, acupuncture, massaging, osteopathy, etc. Consulting/Dispatch and training of human resources for sports massage and stretching services/Management and activity support for athletes, coaches, and sports figures/Planning, management, and instructor dispatch for sports events, sports classes, lectures,
etc./Sports-related supplies Promotion and agency sales of various medical equipment, health foods, and health promotion equipment / Training of sports trainers / Restaurant management and food sales / All businesses incidental to the above Recent awards: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare ( Smart Life Project) Sponsored by Japan Sports Agency 11th Let’s Extend Your Healthy Lifespan! Award (held in 2022) “Sports Agency Director General Excellence Award” in the corporate category

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