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Home » “Pocari, Nomanba” PR Office The 21st series of “Pocari, Nomanba” starring Yo Yoshida, Rio Suzuki, and Miyu Murata “I can’t do it if I’m thirsty” Three people enjoying summer draw

“Pocari, Nomanba” PR Office The 21st series of “Pocari, Nomanba” starring Yo Yoshida, Rio Suzuki, and Miyu Murata “I can’t do it if I’m thirsty” Three people enjoying summer draw

“Pocari, Nomanamusaku.” PR Secretariat
The 21st installment of the “Pocari, Nomanba.” series starring Yo Yoshida, Rio Suzuki, and Miyu Murata. “I can’t do it if I’m thirsty.” It depicts three people enjoying summer.
Rock band “Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai” has written a new CM song “BUNBUN SUIBUN” full of enthusiasm. Pocari Sweat’s new CM “Inu no Sanpo” version etc. will start airing nationwide from June 8, 2024 (Saturday)
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo) has released new commercials for its health drink Pocari Sweat, featuring a dog walk, a summer air pump, a buzz, please take it, and a baseball game. will begin broadcasting nationwide from Saturday, June 8, 2024.
・Pocari Sweat CM | “Dog Walk” 15 seconds URL: ・POCARI SWEAT CM | “Summer Air Pump” 15 seconds URL:
・Pocari Sweat CM | “Please take the buzz” version 15 seconds URL:
・Pocari Sweat Ice Slurry CM | “Watching Baseball” 15 seconds URL:
・POCARI SWEAT web movie|URL:
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– Highlights of the new Pocari Sweat commercial –
・ The 21st installment of the “Pocari, Nomanbako.” series commercial. Pokari mother and daughter, Yo Yoshida and Rio Suzuki, and
“neighborhood girl” Miyu Murata will appear again this time. ・ The commercial song “BUNBUN SUIBUN” was written by Uchikubi Gokumon Club. The lyrics of “Try” 30 times and the intense melody that makes you sweat just listening to it are addictive.
・Pay attention to Yoshida-san, Suzuki-san, and Miyu-chan as they line up and drink ice cream slurry. There is no doubt that you will be looking forward to the hot summer.
New CM planning intention
This summer is hot. Nomanaba Pokari is also hot. A mother and daughter who are close friends and Miyu-chan from the neighborhood. I’m running around regardless of the heat. Miyu-chan is letting Momo, a dog balloon, walk in the air. Mother and daughter having fun playing with balloons with Miyu-chan. You can feel the excitement just by looking at it. The mischievous mother and daughter use an inflatable tire to inflate Miyu’s bicycle, and they go to a baseball game to cheer on the local baseball team, the Slurlies. The three of them were good at playing even in the hot summer. This time’s Pocari theme song is “BUNBUN SUIBUN”, sung by Uchikubi Gokumon Club, which is very popular at festivals. This is the hottest thing this summer! I created this product because I want you to enjoy the hot summer by dancing, singing, drinking Pocari, and enjoying Pocari Ice Slurry.
Interview with Yo Yoshida, Rio Suzuki, and Miyu Murata
[Yoshida-san appoints Miyu-chan as the steady center! ? The three of them danced in unison! ]
Mr. Yoshida and Mr. Suzuki highly praised Miyu’s dance for the commercial song “BUNBUN SUIBUN,” saying, “The dancing was amazing,” and “It’s amazing, it’s perfect.” Miyu-chan seems to have been practicing hard at home, and Yoshida said, “My dance teacher was surprised. She said she remembered it.” Miyu-chan’s dancing ability surprised her teacher, too, and Yoshida said, “My dance teacher was surprised.” Yoshida looked back happily, saying, “I was planning to dance with Rio-chan, but Miyu-chan joined in too, and the three of us danced together.” He added, “I gave Miyu-chan the unmovable center.” , were delighted with the birth of Pocari’s cute center. Mr. Suzuki was also impressed, saying, “(The center) was established. That’s amazing.” At the end, all three of them performed a dance while singing the CM song.
[Mr. Suzuki’s summer failure story: He was pulled by a dog and had a big fall, resulting in a bright red nose like a clown! ? ]
When Yoshida-san asked, “Do you have any summer failure stories?”, Suzuki-san answered, “When I was little, I was walking my dog ​​and I couldn’t hold the leash and it got pulled. “Yo. Then I fell down on my face. I turned red like a clown,” he said, telling me about a painful mistake he made while walking his dog. Yoshida can’t help but worry, showing off her acting side, saying, “Oh, you didn’t get a nosebleed or anything? What about your job?”, but she says, “I was just starting out at the time, so it was okay.” As we talked, I remembered the days when I first entered the industry.
[Mr. Yoshida’s summer failure story: Wearing your favorite swimsuit to the beach with friends! What are the results of your summer memories? ]
Yoshida then talked about her summer failure story, saying, “When I was young, I went to the beach with all my friends, and since I was the only girl there, I put on my favorite swimsuit and went, and everyone was talking to me, but I was the only one who was talking to me.” “I can’t do it,” he answered candidly, recalling his childhood. Mr. Suzuki looked curious and asked, “Oh, why? What is the reason?” Mr. Yoshida said, “Hmm, I guess he looked like he wanted someone to talk to him.” I was analyzing it. When asked about the color of her swimsuit, Suzuki said, “I wonder what color it was at that time. I forgot. I think it was white.” As if reminiscing about old memories, she said, “I wonder what color it was.”
[The three of us are humming “Bubun Bubu Moisture♪” in a friendly manner! The three of us were always energetic and fun! ]
Mr. Yoshida called out, “Let’s go and say our final greetings,” and Mr. Yoshida and Mr. Suzuki greeted each other by saying, “Well then, everyone. Please be careful of heatstroke this summer as well.” chan also greeted cheerfully, saying, “It’s Miyu Murata.” She showed how much she had grown since last time. At the end, the three of them danced and hummed the commercial song, “Bubun Bubu Moisture♪” and happily talked about how “I hope this becomes popular.”
About the song
The CM song for this time is “BUNBUN SUIBUN”, a newly written song by Uchikubi Gokumon Club. The phrase “bum bum bum bum bum bum moisture” repeated along with the intensely dynamic rhythm is perfect for the summer when you feel like you’re going to be thirsty in the intense heat! No matter how hot the summer is, you can’t stay thirsty, and the key words that your body needs are making sure you’re getting enough water and salt are conveyed in a straightforward manner. When you drink Pocari Sweat, you’ll definitely hear this phrase playing in your head. Please enjoy this song that will make you look forward to the hot summer.
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Performer profile
[Image 9:×498.jpg] Yo Yoshida
Born February 3rd, from Fukuoka Prefecture.
■Award history
39th Japan Academy Award Outstanding Supporting Actress Award 58th Blue Ribbon Awards Best Supporting Actress
40th Elandor Award Newcomer Award
56th Kinokuniya Theater Award Individual Award
■Performance works
・TV drama
“Cold Case – Door of Truth” series, “Sanadamaru”, “Junior High School Diary”, “Love in May 2020”, “Mothers in Love”, “Peperoncino”, “To Live or Die or Father”, ” “My Wife Becomes an Elementary School Student”, “The Last Man: A Blind Investigator”, “The Best Teacher: One Year Later, I Was Beaten by a Student”, “To Shine”, “Intruder’s Dinner”, “Fu There is a limit to what is appropriate!” etc. ·movie
“Hanalei Bay”, “I don’t remember!”, “Frozen 2” (Japanese version with voice actors), “Silent Parade”, “Crow of Ichikei”, “Winny”,
“Happiness”, etc.
[Image 10:×2700.jpg] Rio Suzuki
Born February 10, 2005 in Saitama Prefecture.
■Award history
Drama of the Year 2014 New Actress Award
■Performance works
・TV drama
Taiga drama “Yae no Sakura”, TV drama series “Asa ga Kita”, “Hikikomori Sensei”, “Baton of Life: Bonds Connected by Baby Adoption”, etc.
・Foreign drama/anime dubbing
“Mildred’s Witch School” series, “Dororo”, “Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!”, etc. ·movie
“The Town Where Only I’m Missing,” “The Miracle of Namiya General Store,” “How to Find the Best Life,” “The Rajah in the Attic” (voice actor), etc.
[Image 11:×2700.jpg] Miyu Murata (Miyu Murata)
Born October 7, 2018 in Kanagawa Prefecture.
My hobbies are singing and idol dancing.
His special skill is playing piano, perfect pitch. My dream for the future is to be a magician.
Debuted as a child actor at the age of 0 and currently appears in numerous commercials.
Her charm point is her fluffy natural perm that has never been cut since she was born.
■Performance works
・TV drama
Serial TV novel “Natsuzora”
BS4K drama “Futari no Ultraman”
“Aibou season22″

