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Cream Puff Co., Ltd. New manga label OUR FEEL launched! Announcement of free web manga site opening

Cream Puff Co., Ltd.
New manga label [OUR FEEL] launched! Announcement of free web manga site opening A new web manga site [OUR FEEL] presented by the FEEL YOUNG editorial department is now open! The theme is “Every feeling is mine.” ……
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] The editorial department of Cream Puff, a manga production company that has been producing “FEEL YOUNG” for over 30 years,
We have started a new manga label [OUR FEEL] with the theme, “Every feeling is mine.”
A web manga site with the same name was opened today.
The label characters are newly drawn by Yama Wayama (“Onna no Sono no Hoshi”, “Karaoke Go!”). Every time you visit the site, you will see a different look.
In addition, to commemorate the opening, we have released a beautiful celebratory illustration drawn by the popular illustrator Hiromi Matsuo.
Today, when the site opens, we will begin serializing 8 works. Haruna Lemon’s “Fashion!!︎” has been transferred to [OUR FEEL] and serialization has resumed as a continuation of the story.
To commemorate the resumption of serialization, we will implement a policy where all episodes will be made available for free for 84 hours on the same site.
ma2’s book “The Reason We Fall in Love” has also been transferred to [OUR FEEL] and will be serialized, and a spin-off of this work, “The Reason We Fall in Love,” has started.
In addition, “Today is also your meal on a moonlit night” (Chinatsu Suga), “Puppet in the City” (Shun Kiyone), Kaoru Curry Sawa “Thinking about money from level 1”, Fumiki Hanahara “Nennen” Started
serialization of “Korokoro” and nakami’s “Ronron, Knowing the Swamp.”
In the future, we are preparing new series such as Seishun Ario’s “Former Heroine Becomes a Mob” and Rin Mima’s “I Will Vow Before a Kiss.”
We also plan to distribute one-shot manga on a regular basis, and as the first step, Tomoko Yamashita’s latest work “SUGAR GIRL” has been released, the first since the completion of “Ikoku Nikki”. This summer, in addition to Moyoko Yasuno’s new work “Crystal and Absolute,” there will also be one-shots by other talented writers such as Tamekou and Hatsumi Kodama.
The website is updated on the first and third Thursday of each month. At the time of the label launch, we also published a message from the editorial department on the site. The name “OUR FEEL” and the theme “No matter how you feel, are mine alone.” are spelled out. Works starting serialization on June 6th
ma2 “The reason why we fall in love”
└The popular romance series that tickles the hearts of adults presented by ma2, who loves office workers, has been transferred to [OUR FEEL].
The series has resumed!
[Image 2:×2362.jpg] ma2 “The reason why we fall in love”
└The long-awaited spin-off work starring Itami from “The Reason We Fall in Love” has started.
MA2 boys’ love story begins!
[Image 3:×2362.jpg] Haruna Lemon “Fashion!!︎”
└Works depicting fashion and human reality are being serialized again! Describes the story beyond the 5th volume of the book.
To commemorate the resumption of serialization, all episodes will be available for free for 84 hours on the [OUR FEEL] site.
[Image 4: &3=104159-11-E0FC30C2C03963D6A3FD07F869540 2A-1654X2362.jpg] Chinatsu Suga “Today is also your meal on a moonlit night”
└By the author of “Break the Curse of Love with Love”, a story about Wakeari Senpai who is not good at eating alone and Namaiki Junior who is good at cooking.
Gourmet x Love to face loneliness through food!
[Image 5:×1701.jpg] Shun Kiyone “Puppet in the City”
└___What kind of town is this “happy town” that everyone envies that we live in really like?
Written by the author of “From Today, I’m Alone” and “Children Who Are Not Blessed.”
Anti-utopia x youth story!
[Image 6:×1701.jpg] Short serial works
Kaoru Curry Sawa “Thinking about money from level 1”
Fumiki Hanahara “Nennen Korokoro”
nakami “Ronron, Know the Swamp”
There are also plenty of short works such as… On June 20th, Aya Ikuemi’s book “News at Home with Cats” will be distributed.
[Image 7:×480.jpg] one-shot work
Released on June 6th: Tomoko Yamashita’s new work “SUGAR GIRL” └Tomoko Yamashita, whose live-action film “Ikkoku Nikki” will be released on June 7th, has written her first new one-shot after completing “Ikkoku Nikki”.
[Image 8: &s3=104159-11-C9FCD57F8C2D2D257D545 2-1699×2400.jpg]
In addition to appearances by Tamekou and Hatsumi Kodama, Moyoko Yasuno’s new work (“Suzhou to Absolute”) is also scheduled to appear this summer.
Special project
On the occasion of the site opening, beautiful celebratory
illustrations drawn by Hiromi Matsuo will be published on the site. Works scheduled to be serialized in the future
Seishun Ario “Former heroine becomes a mob”
└The latest work by the author of “I Just Put a Stamp on the Marriage Registration” is scheduled to begin serialization on June 20th. Mima Rin “I swear before I kiss”
└We are preparing to praise the latest work by the author of “Koigakubo-kun stole my first time”.
From the editorial department
Producing “FEEL YOUNG” for over 30 years
The editorial department of the manga production company Cream Puff, We are launching a new label and web manga site.
Advocating “Your heart is forever free”
Inheriting the DNA of “FEEL YOUNG” and producing works full of diversity. We would also like to deliver in the field of [electronic distribution]. The label name is [OUR FEEL].
The meaning behind the name “Our Feelings” is:
“We” living in modern times embrace
I want to draw whatever feelings I have.
In order to live in a world full of diversity, one’s own feelings are central. “I want/don’t want to fall in love” “I want/don’t want to work” “I want/don’t want to get married”
“I like it,” “I hate it,” “I enjoy it,” “It disgusts me,” “I’ll never forgive you,” etc.
You are free to feel whatever feelings you want,
It is not something to be blamed by anyone or criticized by the world. Don’t label things by gender, age, or genre.
A world where each person can see “me” from their own standpoint, The diverse feelings we have about love, work, gender, etc.
Draw and read manga.
Similar but not the same
It’s not the same, but I want to understand
There is a “me” here that is different from me.
Live according to your heart, respect others,
try to correct old values
“We” are definitely able to join hands with each other.
The manga brought to you by [OUR FEEL] is
How does it make your heart tremble?
What kind of “my feelings” will it produce?
With the motto “No matter how you feel, it’s only for me.”
We will deliver wonderful encounters with many manga.
Thank you for your continued support from today!
June 6, 2024
OUR FEEL Editorial Department
Overview details
■Official website URL (updated on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month)
■Official X account
■Official Instagram account
About Cream Puff Co., Ltd.
Cream Puff Co., Ltd. has been editing and producing various manga for over 30 years with the theme of Manga beyond gender.
The genres we produce are diverse, including girls’ comics, women’s comics, childbirth and childcare comics, animal comics, essay comics, and BL comics, but our readers are always women.
To date, we have released over 3,000 comics into the world, with a cumulative circulation of over 50 million copies.
【Company Profile】
[Image 9:×507.jpg] ■Company name: Cream Puff Co., Ltd.
■Head office location:
7th floor, Daiichi Kangin Inagaki Building, 2-1 Shimomiyahicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0822
■Representative: Mariko Mariko
■Established: June 1989
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