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Igu Ryokuka Co., Ltd. “Recruiting volunteers!” Let’s create Fukushima Prefecture’s only seaside herb garden together!

[Igu Ryokuka Co., Ltd.] “Recruiting volunteers!” Let’s create Fukushima Prefecture’s only seaside herb garden together!

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Press release: June 6, 2024
“Recruiting volunteers!” Let’s create Fukushima Prefecture’s only seaside herb garden together!
*~Turning the Tsurushi Herb Garden into a place full of liveliness and interaction~*

“Tsurushi Herb Garden” was created in the seaside park “Tsurushi Disaster Prevention Green Park” in Shinchi Town, Fukushima
Prefecture, with the cooperation of reconstruction volunteers, in hopes of re-forming the community lost in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Ta.
Tsushi Disaster Prevention Green Park opened in 2019 with the wishes of many people, but the following year the new coronavirus spread all over the world, and the herb garden was unable to fulfill its original role. Four years have passed since the park opened.
Although the effects of the virus are starting to subside, we are still a long way from the bustle we had before.
We will carry on the thoughts of everyone who created this herb garden, and we will rebuild it anew to make it a place where people can gather again and create hustle and bustle.
Would you like to take care of your garden with us while feeling the sea breeze at a seaside park?
Staff working together to create an herb garden
Taeko Shishido (Lecturer) HERB AND CRAFT Representative Director Ruka Watanabe (Instructor) Igu Ryoka Co., Ltd.
Masaki Terui (Garden Supporter) Igu Ryoka Co., Ltd.
The new herb garden will welcome many seedlings in addition to the original ones.
We also plan to hold workshops using herbs from the reborn garden in the fall. We are looking forward to your participation!
[Recruitment details]
We are looking for volunteers to take care of the herb garden in Tsushi Disaster Prevention Green Park in Shinchi Town, Fukushima Prefecture.
Recruitment flyer
[Work details]
Planting/transplanting herbs
We will prepare the necessary tools (shovel, work gloves, etc.) here. Please prepare clothes that are easy to move in, boots, drinks, and lunch. 【schedule】
Held on 6/16 (Sun)
Time: 10:00-14:00 (scheduled)
    Reception starts from 9:30
Participation fee: Free
Number of applicants: Approximately 10 people
Application method: Apply by phone
*This project is a project commissioned by Shinchi Town to expand the number of exchanges by taking advantage of the charm of Tsurushi Disaster Prevention Green Park.
This will be carried out by Igu Ryokuka/MARUMORI-SAUNA JV, the park management and operation contractor, as part of the project. [Contact information]
Name: Tsurushi Disaster Prevention Green Park
Address: 11-1 Yachigoya Kitahata, Shinchi-cho, Soma-gun, Fukushima 979-2702 Business hours: 9:30-17:30 (April to November) 9:30-17:00 (December to March) Closed: Tuesdays (Closed during year-end and New Year holidays 12/29-1/3) TEL: 0244-62-2730
[Tsurushi Herb Garden (official)]
On the official Instagram, we will introduce herbs and work progress.

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[image: download] d143951-3-1e8cc2f4be00cd6028ac743dcba89e9c.pdf *Introduction to Tsurushi Disaster Prevention Green Park*
Tsurushi Disaster Prevention Green Park in Shinchi-cho, Fukushima Prefecture is a park created in the Tsurushi area, which was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, for the purpose of disaster prevention and mitigation, creating a lively atmosphere, reshaping nature, and passing down the memories of the earthquake. The park has a play area for children, a camping/BBQ site, and an international competition-standard bicycle course.
(Shinchi Pump Track) ・Earthquake disaster folklore archives and monuments are installed.
Park before opening
Park after opening
children’s square
auto campsite
Shinchi Pump Truck Official Instagram:
Omoi no Oka (Earthquake Disaster Heritage Monument)

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