Artist profile
[Image 12:×2600.jpg] Kubiku Gokumon Club
Formed in 2004. A three-piece band consisting of Gt/Vo. Atsushi Osawa, Dr./Vo. Asuka Kawamoto, and Bas/Vo. Junko. With an unusual composition of male vocals and female rhythm section, we established a new genre of “life-based loud rock” with a unique style that combines loose lyrics with a strange sense of life to the roaring sound of 7-string GT and 5-string BA. . It continues to steadily capture the hearts of a wide range of people, young and old. In March 2018, they held a one-man live at Nippon Budokan, and since then they have continued to be active and hold tours every year. Despite experiencing the situation three times in which only the tour final was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, in December 2022, the band will perform their one-man song “I Hate the New Coronavirus” at the largest capacity in the band’s history at Pia Arena MM in Kanagawa Prefecture. It was held and was a huge success. In 2024, which marks the 20th anniversary of the group’s formation, they will be developing various projects under the title “20!+39!=59! (Nijyu! Thank you! Gojukyu!)” project.
Official website▶
Official twitter▶
Official YouTube▶ About “POCARI SWEAT”
A healthy drink that smoothly replenishes water and electrolytes (ions) lost through sweat. Due to its electrolyte balance similar to that of body fluids, it is quickly absorbed into the body and hydrates the body for a long time. Therefore, it is suitable for quenching your thirsty body in a variety of situations, such as during sports, at work, after drinking alcohol, before and after bathing or going to bed.
[Image 13:×616.jpg ]
About “Pocari Sweat Ion Water”
With an ion balance more suitable for everyday use, we have achieved a cleaner aftertaste. It replenishes the water and electrolytes (ions) lost in everyday life in a well-balanced manner, supporting your daily condition.
[Image 14:×940.jpg] About “POCARI SWEAT ICE SLURRY”
“Pocari Sweat Ice Slurry” is a new Pocari Sweat developed with a focus on “core body temperature” based on the know-how accumulated through heat stroke research. By taking it before activity, you can
efficiently “cool your body from the core” and replenish water and electrolytes (ions). In addition, due to its unique composition, it is not only possible to store it at room temperature, but it also becomes a slurry even if it is thawed and refrozen. We offer a new option for people who work in hot environments: a drinkable ice drink to prevent heat stroke.
[Image 15:×2700.jpg] What is ice slurry? It is a fluid ice in which fine ice particles are dispersed in a liquid. It is said to have smaller crystals and a higher cooling effect than regular ice.
More details about this release: